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Gentlemen’s Club Review: Double Visions

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Double Visions
1138 Easton Road (Route 611), Horsham, PA  19044
Hours:  12:00pm to 2:00am, 7 Days A Week

The Low Down
Imagine for a moment your favorite neighborhood bar… you know, that little hole in the wall down the street where you would go to unwind, have a few drinks, chat with the bartenders, play some darts and perhaps grab a six-pack on your way out the door.  Throw in a couple of poles in the bar area, some lovely topless dancers and couches on the side and you have Double Visions.  I arrived at the club at around 9:00pm on a busy Friday night, not my usual time for club reviews but I decided to mix things up so I could meet up with alt porn star Joanna Angel to schedule an interview with her for my blog.

Location & Facilities – 4 Stars
Double Visions is located on Route 611 in Horsham, PA, near the former Willow Grove Naval Air Station and minutes from Willow Grove, Doylestown and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The club is accessible by both car and SEPTA public transportation.  While I wouldn’t normally give a club four stars in the Location & Facilities category for these features alone, it should be noted that Double Visions happens to be a “locals” gentlemen’s club, and the only gentlemen’s club for many, many miles.  Unlike most gentlemen’s clubs, Double Visions features a large number of flat screen TV’s to catch up on sports, but no dedicated champagne room; you’re limited to couch dances from the dancers.  Oh, and be sure to tip your dancers when they walk around the bar area after their stage show.

Staff – 4 Stars
For a busy Friday night, I have to say that the staff was courteous, friendly and respectable.  I had a great time chatting with Rachel, one of several bartenders taking care of us that evening.

Food & Drink – 3.5 Stars
Unlike most of the high-end gentlemen’s clubs in Philadelphia, with their elaborate menus and bar selection, Double Visions offers a small menu of appetizers and main entrees.  The menu is designed to offer customers a quick bite if they’re hungry, not to wine and dine business contacts.  I started off with the pierogies as an appetizer, not baked but fried, but wasn’t that impressed.  By the time I had ordered my main course the kitchen was out of a couple of the entrees that I had hoped for, so I settled for a very delicious chicken parmesan sandwich.  The one thing that impressed me about Double Visions is their craft beer selection; a hard thing to find amongst the staple domestics and imports that you’ll find at most gentlemen’s clubs.

Dancers – 4 Stars
The dancers, mostly Caucasian girls but with a few other ethnicities thrown into the mix, tend to be on the younger side and many of them had a number of tattoos.  I happen to be quite a fan of girls with ink, so I was pleasantly surprised.  You won’t be disappointed if you’re not a fan of girls with ink as there were a few of them there that didn’t have any, but be forewarned as to not be disappointed.  Towards the end of the evening I went back for three dances with the tattooed and pierced beauty Tempest, who certainly didn’t disappoint.

Value – 5 Stars
The couch dances at Double Visions are a reasonable $20.00 each per song.  Unfortunately, as stated above, there is no champagne court or VIP area so you’re limited to couch dances.  I found the food and drink prices to be reasonable, with a number of drink specials posted around the bar area.  The cover charge was $10.00, in part due to Joanna Angel’s performance that night.

Website & Social Media – 5 Stars
For being a smaller establishment, Double Visions has a simple website with all of the standard information such as hours, address, directions, specials, listings up upcoming adult entertainment appearances and even pictures of three of the dancers.  The website also links to a Facebook page so you can keep up to date on the latest happenings.

In Brief…
Double Visions isn’t as big, glitzy or glamorous as some of the larger gentlemen’s clubs in and around Philadelphia, but the dancers and staff excel at offering a fun, unpretentious experience in a laid back atmosphere.  If you’re looking for that “corner bar” feeling with friendly girls to keep you company, then Double Visions is the place for you.


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