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C.J. Asher Interviews Tom and Bunny of Club FA / Freedom Acres

From ClubFA.comClub FA / Freedom Acres is the most dynamic, established and largest on premises swinger club in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. With over 13,000 square feet of space to socialize, dance, relax, watch and of course play, it supports a growing, active member list of couples and single ladies.

C.J. Asher – Tell me about yourselves and how you became involved with Club FA / Freedom Acres.

Tom and Bunny –We’ve been married for almost thirty years, have been in the lifestyle for eighteen years and began our lifestyle in Iowa.  Tom was originally from California while Bunny was from Arizona.  We are the parents of three grown children.  When we moved to California, we began meeting people online like everyone else does and, through word of mouth, we found ourselves checking out the club scene.  At first we attend small parties such as Heat in Orange County (no longer around) and we soon found our way to Freedom Acres.  We have been involved at Freedom Acres for sixteen years; we started going as members in 1999 and quickly evolved into full time employment.  We did the volunteer duties for several years and we have both been in every position at the club from giving new couples tours to cleaning tables, working the office and bartending.  Now, Tom is the General Manager of ClubFA / Freedom Acres and Bunny is the Main Bartender.

C.J. Asher – Are you both swingers yourselves?  What first attracted you to the swinger lifestyle?

Tom and Bunny – Yes, we are both in the lifestyle. What attracted us was that we were married before we graduated high school, we had no real dating relationships nor sexual relationships with other people.  With the majority out there cheating, we looked into the lifestyle not only as a way to spice up our already amazing relationship, but also just to go out and have fun, meet new people and if things turned sexual than that would be ok with us, but never required.

C.J. Asher – What separates your club from others?

Tom and Bunny – Our members is what separates us from the others.  We play host to over 10,000 couples per year joining or renewing their memberships to ClubFA as well as our awesome DJ’s that keep our members dancing throughout the night.  ClubFA offers not only a night club, but also two full night clubs in one building with two separate sound and lighting systems, two DJ’s performing every party and over 5,000 square feet of play areas.  ClubFA also owns a 40 acres Lifestyle resort called Freedom Acres Resort 1.5 miles from Club FA.  We don’t know of any other club in the world that offers as much as ClubFA and Freedom Acres Resorts have to offer.

C.J. Asher – Tell me a little bit about the history of Freedom Acres.

Tom and Bunny – Club FA is one of the oldest and largest full on premise swing club in the nation.  Created in 1981 by Bobby and Jerry hosting parties on Saturdays only, they took an old warehouse and turned it into what is known today as the most attended club period!  Russ and Aree took ownership 18 years ago; they were the perfect people to take it over.  Never to sacrifice anything for the members, they took a one night a week club and today ClubFA is open 5 nights a week with Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  ClubFA also allows single men on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and is couples and single females only on Fridays and Saturdays and host a weekly ORGY every Sunday from 10pm to Midnight.  With over 14,000 square feet of facility situated on four acres along with parking, many try to copy our success but none have succeeded in duplicating what Club FA has.

C.J. Asher – What amenities do you provide to your patrons?

Tom and Bunny – Our club offers two live DJ’s for every party, two clubs and one main one lounge.  We offer our guests a ull food buffet every party, three bartenders every party, while you can find many host couples helping new couples.  In addition, there is a pool table room, sports lounge, huge smoking patio, thirteen TVs playing either sports or erotic movies throughout the night and, of course, 5,000 square feet of play area with both group and private areas for couples and singles.  We also feature Jeff the Body Painter, an internationally known body painter to the lifestyle.

C.J. Asher – What efforts do you take to reduce and prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

Tom and Bunny – ClubFA / Freedom Acres provides to our members condoms, lube, showers and Jeff the Body painter periodically host Swing101 classes for couples to learn about the aspects of the lifestyle including STDs.

Tom and Bunny of Club FA / Freedom Acres

Tom and Bunny of Club FA / Freedom Acres

C.J. Asher – Are there any criteria for patrons to be admitted to the club?

Tom and Bunny – Everyone must call the club before coming out; you can reach us at 909-887-8757.

C.J. Asher – What sorts of themes do your club parties have?

Tom and Bunny – We host theme parties every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We offer themes such as School Girl, Short Skirts, High Heels, No Panties, Doctors & Nurses, Corsets & Bustier, Anything Fishnets and many more.  All of our themes can be found on our calendar at

C.J. Asher – What attire do your patrons generally wear to your parties?

Tom and Bunny – Upscale, dress up or theme attire is expected.  We do not allow thug or gang wear, baseball hats or shower shoes.

