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Dustin Diamond Appearing Live & Performing on stage at Vegas Strip Gentlemen’s Club

ddNew York, NY – Dustin Diamond will be performing Stand Up Comedy at Vegas Strip Gentlemen’s Club in Battle Creek, MI on Thursday August, 25th, 2016.

Dustin Diamond played the bad guy on Celebrity Fit Club and has been hailed as the “Dark Prince of Comedy”. Dustin Diamond is a pop culture icon, and is best known for his role as Screech on Saved by the Bell. Dustin played Screech through all 10 seasons of the show, and to this day, Saved by the Bell is still seen in syndication 16 times per week in 105 countries.

For the past 17 years, Dustin has toured the world as a stand-up comedian. His act is suitable for the now grown-up fans of Saved by the Bell. It is adult-oriented, hilarious, and definitely not the same squeaky-clean, Saturday morning comedy that he spent 10 years doing as Screech. In his act, Dustin touches on life’s most important topics – grandma porn, farts, and the secrets of the female sex.

In addition to stand-up comedy, Dustin has been involved in reality television, indie movies, and numerous other projects. Most recently, he played himself in Better Reach Screech, The Nerdist’s parody of Breaking Bad. He appeared on the British reality series Big Brother, and was also seen on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?, in which he touched upon topics such as his tell-all book Behind the Bell, and other previous media stunts.

Dustin’s other interests include playing video games, following all things “nerdy,” and playing the bass guitar. In 2003, Dustin and his band, Salty the Pocketknife, released their first and only self-titled album.

For more on Dustin and to hear what he has to say, you can follow him on Twitter, @dustindiamond.

Vegas Strip Gentlemen’s Club is the hottest club in Michigan. Are you ready to party it up, Vegas-style? Then come by Vegas Strip Gentlemen’s Club, formerly Hots Gentlemen’s Club, tonight for the finest exotic dancers and live entertainment in Battle Creek, MI. We’re the hottest spot in town when you’re in the mood for a great time.

Vegas Strip Gentlemen’s Club is located at 948 N. Raymond Road Battle Creek, MI 49014

Call 269-962-8677 or click for more info or reservations.

For more information or to book Dustin Diamond to perform at your gentlemen’s club please contact Centerfold Features direct at 1-877-427-8747.


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Centerfold Features
International # 516-816-1342

Sex & Adult Entertainment Calendar – Aug 24 to Sep 6, 2016

woman clicks on virtual keyboard. touch screen. the concept of sex toys. schedule an intimate life. gag buttonCheck out our weekly Sex & Adult Entertainment Calendar to find out when the hottest feature entertainers will be appearing as well as what other sex and adult entertainment-themed events are happening around the country… and the world! If you know of any upcoming events that should be added to this list, please leave a comment below.

Gentlemen’s Club Events & Feature Entertainers
Ariana Marie – Bazooka’s Showgirls (Kansas City, MO), Fri, Aug 26 to Sat, Aug 27
Kleio Valentien – Cheerleaders (Philadelphia, PA), Fri, Aug 26 to Sat, Aug 27
August Ames & Darcie Dolce – Blush (Pittsburgh, PA), Thu, Sep 1 to Sat, Sep 3
Bonnie Rotten – Hustler Club (Baltimore, MD), Fri, Sep 2 to Sun, Sep 4
Chloe Amour – Sapphire (New York, NY), Fri, Sep 2
Tasha Reign – Sapphire (New York, NY), Sat, Sep 3

NGLCC 2016 International Business & Leadership Conference – Palm Springs, CA, Tue, Aug 23 to Fri, Aug 26
KING: A Drage Revue II – Crush Bar (Portland, OR), Thu, Aug 25
2016 Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival – Newark Ave (Newark, NJ), Sat, Aug 27

BDSM, Fetish & Kink
SouthEast LeatherFest – Atlanta, GA, Thu, Aug 25 to Sun, Aug 28
Dark Odyssey Summer Camp – Northern Maryland, Wed, Aug 31 to Mon, Aug 5
Montreal Fetish Weekend – Hotel Gouverneur (Montreal, Canada), Wed, Aug 31 to Mon, Aug 5
Master/slave Conference – Westin Crystal City Hotel (Arlington, VA), Thu, Sep 1 to Mon, Sep 5

