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My Adventures at the Legal Brothels of Nevada

Next Stop, RENO!

As part of my research for sequels to my upcoming novel Quarter Past Midnight as well as other literary and blogging projects, I recently decided to head out west to check out the brothels of Nevada, the home of legalized prostitution in the United States. For those of you who have seen the HBO television series Cathouse: The Series and its related television specials, the depiction represented in the show is fairly accurate less some of the more dramatic flair that you’d expect from any reality television show. What I will share with you is how, through a series of random circumstances, my simple research trip turned into an amazing adventure involving an unexpected interview with Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, as well as an invitation to his pirate-themed birthday party. I’m excited to be sharing my interviews with Mr. Hof, as well as those of three of his working girls, with you over the next month, but for now, let’s don our cowboy hats and head out west…

Sagebrush Ranch


The Lovely Boni Foxx!


Sagebrush Ranch

 IMG_6212 IMG_6187
  After unpacking at Harrah’s Reno following two brutally long flights (#jetlag), I decided that my destination that Thursday evening would be Sagebrush Ranch. Sagebrush Ranch, one of the seven Nevada brothels owned by Dennis Hof, is located in the town of Mound House, about seven miles east of Carson City. On the same road as Sagebrush Ranch are also two other brothels, the Love Ranch North and the Kit Kat Guest Ranch (soon to be reopened after undergoing renovations) as well as the Red Light Cabaret gentlemen’s club, all owned by Dennis Hof and resulting in the creation of his very own red light district. With bottle of champagne in hand, I hopped into a Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine for a complimentary ride to the brothel and whatever awaited me there. The half hour ride along the Nevada highways was made much more enjoyable by Clint, my friendly chauffeur for my trip into the unknown. After explaining my failed efforts to reach Dennis Hof for an interview, Clint informed me that he would be at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch this weekend celebrating his birthday. While I was happy to hear that he was in the area that particular weekend, I was disappointed to realize that preparations for his birthday party would most likely prevent me from seeing or speaking to him in person except for perhaps a photo op if I was lucky. Upon arriving at Sagebrush Ranch, I was greeted by a lineup of beautiful courtesans and was instantly taken with the smoking hot Boni Foxx. No matter how confident you may think you are, standing in front of a brothel lineup can be a very intimidating experience for most first-timers! While you are under no obligation to “party” (brothel terminology for whatever sexual activity you wish to undertake with a working girl) with the lady you choose from the lineup, you are required to take a complimentary tour of the brothel, which turned out to be a very eye-opening experience. The one thing that surprised me the most was how quiet and laid back Sagebrush Ranch is, even for a sunny and warm Thursday evening. The main parlor area features low lighting, couches and a bar for you to enjoy some drinks before heading back for your “party.”  Besides the pool table, cigarette vending machine and jukebox pumping out some music, there isn’t much to the lounge area; your senses won’t be overwhelmed as you would by the lights and music when entering a gentlemen’s club. Closer to a hotel than a nightclub or gentlemen’s club, Sagebrush Ranch has three long hallways of rooms for the working girls (complete with full bathrooms for each) that you’d almost mistake for a college dormitory, VIP Suite, Fantasy Suite with bar and stripper pole as well as a Jacuzzi room. While not in a lineup or a party, you’ll usually find the working girls in their rooms or socializing with each other and the clients in the lounge. After receiving my tour from Boni, we headed to her room, where she was kind enough to explain how the process works with the clients and provide me an exclusive interview (soon to be posted to my blog) about herself and her experiences as a working girl. I was also surprised to learn that Mr. Hof’s (pirate themed!) birthday party wasn’t some exclusive celebrity-only affair, but was actually open to the working girls, their dates and some of the ranch clients. Not being able to turn down an opportunity to attend such an interesting event, Boni gladly accepted my request for her to be my date for the party (after negotiating the outcall date fee, of course!).

