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Gentlemen’s Club Review: Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club (Philadelphia)


Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club
2740 South Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148
215-467-1980, (All Cheerleaders Locations)
Hours: 12:00pm to 2:00am, 7 Days A Week

The Low Down
Like a hungover twenty something waking up on their friend’s couch after a night out at the bar with friends, my wallet woke up this morning and muttered “wha… what happened last night?” to which the credit cards yelled out “DUDE! Last night was AWESOME! We haven’t seen the cash, we couldn’t find him when we left the bar…” That perfectly summed up my incredible evening at Cheerleader’s Gentlemen’s Club, my new favorite gentlemen’s club in the Philadelphia area (set to go topless on September 19th!) and a great start to my weekly gentlemen’s club reviews.

I arrived at around quarter after eight on a weekday evening and, despite my intention to do so in my earlier blog posting, I decided to remain incognito with the staff regarding my review (to get a more honest assessment). After grabbing a handful of flyers for everything from weekday specials to their bachelor party packages and passing through the metal detector (a necessary evil but well worth it for the safety of customers and staff), I made my way to the bar and began scoping out the scene for the night’s festivities.

Oh, and since this is my first gentlemen’s club review, I’m rating each club’s features and amenities on a scale of zero to five stars, five being excellent. Let’s begin…

Location & Facilities – 5 Stars
Cheerleaders (South Philadelphia location) is located on South Front Street right off of I-95 and I-76 and is conveniently located minutes from the Philadelphia sports stadiums. There is plenty of parking and the club offers courtesy transportation in their Cheerleaders Escalade.   Attached to the building are Excitement Video and Liberty Smoke Cigars in case you wish to indulge in any other vices. The beautiful interior is everything you’d expect from a high-end gentlemen’s club: a clean and well-appointed dance floor offering bar, stage and couch seating, bathroom staffed by an attendant offering candies and colognes as well as tasteful pictures of scantily clad young ladies adorning the wall.

Staff – 5 Stars
From the cashier at the door collecting cover fees (it happened to be $5.00 when I went, didn’t check for the weekends but it’s most certainly higher) to the doorman to the lovely bartenders and waitress, the staff at Cheerleaders is both courteous and professional. Gianna and Dvora, the bartenders that served me, came over on multiple occasions to check on me and to see if I needed another drink or anything else. Don’t expect a long friendly conversation with the bartenders as they are busy working their tails off to take care of the customers (and, really, that’s what the dancers are for!).

Food and Drink – 5 Stars
For a gentlemen’s club, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of food options available, everything from Sweet Thai Chili Calamari to Apple and Candied Walnut Salad to Salmon Vera Cruz and… wait for it… SUSHI! And good sushi, too… what you’d expect to find at any high-end sushi restaurant in the city. If you’re going to come right after work and would like a good meal, this place doesn’t disappoint. You’ll have to ask the bartender to speak with the waitress, as food service is separate from the bar (but your food will be brought to the bar or wherever you’re seated). The beer list is your standard fare of popular domestics and some imports; I was happy to find out that they served Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale and Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (as I happen to be a craft beer fan myself). In addition they offer an excellent champagne collection. I had an appetizer, the Chicken Quesadilla (a little greasier than I like but still very tasty nonetheless) and decided to be adventurous and try two sushi rolls: the Hell’s Fury Roll (spicy but not overly hot) and the Surf & Turf roll. Both exceeded my expectations and are definitely worth trying.

Dancers – 5 Stars
Despite being a weeknight, the dancing talent was first-class, are all extremely attractive and offer a lot of variety: younger, older, some with lots of tattoos, various ethnicities, etc. If you’re looking for a club with only cookie-cutter dancers sporting bleach blonde hair and fake boobs this isn’t the place for you; but it’s a good thing because Cheerleaders has something for everyone. My first dance of the evening was with Aspen, a petite young brunette who gave me a very sensual dance. Dances are $20 per song and are located in a separate open-layout couch dance room with partitions between each couch (you can’t take your drink back there so finish it up before you get your dance or leave it at the bar). Next, I had the pleasure of being entertained by the sexy Lina, whose outgoing personality was as bold as her long black hair and tasteful tattoos. I finished off my evening with Sabrina, whose striking European features were accentuated with a warm and beautiful smile. Despite my plans to the… *ahem*… contrary, I took both Lina and Sabrina back to the champagne court for fifteen minutes each. The champagne court offers a moderate amount of privacy, one large room with solid partitions between couches and a nearly see-through curtain for some level of privacy. All three dancers that I spent time with are definitely worth seeing again, and if you go I highly encourage you to strike up a conversation with them!

Value – 3.5 Stars
While the food, drink and cover charges are average for any restaurant or gentlemen’s club, my only gripe with Cheerleaders is the cost of the Champagne Court and VIP Room (a glass booth that you can see out of but not in and solid curtain for complete privacy): A fifteen minute Champagne Court on a weeknight will set you back $165.00 and a thirty minute will run you $305.00. The VIP room is a minimum one-hour and will set you back $610.00. Bring cash if you’re inclined to take a dancer back, as the club tacks on an additional 7% to 9% fee for using your credit card. You’ll receive drinks for the Champagne Court and, for the VIP room, a bottle of Chandon Champagne and a deluxe appetizer. While the talent is worth a premium, budget your trip wisely and don’t go overboard like some people might be… *ahem*… inclined to do.

Website & Social Media – 5 Stars
While not technically part of the club location itself, I like to reference websites and social media because of the ease of updates and information on upcoming events and specials. You can find Cheerleaders on both Facebook and Twitter and they provide a very informative website that highlights upcoming events, weekly drink specials, food menu, party package information and photo galleries including those of some of the famous adult film stars (such as Katie Morgan, Bree Olson and Jesse Jane) that have made appearances at the club. Oh, and the main phone number features a daily dancer lineup, handy to have to make sure your favorite dancer is on the schedule when you plan on going.

In Brief…
If you’re looking for an amazing time with beautiful dancers, and have the bankroll to really enjoy yourself, Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club is the place to be!

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