Surf Rock Burelsque – Franky Bradley’s (Philadelphia, PA), Thu, Aug 25
Pasties in Paradise Tour – Tacoma Cabana (Tacoma, WA), Thu, Aug 25 to Fri, Aug 26
Kiss Kiss Cabaret & Friends – Uptown Underground (Chicago, IL), Fri, Aug 26
Broadway Brassy and the Brass Knuckles – The Flatiron Room (New York, NY), Sun, Aug 28
Sultry Sweet Burlesque & Variety Show – El Cid (Los Angeles, CA), Sun, Aug 28
Honeygasm – Franky Bradley’s (Philadelphia, PA), Sun, Sep 4

Seminars & Educational Events
The Art of the Blow Job – Babeland (New York, NY), Sun, Aug 28
Connections: Putting Emotion Into Play – Kink Shoppe (Philadelphia, PA), Sat, Aug 27

Expos, Conventions & Other Gatherings
EXXXOTICA Columbus – Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH), Fri, Aug 26 to Sun, Aug 28
Asia Adult Expo – Hong Kong, Mon, Aug 29 to Wed, Aug 31
National Sexual Assault Conference – Marriott Wardman Park (Washington, DC), Wed, Aug 31 to Fri, Sep 2

On The Horizon…
CatalystCon – Westin (Los Angeles, CA), Fri, Sep 16 to Sun, Sep 18
Sexual Health Expo – Brooklyn, NY, Sat, Sep 24 to Sun, Sep 25
2016 National LGBT Real Estate Conference – Fort Lauderdale, CA, Tue, Oct 10 to Thu, Oct 12
Kinky Kollege – Chicago, IL, Fri, Oct 14 to Sun, Oct 15

Please confirm dates and appearances prior to attendance. reposts event information from other websites and is not responsible for errors, omissions and/or any incorrect information or changes in event details by clubs, entertainers, promoters or other sources of event information.

And the ED Award Winners are…

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Monroe’s of Palm Beach, Lacey Rain & Scores Holding win big at 2016 ED’s Awards!

Awards presented at the 24th Annual EXPO, held August 7-10 at the Hilton Riverside in NOLA

Held for the second straight year in the Big Easy, the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO (produced by ED Publications) once again celebrated the best-of-the-best with the adult nightclub industry’s only national awards show, the ED’s Awards. On August 9th, the Harrah’s Theatre inside Harrahs’ Casino played host to the 19th Annual ED’s Awards Show, where Lacey Rain was presented with the Overall Feature Entertainer of the Year Award for the second time in her career. The two other major award winners of the night included Monroe’s of Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, FL, which took home the prestigious Overall Gentlemen’s Club of the Year Award, while Scores Holding was voted the industry’s Club Chain of the Year.  The show was hosted by no-holds-barred comedian Colin Kane, who had the crowd roaring as they wondered, “Did he just say that?!”

“Our Entertainer of the Year nominees—Lacey Rain, RubberDoll and Angela Sommers—each put on mesmerizing live performances, showcasing exactly why each was a fitting nominee for Entertainer of the Year,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher and ED’s Awards Show co-producer, Dave Manack, noting that the fourth Entertainer of the Year nominee, Miss Mena, was unable to attend the EXPO and thus did not perform. “And out of our eight deserving Club of the Year nominees, Monroe’s of Palm Beach emerged as the industry’s top venue for 2015/2016, which is a testament to how hard owners Scott & Jennifer Lizza, GM Joe Bee and the rest of the staff at Monroe’s have worked to make this club one of the very best in the country in a very short period of time.”

Read more about EXPO 2016 and the full list of ED’s Award Winners here!

C.J. Asher Interviews Christie Eastburn, March To End Rape Culture Organizer

3 by Alex J Udowenko

Image by Alex J Udowenko

Whether it be something as seemingly benign as cat-calling or as extreme as a rapist receiving a lenient jail sentence because their accuser was intoxicated or the rapists’ privilege, rape culture is a persistent and serious problem in today’s society. On the front lines of the battle to expose and eliminate rape culture is Christie Eastburn, organizer of Philadelphia’s annual March To End Rape Culture.