Moonlite Bunny Ranch

IMG_6292 (2)

C.J Asher (left) and Dennis Hof


Moonlite Bunny Ranch at night


Ron Jeremy Penis Patio (not to scale)


Bunnies At Play

IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6289 IMG_6265

My Friday morning was spent desperately attempting to locate a store with a pirate costume, which was solved with a cab ride to a Party City located somewhere on the outskirts of Reno. Despite my excitement for my inevitable meeting with Dennis Hof as well as some of the other celebrities that were rumored to attend the party, I knew I had to check out the “World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch” on my own that evening. Compared to the subdued Sagebrush Ranch, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch is an elaborate, more glamorous facility and could be described as a mini-museum to Dennis Hof’s brothel empire: the walls of the entryway adorned with pictures of himself, many of the famous working girls and adult magazine covers from their pictorials as well as display cases full of Moonlite Bunny Ranch merchandise, cigars and a wide variety of sex toys, adult movies and other goodies to enjoy in your party. After selecting (and later interviewing) the beautiful Chloe Collens for my tour of the facilities, which include a pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and Ron Jeremy’s Penis Patio (no joke, it’s a penis-shaped patio!), I spotted Mr. Hof and his dog in the lounge area, relaxing while engaged in friendly conversation with the working girls, clients and close friends who were in town for his birthday party. After getting up the nerve (with the help of Mr. Glass of Champagne), I introduced myself and was received with a friendly smile and handshake in return. I nervously inquired as to whether or not he would be interested in an interview for my blog and he, without hesitation, was more than happy to oblige. After working our way back to the kitchen area for privacy, Mr. Hof gave me his undivided attention for fifteen minutes as I asked him a number of questions related to his history in the brothel business, his advice for young entrepreneurs, his regrets as well as the one female he would love to have as a working girl at his ranch (spoiler alert: Kelly Bundy!). Ecstatic that I was able to obtain an engaging and insightful interview, which I will be sharing with you on my blog shortly, I spent the remainder of the evening taking in as much of the brothel as I could, including some friendly chat with the staff, the working girls and a karaoke party (no, I didn’t sing)! I concluded my evening by having the chance to interview the adorably cute Jenny Jade, rounding out an unforgettable experience and leaving me even more excited for what the following night would hold.

Dennis Hof’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party


C.J. Asher (left), Dennis Hof and Boni Foxx


Sunny Lane


Pirate Buffet


Flavor Flav


Boni Foxx (left), C.J. Asher and Kimber Cavalli


Madam Suzette and C.J. Asher

IMG_6345  IMG_6413 IMG_6376 IMG_6370

Ahoy, Matey! After donning my pirate costume and booking my complimentary limousine ride, I was off to Sagebrush Ranch to meet my lovely date Boni Foxx. Held at The Grille at NV 50, the ambiance was set with pirate-themed decorations and guests decked out in pirate and mermaid costumes as well as the occasional body-painted cutie. The energy and excitement was in the air as guests including Air Force Amy, Madam Suzette, Joey Buttafuoco, 2012 Bunny of the Year Caressa Kisses and adult film star Sunny Lane were in attendance to celebrate along with the other lucky attendees such as myself. Guests were treated to a complimentary drink, pirate themed swag bag and buffet dinner while Flavor Flav, Smoov-E and even some of the working girls themselves performed for the crowd. My only disappointment was not having the chance to meet Ron Jeremy, who had to cancel his appearance but was honored with a video tribute dubbed “The Worst of Ron Jeremy,” featuring himself in some rather unflattering porn scenes which I’ll spare you the details of! After an exhausting evening of drinking, dancing and partying, I made my way back to Sagebrush Ranch in a limousine with Boni and the body paint-covered beauty Kimber Cavalli, where the following alcohol-fueled exchange occurred:

Kimber: This (Red Bull) isn’t sugar free!

Don’t ask me how or why this conversation happened, but it just goes to show that these working girls do know how to party and have fun, “brothel party” or otherwise!

Final Boarding Call…
There are no words to describe the awesome experiences I had and truly incredible people that I met during my trip to Nevada. While I don’t expect you to be lucky enough to have the same adventures that I did, it should be a rite of passage for every red-blooded American male (or female, if they’re so inclined) to visit the brothels of Nevada at least once in their lives and experience the adventures that the working girls of Nevada eagerly provide. In the words of Dennis Hof, “there’s no business like ho business!”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about my own partying with the working girls, there’s an old saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Well, the same thing goes for Reno and the brothels that surround it… despite some strange rumors by a cute blonde pirate that somehow mysteriously made their way onto Twitter… *whistles innocently* 😉


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