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Gentlemen’s Club Review: Cheetahs Club Hollywood

Cheetahs Club Hollywood

4600 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 660-6733
Hours:  8:00pm to 2:00am Daily

The Low Down
Take one part Suicide Girls, one part dive bar, one part rock concert and a dash of sass and what do you get?  Cheetahs Club Hollywood! I arrived at Cheetahs Club Hollywood at around 11:00pm on a Tuesday evening, my first night on my trip to Los Angeles, and was pleasantly surprised to see a hopping club with a good number of female customers (a rarity in the “gentlemen’s” club scene).

Unfortunately, my few experiences in the L.A. Gentlemen’s Club scene have forced me to create two rules that you must follow…

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #1: More Nude, Less Booze… Less Nude, More Booze!
As per the law in Los Angeles, gentlemen’s clubs can’t go topless or nude if they serve alcohol.  Cheetahs Club Hollywood has a well-stocked bar but unfortunately the dancers keep their tops and bottoms on at all times, including during pole dances and private dances.

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #2: The L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Scene Sucks
Despite the nudity restrictions in place, Cheetahs Club Hollywood is an awesome time and one of only a couple of gentlemen’s clubs that I’ll patronize in L.A.   If you have the money and are looking for a gentlemen’s club experience with alcohol and full nudity, take the drive or fly to Las Vegas.

Location & Facilities – 3 Stars
Cheetahs Club Hollywood is located in West Hollywood, a relatively close drive from the Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Glendale and Downtown L.A.  For being a smaller club, it has enough amenities to show the non-discriminating gentlemen’s club patron a fun time.  Be careful about the hours and spaces for on-street parking, which is very limited in the late evening hours.  While being a small club, the main stage has two poles with seating around, tables and booths around the perimeter along with seating at the spacious bar.  The major downside to Cheetahs Club Hollywood is the lack of VIP or Champagne Court space… there is only one large couch dance room with no partitions and zero privacy.  While the bathrooms were modern (with an elegant piece of Marilyn Monroe artwork outside of it to remind you that you’re still in Hollywood), the cleanliness could’ve used some improvement.

Staff – 4 Stars
While I didn’t interact much with the staff during my visit, I can say that I did enjoy some fun conversation with the awesome bartender Emily.

Food & Drink – 4 Stars
Cheetahs Club Hollywood doesn’t serve food, although there are plenty of great restaurants in L.A. to enjoy prior to your trip to the club.  The club does have an excellent bar selection and I was fortunate to enjoy a Lagunitas IPA while spending my time conversing with the dancers.

Dancers – 5 Stars
If you enjoy rocker chicks with tattoos and lots of black attire, then you’ll be in heaven at Cheetahs Club Hollywood!  Whether you love it or hate it, Cheetahs Club Hollywood is non-pretentious in its hard-rock theme, which is why I’m giving this category five stars.  Most importantly, the dancers don’t hustle you to death like in most gentlemen’s clubs, so you can enjoy your drink and some good conversation instead of being pulled back for dances five seconds after you walk into the door.  I spent a majority of my time both chatting and in the couch dance room with the beautiful Ukranian dancer Mishka and finished off my evening with a couple of dances from the adorably cute Megan.

Value – 5 Stars
With reasonably priced drinks and $20.00 per song dances, you can enjoy Cheetahs Club Hollywood on a budget and still have an awesome time.

Website & Social Media – 4 Stars
Cheetahs Club Hollywood’s simple but wacky leopard print backsplash website features basic information about the club including links to their Facebook and Instagram pages.  I’ve heard rumors about bands playing at Cheetah’s Club Hollywood but no information was posted on the website.

In Brief…
Cheetahs Club Hollywood excels where many other L.A. gentlemen’s clubs fail horribly… by providing a quality experience for their patrons without trying to hustle every last dollar from them.  No trip to L.A. (for me, at least) would be complete without a drink and a dance at Cheetahs.


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