C.J. Asher – Christie, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. First, tell me a little about yourself.

Christie Eastburn – Hi C.J., thanks again for taking interest in our event and reaching out to us. I am the lead organizer for the March to End Rape Culture and I work with an organizing committee of about twenty people to plan the event. This is my third year organizing. So, I’m thirty-five years old and I’m a social worker from Delaware. I’ve lived in Philly for ten years. I’m passionate about social justice and feminism, but particularly around issues of sexual violence.

C.J. Asher – Tell me a bit about the March To End Rape Culture; it’s history and what attendees can expect from the march.

Christie Eastburn –

MTERC was previously called the SlutWalk, which started in 2011. The SlutWalk movement started when a police officer in Toronto told a group of college students that to avoid rape, they should stop dressing like “sluts.” They started the event to proclaim that the way they dress does not give anyone the right to violate or blame people. SlutWalk became a space to support survivors and to speak out against a society that blames victims for what happened to them.  We changed the name of the event a few years ago to broaden the focus of the event and to be inclusive. Not everyone that is affected by rape culture identifies with the word ‘slut’ or has it used against them. People of color had spoken out about the name and the need to change it to be more inclusive. We agree that movements need to adapt and evolve over time and so we responded to that call for change within the movement. Since the name change, we have gotten a lot of feedback that everyone feels more welcomed and included in our mission. If you come to the march this year, you should meet up with us first at Thomas Paine Plaza, where we start the festivities. We march with 500 to 1,000 people through Center City Philadelphia, then re-convene in the plaza for more speakers, performances, etc. Survivors and allies come together in solidarity, but also to learn about the problem of rape culture. People bring signs and banners to march with and it’s a really powerful and empowering experience. We have therapists on hand all day that participants can talk to for support or just to get a referral. We also have lots of groups there that offer support to survivors and do other anti-oppression work. We have about ten speakers that talk about different aspects of rape culture that people should know about. We also have poets and musicians. Although the topic is very serious, there is a really positive vibe and people have a lot of fun too. It goes from about 11:00am to 4:00pm.


Christie Eastburn, Organizer

C.J. Asher – Who are some of this year’s speakers?

Christie Eastburn – This year’s speaker line-up is still being confirmed. I can tell you about some of the topics we plan to have speakers cover like military sexual trauma and how rape culture affects men, youth, disabled people, sex workers and Native Americans.

C.J. Asher – Besides the March To End Rape Culture, what other groups and organizations do you belong to and support?

Christie Eastburn – Many of our organizers work closely with other groups with overlapping goals like SAFE, SWOP, Pussy Division, Girls Rock Philly, Permanent Wave Philly, Women in Transition, WOAR, V.O.I.C.E., Girl Army and others. A lot of those overlap with our community partners. You can find a list of them on our website. We really value our partners and think they do a lot of important anti-oppression work in Philadelphia. Our sister event is called Take Back the Night Philly and that event is also really amazing and supporting of survivors. It happens every April and involves a march, a street action and a private portion where people can give their personal testimony.

C.J. Asher – How is “rape culture” defined?

Christie Eastburn – I took a long time developing this definition and hope that it’s helpful to people. The way that rape culture works is pretty deep and complex. As a society, we all start learning different aspects about rape culture as children and it’s something that becomes deeply ingrained in how we think, believe and behave. Rape culture is made up of the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that we collectively hold as a society that influence how we think about and respond to rape. These beliefs and behaviors result in ignoring, trivializing, normalizing and even eroticizing sexual violence to the point that we excuse and tolerate rape. We end up accepting it as something that is an unavoidable part of life. Rape happens more frequently in a culture that has these (deleted text) qualities while survivors get less support and less justice.

C.J. Asher – Can you tell us some of the statistics regarding sexual assault in this country today?

Christie Eastburn – You can find some statistics at People that work with sexual violence generally regard statistics to be conservative and actually higher than people think.

C.J. Asher – Why is it that over 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail?

Christie Eastburn – Well, there are lots of reasons for this. One is that rape culture creates an environment where survivors feel shame in what happened. So,right off the bat, people are discouraged to come forward. When people do come forward what happens? The police don’t take them seriously. If the survivor is a person of color or trans or any other identity that might be oppressed by the police, they are even less likely to seek justice through a system that systematically marginalizes them. The police regularly fail to properly handle these cases across the country and prosecutors often won’t take the cases. Then when a case does go to trial and you even have evidence and eyewitnesses… well – you saw what happened with Brock Turner. This is the norm, not the exception. That’s why there’s no justice.

