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Working Girl Interview: Jenny Jade of The Moonlite Bunny Ranch


Twitter:  @BunnyJennyJade
September 12, 2014

C.J. Asher – This is C.J. Asher with another lovely lady from The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Jenny Jade! How old are you, Jenny?

Jenny Jade – I’m 28.

C.J. Asher – How long have you been at The Moonlite Bunny Ranch?

Jenny Jade – Since 2009.

C.J. Asher – Is this the only place you’ve been a working girl or have you worked anywhere else?

Jenny Jade – Nope, this is the one and only place. It’s the best!

C.J. Asher – How did you choose your (working girl) name?

Jenny Jade – Well my real name is “Jennifer,” so if people knew me in public and I was hanging out then they would just call me Jenny. Jade is one of my favorite stones.

C.J. Asher – How has your professional life, being a working girl, impacted your personal life?

Jenny Jade – It’s made it a lot better, actually. I can afford better cars, better houses. It’s really nice, actually.

C.J. Asher – What advice would you give to a lady who is interested in becoming a working girl?

Jenny Jade – Make sure this is something that you’re comfortable with, that something you’re comfortable doing is getting to know other people. You really need to be outgoing, you can’t be a little shy girl in a box.

C.J. Asher – What is the most stressful part of this job?

Jenny Jade – This job isn’t really stressful to me, so there really isn’t any stress for me.

C.J. Asher – Besides the sex and the money, what’s the most enjoyable part of the job?

Jenny Jade – Getting to know people! You meet people from all different walks of life here. The fact that I know 500,000 people outside of my little tiny world is great. I get to meet many people and make great friends.

C.J. Asher – Obviously you work with a bunch of lovely ladies. Between the lineups and limited number of customers that come in, I’m sure there’s a certain level of competition, you’re vying for the same dollars. How does competition impact your working relationships?

Jenny Jade – See, I’m kinda different in that way because I don’t really see everyone as competition. I know that I am not for every person in this world. I know that I’m not the girl for every guy that walks in that door and I’m completely okay with that. I don’t really see them as competition, more like friends.

C.J. Asher – What is the craziest request you’ve ever received?

Jenny Jade – A guy once wanted me to beat him up, like with a pair of boxing gloves. To me, that’s just crazy… who comes in here and wants to be BEAT UP? (laughs) Literally, that’s all he wanted me to do… I put on a pair of boxing gloves, got naked and started hitting him. To me that’s insanely crazy.

C.J. Asher – What is the best advice that you could give to a first-time customer, someone who walks through the door, not really sure what to expect, how to act, anything like that?

Jenny Jade – Be confident in yourself, know what you want, tour with a bunch of different ladies so you can understand that not all of us are the same. Don’t be scared; if you find one girl that’s just outrageously not what you want then go and talk to a bunch of different ladies and see what everyone has to offer.

C.J. Asher – What’s a typical day like at (The Moonlite Bunny) Ranch, In terms of a schedule for you personally?

Jenny Jade – I work the night shift, so I work 6:00pm to 6:00am. It’s a lot different for me than, say, someone who works from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. I don’t get started until way late in the evening. That’s perfect for me because I don’t really like light; I don’t want to be awake during the day (laughs) unless I have errands to run. I get the people who come in late at night that just want to hang out and have fun who are coming from the bar and are like “hey, let’s have a good time!” and I’m like “alright, let’s go!” I’m the girl for that (laughs).

C.J. Well, I can see that this lovely dark room would be perfect for that! Okay, last question. What made you decide to become a working girl?

Jenny Jade – Actually, I worked for a Subway restaurant and I was very, very, very bored with my life. I met Dennis (Hof) at a rock concert in Kansas City; I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. I took my top off and I threw it to him on stage and he signed it for me. A couple of days later I e-mailed him and I e-mailed the radio station, trying to get something going and I got it! I talked to (the radio show) and I talked to Dennis (Hof); we e-mailed back and forth and then we did a radio interview together when he decided he did like me and so I was on the next plane. I actually got fired from Subway, so they really suck! (laughs)

C.J. Asher – Well thank you very much, Jenny Jade!

Jenny Jade – The one and only! (laughs)

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