C.J. Asher – What measures are in place to ensure the safety of your guests?

Tom and Bunny – The safety of our members is our number one priority.  We have ample, clearly visible security with white shirts that can be seen in the darkest areas.  We also do not allow cameras or phones use inside the club.

C.J. Asher – What types of legal and government regulation issues does your club face?

Tom and Bunny – We are a legal fully licensed club.  We face all the same legal issues as any other business or restaurant.  We are Rated A by the county and we get inspected all the time by the health department, fire department, code enforcement as well as building and safety.

C.J. Asher – How can individuals maintain a sense of anonymity at your club?

Tom and Bunny – We would love to say that everyone can be anonymous, but that would be a lie. You can run into anyone at not just our club but any club that you know in your real life.  We do have rules on no camera use inside the club, no phone use inside the club and the unwritten rule is, what happens at any club stays at that club.

C.J. Asher – What are the general demographics of your patrons?

Tom and Bunny – Our club is open to all ages and demographics.  Typically our age ranges in the mid-30’s to mid-40’s; however, we do get many younger as well as older patrons.  Our club is primary couples and single ladies, although mostly couples attend our parties.

C.J. Asher – What advice do you have for first-time patrons, both single men and women as well as couples?

Tom and Bunny – Come with an open mind, come to explore but within your limits.  Single men, talk to the couples together, don’t wait for the male to leave and then hit on the lady, talk to both and you will get more respect.  Don’t expect that anything is required by you or from you. Remember, everyone has their rules, limits etc.  Also, don’t be afraid to talk and ask questions.

C.J. Asher – In the last few years, have you seen growth in interest in the swinger lifestyle and, if so, what do you feel is the driving force behind it?

Tom and Bunny – Yes, we have seen a huge growth in the lifestyle.  It started out when Oprah did a swingers segment and our phone blew up.  Now there is Playboy Swing, Neighbors with Benefits and many other reality shows following swingers.  While we don’t agree with many of the shows and the way they portray swingers, they do boost attendance.

C.J. Asher – Are there cliques or circles that generally stay together in the swinger community or do people constantly branch out and find new partners?

Tom and Bunny – People use the word “cliques” all the time, we personally have never seen a clique because we don’t view groups that way.  Obviously that group didn’t just happen; people had to approach people and that is the way it is still.  People view a large group as a clique, we tell them to go to the “clique” and introduce themselves.  Often times, people forget that they got into the lifestyle to meet new people.

C.J. Asher – Why do many couples choose to engage in the swinging lifestyle?

Tom and Bunny – We cannot speak for anyone other than ourselves.  We used to ask who’s idea it was to go to the club, his or hers just for conversation purposes, and we found that most of the time it was her idea. But as for why? Honestly, we don’t know.

C.J. Asher – Do jealousy issues ever arise within the swinger lifestyle community?

Tom and Bunny – Yes, all the time.  We do say Swinging isn’t for everyone, and there are many jealous people out there.

C.J. Asher – Do you find that members of the swinger lifestyle community engage in other forms of sexual exploration such as BDSM?

Tom and Bunny – Yes, all the time, especially with the (novel and movie) Fifty Shades of Grey opening many doors to the BDSM community.

C.J. Asher – Is homosexuality commonplace within the swinger lifestyle community or is it mostly heterosexual sex but in a group environment?

Tom and Bunny – This is an interesting question.  If you look at many profiles on swinger sites such as,, and (Swingers Date Club), most of the profiles list the female as bisexual; however, if we ask the female alone without her husband or boyfriend their true sexuality, they will most of the time say they are straight but they do it for their husband or boyfriend.  Yes, there are true bisexual women, but not as many as people think there are.  As for men, there are not as many men but there are a lot of men who are bisexual; they just don’t put it in their profiles or tell people. They keep it very secret because the lifestyle doesn’t fully accept Bi Men.  Funny part is, the lifestyle itself wants to be accepted, but the people are the first to not accept people for whatever reasons.

C.J. Asher – What websites do you recommend for those interested in the lifestyle or who want to connect with other swingers outside of the club?

Tom and Bunny – We recommend the following: (a Facebook-style swinger site with real swingers), (very general and easy to use; free with real swingers), (with very attractive people, but not much activity) and (Swingers Date Club).  We recommend SDC because they have a huge following on the East Coast, but we are in California so it still needs to grow out here.  We are on all of those and are listed as TomandBunny; anyone can feel free to contact us.

For more information about Club FA / Freedom Acres and the swinger lifestyle, check out or call 909-887-8757.

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