2 by joshua scott albert

Image by Joshua Scott Albert

C.J. Asher – What are your thoughts and feelings about the six-month prison sentence handed down to Brock Turner?

Christie Eastburn – It’s ridiculous but sadly, it’s not surprising. When a convicted rapist gets a slap on the wrist, it’s a slap in the face for survivors across the country and a reminder that the justice system doesn’t care about them. I think it’s been really tough for a lot of people. In this case we’ve even seen the judge make reference to giving a light sentence due to concern about Brock Turner’s future – pointing out explicitly how the perpetrator’s privilege played into it. While black and brown people are getting ridiculously heavy sentences for minor crimes, we see judges worrying about THIS guy’s future. It’s frustrating and sad.

C.J. Asher – What types of individuals are at greatest risk for sexual assault?

Christie Eastburn – Anyone who already experiences another form of marginalization such as trans & LGB people, disabled people, people of color, immigrants, etc. Also, anyone who is in an institution that withholds justice from them, such as college students and the military. People whose identities cover more than one of these areas are even more at risk. For example, a trans woman of color who is a sex worker is at extremely high risk for sexual assault.

C.J. Asher – What can be done to stop the pervasive problem of rape culture, not only within the City of Philadelphia but throughout our greater society?

Christie Eastburn – Sometimes rape culture just seems so big and intimidating that it seems like there’s nothing people can do – but there is! Lots of things actually. Learn about bystander intervention and practice it. Call out your friends, family and co-workers who make rape culture enforcing comments or jokes. Learn about rape culture and toxic masculinity – and then reflect on the things you believe or say that might be a result of those things. Assess and make adjustments in how you think and speak. Do you call people sluts or hoes for wearing short shorts? Reconsider what you’ve been taught and find a new way. Learn about consent culture and teach it to kids and teens – and even adults! Become media literate and talk back to companies that participate in rape culture. Does an add sexualize violence? Send emails, tweets, etc. and let your voice be heard. As a consumer, you have a voice and also the power to boycott companies that are harmful. Get creative. Volunteer your time with groups and organizations that support survivors. You could even start something in your community or online! Finally, I think that attending events like March to End Rape Culture and Take Back the Night Philly also make a difference. Every time you take a step to support a survivor, you are changing our culture that teaches us to withhold that support.

C.J. Asher – Why are victims of sexual assault often hesitant to come forward?

Christie Eastburn – A good way to understand this is to look at people’s reactions to survivors that come forward in the media like with the Bill Cosby or Kobe Bryant situation. The survivor is surrounded by doubt and accusations that they are trying to gain something by coming forward. This is partially perpetuated by the myth that there is a high rate of false rape accusations. A very common first reaction is to ask questions that throw the responsibility of what happened back on the survivor. We call this “Victim Blaming.” ‘Well, what were they doing? Why were they there? How were they dressed? Were they drinking? Were they out late? Why are they coming forward – what’s their motive?’ We are so used to this way of thinking that survivors believe that it’s their fault before anyone directly tells them that. In a rape culture, this lesson has already been taught even before the assault happens in order to silence the victim. Sadly, it often works. Also, what ‘coming forward’ may mean for one person may be different for another person. Coming forward to the police? I already kind of got into the justice system aspect. I mean, there are lots of good reasons people don’t go to the police. It may also just not be what that person wants to do even if they could expect justice. But just coming forward to the ones you love to get support can also bring shame and blame into play. Sharing that you were sexually assaulted is taboo – most people don’t speak about it. (sentence deleted) Someone might tell a loved one and then that person starts with the blaming questions. That really hurts and can certainly discourage people from sharing this and seeking support.

C.J. Asher – How are colleges and universities working to prevent and reduce sexual violence on campuses across the country?

