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Book Review: “If… Then: a collection of erotic romance stories” by Emerald

If Then Cover
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The Low Down
“If… Then” is a collection of erotic romance stories by author, blogger of and human sexuality advocate Emerald.  I first met Emerald several months ago at The Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia, PA and was immediately captivated by her deeply passionate writings, an excerpt of which she read for our group.

About The Book
“If… Then” is presented as ten unrelated (except for two) short stories.  “If…” and “…Then,” the two stories which bookend this collection, are presented from the perspective of Valerie, maid of honor at her friend Sarah’s wedding, who finds herself torn between her unexpected desires for best man Hayden and her committed relationship to Chris, her long-time boyfriend.  While each story is plot-driven, passion is presented not just as steamy sex scenes, but also in the context of romantic desire, longing and sometimes even heartbreak. Vulnerability is a major theme amongst the stories, and the author doesn’t hold back in drawing us into the raw emotions of her characters at their strongest, weakest and everywhere in between.

While filled with the passionate, steamy and well-scripted sex scenes that you would expect to find in most romantic novels, three things stood out about this book which makes it one of the most remarkable reads I’ve enjoyed in quite a while.  First, all of the stories are so vastly different in tone and style that, if I didn’t know differently, I would swear that they were all written by different authors with remarkably varied life experiences.  From stories written in either first or third person narrative to stories that deal with many different types of sexual escapades, Emerald truly has a gift for presenting human sexuality in a relatable form but one that also instills a sense of desire and arousal in the reader.

Second, “If… Then” shifts away from themes and plots you might expect to find from the typical erotic novel, such as the wild child or the millionaire playboy, and presents realistic problems and issues that many people face these days such as the struggles of a married couple dealing with a job loss in “Honey Changes Everything,” divorce in “Relative Anonymity” as well as alcoholism in “No Such Thing.”

Finally, Emerald doesn’t shy away from exploring many different aspects of sexuality and flawlessly does so with equal doses of realism and fantasy.  Each story has its own unique flavor, even when covering such diverse areas of sexuality such as monogamous sex, masturbation, threesomes, voyeurism and even experimentation with BDSM.

In Brief…
Whether being enjoyed by the beginner or someone well-versed in erotic literature, “If… Then” is truly an incredible and exciting read that has something for everyone.  Many of the stories have unique twists and turns, and the plot twist in “… Then” truly left me shocked and amazed.  I highly recommend it and predict even more amazing literary creations from this very talented author.

For more information about Emerald and her erotic writings, including information on Emerald’s second novel “Safe: a collection of erotic stories,” please visit:

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