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Gentlemen’s Club Review: The Oasis


The Oasis
6800 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 937-0200
Hours: 11:30am to 2:00am Monday to Saturday, 1:00pm to 2:00am on Sunday

The Low Down
Last week I decided to check out the recently remodeled The Oasis, located on Essington Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia. The Oasis features many of the amenities that you’ll find in the top Philadelphia-area gentlemen’s clubs: couch dance rooms, Champagne Court, a wide variety of food options, attractive women and special events such as fight nights and adult entertainers. Let’s take a look inside…

Location & Facilities – 3 Stars
The Oasis is located on Essington Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia, only minutes away from the Philadelphia International Airport, the Airport Auto Mall… and very little else. While certainly not the most convenient location, there is something to be said for privacy if you’re a gentlemen’s club aficionado such as myself. There is plenty of parking during the week but you may want to arrive early or arrange transportation if you arrive later on the weekends. While the dark yellow exterior and two red palm trees (which are lit up at night) may make you think that this is a tacky establishment, the recently remodeled interior features comfortable seating both at the bar and in the surrounding tables. Smaller than most of the high-end gentlemen’s clubs in and around Philadelphia, the club’s walls feature some fun and tasteful decorations such as paintings of scantily-clad ladies, a neon sign that says “Art Is Woman, Woman Is Art” near the restrooms and both projectors and flat screen TV’s to catch your favorite sporting events. My only complaint about the establishment itself was the men’s room, with a few missing doors on the stalls and an appearance that could use some updating. The dancers at The Oasis walk around the bar to collect dollar bills (which you’re expected to provide as a courtesy for sitting at the bar), so make sure to have some cash on hand to avoid ATM fees.

Staff – 3 Stars
I arrived at The Oasis at around 7:30pm on a slow Wednesday night; earlier than I usually start my reviews but travel plans dictated getting to bed early. I was greeted at the door by Eric, an extremely friendly and outgoing gentleman who, after paying my $5.00 cover and passing through the metal detector, gave me a free admission pass for a future visit.   Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the bartenders, who were professional but certainly not the friendliest I’ve ever been served by.

Food & Drink – 3 Stars
Like many of the higher-end gentlemen’s clubs in the Philadelphia area, The Oasis offers a full menu with appetizers, burgers, tacos and various entrees as well as prime rib which is served as both steaks of various sizes and in sandwiches. I started off with the sriracha tenders, a larger serving than I expected that were also very spicy and tasty. For my main course I decided to try the prime rib which, while very flavorful, was cooked well done when I had requested medium rare, leaving it slightly chewier than I was hoping for. The fully stocked bar features your standard selection of beer, both domestics and a couple of imports. The liquor selection was impressive for such a small venue.

Dancers – 3 Stars
I wish I could give a higher rating for the hard-working dancers at The Oasis, but I was rather disappointed by my experience during my review. Part of the reason for my disappointment was that, despite my early arrival time, there were way too many dancers for the half a dozen or so customers that were being served. Overstaffing, in this case, means less dollars for the dancers, who came up repeatedly and occasionally camped out next to me despite me eating my dinner. I don’t believe I was left alone for more than two minutes as dancer after dancer came up and sat down next to me, which is usually a very good thing in a gentlemen’s club but not so much when you’re waiting for your food to arrive and don’t want to let it sit at the bar while you’re at a protracted couch dance session. The dancers weren’t shy about their disappointment, with one coming up to her dancer friend and I and mentioning that she wanted to go home and another pointing out her $40.00 stage fee. My first dance was with the incredibly sexy and outgoing Pebbles, a multi-ethnic dancer who can work magic on a couch. I went back again a little while later with Gia, a petite cutie with some very attractive tattoos. Possibly my most enjoyable time of the evening was spent with Mya, an adorable Italian dancer whose aggressive personality made for an incredible couch dance experience… the two awesome dances I received went by far too quickly!

Value – 5 Stars
The most positive aspect of my experience at The Oasis was the value I received for the dollar. The couch dance room features comfortable seating with chest-high partitions and $20 per four minute dance. The Champagne Court, featuring small rooms with couches and tables with bamboo curtains and a private restroom (no need to interrupt your dance and walk halfway across the club!), is $100.00 for 15 minutes with two drinks included or $190.00 for 30 minutes with four drinks or a bottle of house champagne included. These Champage Court prices are some of the lowest I’ve encountered while visiting Philadelphia area gentlemen’s clubs so far. The VIP Champagne Court is still under construction but will features substantially more spacious room.

Website & Social Media – 4 Stars
The Oasis features a modern website with a one-page format that can easily be scrolled to view club information, such as drink specials, happy hour specials, pictures of the former adult entertainers who have made appearances at the club, their menu and contact information. No social media information is posted, but I was able to find the club on Facebook.

In Brief…
While located away from the main grouping of gentlemen’s clubs on Delaware Avenue, you get your money’s worth at The Oasis. It make take a few minutes to find a dancer to your liking, but once you do you won’t be disappointed.


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