Christie Eastburn – Colleges and universities have not been leaders in this problem. They are just now starting to address this (word deleted), but it’s really only because survivors pushed the issue to the federal level. Colleges have been sweeping sexual assaults on campus under the rug – silencing survivors in the process at almost every university across the country. Now that college students have brought federal cases against their colleges using Title IX, colleges are doing workshops, media campaigns, film screenings and the like to respond to these issues.

1 by Alex J Udowenko

Image by Alex J Udowenko

C.J. Asher – How can, and should, friends and family help those who have been the victims of sexual assault?

Christie Eastburn – Above all else, believe them. They have every reason to hide this away based on how we deal with sexual assault in our society. If they are coming to you, this is a very important moment. Don’t judge or ask questions that imply that their decisions could have affected the outcome of the assault. When someone is assaulted, the messages they need is that they are cared for, supported and that it was not their fault. No matter what, they always have the right to consent. As their support person, you will not be able to solve this problem. Hold back on giving advice on what they should do. Listen first and then help them learn about their options. Take their lead on what they want to do. They may want to seek counseling or they may wish to report the crime. Offer to go with them. Healing from sexual assault may take a long time. For others, it’s not so long. There may be ups and downs. Check in with the person even after time has passed and support the path they choose to heal. For more info on what resources are available to survivors in the Philadelphia area, go to:

C.J. Asher – Can you tell me any particular stories of your work with survivors of sexual assault that have most impacted you personally?

Christie Eastburn – What really impacts me is when I see the relief that people have at finding a community of people that support them, especially in a time of emotional need. It can be a very emotional experience to find that after being blamed, shamed and silenced. I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of that.

C.J. Asher – What can individuals and organizations do to help support this year’s March To End Rape Culture?

Christie Eastburn – More than anything, we would love for people to come out and march with us. It’s also a great help when people help to spread the word about the event. If people would like to help promote for the event in their community, online or at their school, they should contact us at They can also email us to join our email list for updates. If anyone would like to donate or just learn more, they can go to our website:

mterc flyer 2016 save the date


jessica drake Teaches Modern Sex Ed to Rousing Ovation at UCLA

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LOS ANGELES – Sex educator and Wicked Pictures contract performer jessica drake received a rousing ovation from students after addressing a Human Sexuality class at UCLA on August 11.

“It wasn’t too long ago that many in our ‘sex positive’ community wondered how I could be taken seriously as a public speaker on sex education,” drake said. “After speaking to this class, I am very happy and filled with gratitude for the support from students who truly see the value in the discussion of healthy sex and the importance of consent.”

The acclaimed activist and sex educator and creator of “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” series, shared her views on sex, pleasure, better communication and consent between adults during her guest lecture in instructor David Frederick’s Human Sexuality class.

“jessica was fantastic.  I always do a little jump for joy when she is coming because she is an engaging and thoughtful presenter who really knows how to keep students’ attention,” Frederick said. “She discussed consent, communication and pleasure in sex education, topics which were both welcome and necessary.  There is a definite call for available sex education and jessica is in a unique position to respond with equal parts understanding, compassion, education and experience.”

With consent a major topic on college campuses where sexual assaults have been on the rise, drake delivered a message of support and empowerment for those who deal with unwanted attention and aggressive advances. In her impassioned presentation, drake urged caution and sensitivity towards anyone who has not consented to sex while encouraging everyone to assert their ability to refuse or consent to sex.  In the two hour presentation, jessica also spoke about a sorely overlooked topic in sex education, pleasure, how to get it and how to give it, as well as the role of communication as a means towards better and more fulfilling sex.

“Young people have been under a lot of pressure to have sex and it’s important to speak out and remind everyone that no, means no!” drake said. “Sex can be an amazing experience when it’s consensual and communicated in a healthy and nurturing environment.  Bringing this positive message of acceptance and experimentation to students who may not have a lot of experience or resources is especially gratifying.”

Steve Orenstein, Wicked Pictures owner agreed, adding: “jessica is a great ambassador for sexual wellness and sex education as seen in our acclaimed ‘Jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,’” he said. “Her passion and dedication to helping others through her message of sexual wellness and female empowerment echoed throughout the UCLA campus. We’re extremely proud of jessica and her work.”

jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” is the leading instructional sex series from Wicked Pictures, featuring drake as creator, director and producer, who takes viewers through a variety of sexually explicit topics.

drake is a highly sought-after speaker who has lectured at universities, seminars, and workshops around the world with her message of sexual wellness and the importance a healthy relationship through a mutually satisfying love life.

