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My Take On The World’s Oldest Profession

So before we begin this sordid blog of sex and debauchery, I wanted to make clear my stand on the issue of prostitution:

If a woman (or a man!), having a sound and mature mind, of legal consensual age and without any form of undue coercion, chooses to engage in sexual relations for payment, then they should certainly be allowed to do so.

Let me elaborate on a couple of points in my above statement.  First of all, age doesn’t necessarily constitute maturity.  I respect the boundaries for the age of consensual sex that the law has enacted.  After all, children (even teenagers) don’t always have the mental development to understand the consequences of their actions.  My point is, put a 18 year old academic scholar next to a 25 year old unemployed junkie and tell me who is the more mature one.  I understand that there are a number of factors (many of which are beyond anyone’s control such as the family that raises you) that impact the choices, both positive and negative, that people make in their lives.  At the end of the day, however, when you have the responsibility to make choices that will either improve or harm your life, you need to be mature enough to make the best decisions for yourself.

Next, I’m keenly aware that prostitution takes on many forms in our society, many of which are not consensual (i.e. pimps or boyfriends who force women to engage in prostitution with threats of physical harm, as payment for drugs by a drug addict, sex trafficking, etc.).  I strongly oppose any form of prostitution that is not of the free will of consenting adults.  A person’s sexuality is one of the most personal and intimate parts of who they are and nobody has the right to force someone to use their sexuality in a way that they don’t agree to or aren’t comfortable with.  This is called rape, plain and simple.

I’m not ignorant enough to claim that prostitution, either for the prostitute or client, is always the best choice for someone to make or that it is without consequences.  With prostitution, like many other vices (i.e. alcohol, gambling, drugs), it is up to a person to determine how to engage in them in a responsible and mature manner.  Whether it be either a prostitution client who is married or otherwise in a committed relationship, an alcoholic who gets drunk and assaults his wife or a gambling addict who goes broke by hitting the blackjack table every night, vices in excess often lead to irreparable damage to the one engaging in them as well as the other people in their lives such as friends, family and loved ones.

On the other hand, I don’t believe it is up to our government to direct people’s morality and choice in vices, good or bad, only the consequences of their actions when they harm others.  There is a great hypocrisy that exists in our society right now when it comes to attempting to regulating our vices:
– How come “drugs” are considered shameful yet we allow (with regulation) alcohol and tobacco products, which are addictive and directly and indirectly kill thousands and thousands each year, to be freely sold?
– How come medical and or recreational marijuana is legal in one state but not in others?  Is one state’s population so different from another?
– How come gambling is illegal in some states and not in others?  Has the prohibition on gambling in certain areas truly been about the moral and ethical consequences of gambling?  If so, why have Pennsylvania and many other states finally allowed gambling to occur and on such a broad scale?

I strongly believe that many vice crimes should be made legal with certain levels of regulation, such as not selling alcohol, tobacco and other items with negative personal side effect to minors).

That being said, I encourage my readers to explore the issue of prostitution, and the legal, moral and ethical issues that surround it, as well as many of the other issues of sexuality that shall be touched upon (i.e. LGBT rights, gentlemen’s clubs, sugar daddies/sugar baby arrangements, etc.), with an open mind and constructive, intelligent and respectful commentary.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy my blog!  This is sex we’re talking about, after all… and sex is pretty darn fun  😉

– C.J. Asher

About cjasher (1591 Articles)
C.J. Asher is a blogger on various subject matters and trending topics related to sexuality, such as prostitution, women's rights, sex trafficking and LGBT issues as well as the adult entertainment industry, having interviewed celebrities such as Dennis Hof and Joanna Angel. C.J. currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and his blog can be found at

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