For more information about jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex titles, appearances and sex education seminar series, visit

About jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex:

Three-time AVN Best Actress winner and sexual wellness authority jessica drake brings erotic topics to life through intimate demonstrations performed by some of today’s hottest adult stars in her instructional series, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.” The stimulating sequences are sensual, provocative, and enlivened by an informative optional audio commentary. In each volume of “Guide to Wicked Sex,” writer, producer, director, and host jessica drake addresses a different aspect of human sexuality, ranging from Fellatio and Anal to BDSM, Striptease, and Plus Size sex. The series’ volume on Fellatio earned AVN’s 2012 Best Educational Release trophy, “Anal” was named XBIZ’s 2012 Specialty Release of the Year, “Anal Sex for Men” received AVN’s 2014 Best Educational Release award, and “Plus Size” earned XBIZ’s 2015 Specialty Release of the Year. In order to further spread the word about healthy sexuality, drake released the digital magazine “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” in 2016, which ranks her among Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Rachel Ray, as the only celeb-branded magazines on the market. Whether through her movies, articles, or live workshops, jessica explores all sex-related topics with the same distinct blend of knowledge, experience, and good humor leading popular culture site to write, “drake’s career and fan-base put her in a unique position to talk about sex with authority, to breakdown stigmas, and to bring important conversations (like consent) to the fore. Here’s the best part: it seems to be helping people.” The AVN Awards named jessica drake its Mainstream Star of the Year in 2016 for her work educating people on how to have a healthier and happier sex life. For more information, visit,,, or

Sexual Health Expo NY 2016 Event Schedule Announced

1435182512-Sexual_Health_Expo_ticketsReposted from

NEW YORK — Sexual Health Expo New York has announced the official show schedule for the upcoming edition of the upscale consumer expo set for Sept. 24-25 in Brooklyn.

To view the event schedule, click here

Kicking off with a special ribbon cutting on Saturday, Sept. 24, SHE will open the doors to its full day of workshops covering everything from anal sex basics to utilizing technology for sexual communication.

“This year’s SHE lineup is sure to be our best,” said Sarah Tomchesson, The Pleasure Chest’s head of business operations. “We are featuring Pleasure Chest N.Y.’s most popular in-house educators and classes. New speakers to the show like Laura Delarato of Refinery29 and Sheri Winston, author of ‘Women’s Anatomy of Arousal,’ will bring a fresh perspective. We are also very excited to have sex ed veterans Tristan Taormino, Dr. Jess O’Reilly and Mollena Williams back whose classes are always the highlight of SHE.”

Throughout the day, SHE’s expansive exhibition hall will showcase the very best sex toys and accessories for women, men and couples. The SHE exhibition hall will introduce attendees to a wide range of products ranging from cutting-edge vibrators to sexual enhancement products such as massage gels, candles and more.

Exhibiting companies include We-Vibe, Ohmibod, LELO, Doc Johnson, Aneros, Lifestyles, Babeland, Baci, Blush, Bodywand, Blue Dreams, Dame Products, Chakrubs, Caution Wear, HiPleasures, Cu in Bed, Getting in the Mood, Sybian, System Jo, Tenga, The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health, Uvee,, Sexpertise, Sir Richard’s, Unbound, The Rabbit Co., Sex With Emily, Nasstoys, Kama Sutra, Joyboxx, pjur, Satisgyer Ovo, and more.

Sexpert workshops, presented by Sex-Ed Sponsor The Pleasure, will offer the hottest tips for a sizzling sex life. Sessions include “Blow His Mind” with Dr. Jess, “Expert Guide to Female Pleasure” with Tristan Taormino, “Big, Fat, Hot Sex” with Laura Delarato and the “Down and Dirty With the Sexperts” panel facilitated by Tristan Taormino with Brandon B, Kenneth Play, Dirty Lola and Tina Horn, during which the experts with share their best sex tips, tricks and bedroom secrets to take erotic play to the next level.

Guest speakers participating in SHE workshops include: Denise Pearson, Laura Delarato, Brandon B, Emily Morse, Tristan Taormino, Dr. Jess, Corynne, Sheri Winston, Tina Horn, Mollena Williams, and more.

Tickets to the groundbreaking consumer event SHE NY are now available. Registration sponsor We-Vibe is sponsoring free admission to the first 2,000 attendees that register online.

Praised for its fresh approach by exhibitors, sex educators and consumers alike, SHE’s dynamic format has been touted by leading media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, CBS News,, The Guardian, Playboy and Bustle, among others.

Emily Morse, sex expert and host of iTunes’ top downloaded sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily, will once again serve as SHE’s official spokesperson.

Last year’s SHE NY drew more than 2,500 attendees over the course of two days centered around education and products for achieving a better sex life.

For more event information, visit or email

Sssh Releases First VR Adult Film for Women, ‘Empowering Ava’

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An erotic novelist’s sensual pegging story comes to life in a lush, immersive, 360° movie

BOSTON, MA – In keeping with her career-long tradition of quickly adopting new technologies and using them to blaze new trails in adult entertainment, owner/director Angie Rowntree has released her first foray in the virtual reality genre. Empowering Ava is a new erotic film starring Ava Mir-Ausziehen and Lance Hart, produced in conjunction with

One of the many things that make this release so unique is that headsets are not required to view the movie. “Empowering Ava”, may be watched with or without headsets. You still have the ability to explore the full 360 environment, and zoom in and out on any browser, phone or tablet.


“I wanted my first VR project to have the guidelines of my experience behind the camera but also the freedom to explore this new format and approach,” Rowntree said. “I’m a story-driven director, and Empowering Ava is no exception. Erotic storytelling has just gone from being very flat and one dimensional to multidimensional, offering a plethora of audio-visual layers. The new technology is a very dynamic format which lends itself to deliciously creative storytelling.”


In the movie, Ava is a well-known erotic novelist working on a new book. Known as an author who bases all her work on real life experiences, she finds herself working on an inspired story involving sensual pegging – a fact which immediately intrigues her husband. Indeed, he’s not just curious about pegging, but eager to give it a try himself!


The film’s lead, Lance Hart shares his experience as an actor working under the new format, “shooting VR brings a more theatrical element to performing in porn. You have to ‘tell the story’ in 360 degrees, which means performing in all directions, not just to one fixed camera.  It’s like being on a stage.  It’s intense.  I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m excited to see how adult film can embrace this technology to create a new kind of experience for the consumers.”


“When I started looking at what other adult directors have done with VR, most of them shoot from a first-person point of view, with the idea of a man watching from the standpoint of a participant in the sex scene,” Angie said. “I think virtual reality is great for that, but my audience is primarily women. With the dynamic storytelling model, the viewer is immersed in the story with the ability to explore the environment and decide for themselves which angles and perspectives from which to watch the movie unfold, whether it’s sex or dialogue. VR is very much like theater, in which you use all the space available to you, the virtual ‘stage,’ to tell the story. Most importantly of all, you do not need a headset to enjoy VR,” she further explained.


In line with almost all of the features produced and directed by Angie Rowntree for, Empowering Ava was inspired by a member, who expressed a desire to explore sensual pegging.


Complimentary review log in for Empowering Ava is available for members of the media. No headset required. The screener page has additional written commentary by Angie, as well as from the film editor and performers about their experience working in a VR environment. A trailer page is publicly available at



For the last 17 years, has been the web’s premier destination for porn made from a woman’s point of view. Drawing on survey responses and other member feedback, Sssh creates erotic movies based on its members fantasies and desires. Its movies communicate true passion and mutual pleasure, always striving to be equal parts intelligent, sexy and entertaining. A feature rich site, also offers a large selection of erotic fiction, audio content, an extensive virtual world, educational articles, and contributes to a variety of charitable causes, which benefit communities all around the world. In addition to its primary website, Sssh also produces Mindbrowse, an interactive online live show, and the Twitter-based chat program #SexTalkTuesday, which has had such guest moderators as Margaret Cho. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, Sssh takes pride in treating all its employees, performers, customers and business associates with fairness, compassion and respect. For more information, visit


# # #


For more information and screener url/password, please contact:

Adella, Mindbrowse and SexTalkTuesday
Marketing and Public Relations


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