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C.J. Asher Interviews Kennedy Worldwide, a Nuru Massage Connoisseur

Kennedy Worldwide
Kennedy Worldwide

Nuru massage is a Japanese-style full-body, nude massage performed by a trained professional using a special slippery Nuru gel made from seaweed, aloe and other all-natural ingredients. I recently spoke with Kennedy Worldwide, a Nuru massage professional whose erotic services also include kinky foreplay, chastity training and couples sessions.

C.J. Asher – Tell me about yourself, Kennedy Worldwide.

Kennedy Worldwide – My brand is not far from my real life personality. I’m a people person. I love people, I love life! And I love new experiences…I challenge myself all the time. It makes life interesting for me. I do my best not to take anything too serious and I try to approach each day with excitement and vigor. I’ve had a few obstacles, but who hasn’t? I’ve jumped a few hurdles and never looked back! I was born outside of the U.S. so I know what it’s like to not have certain necessities. To not have my basic needs met often put fire under my feet. I feel really privileged right now, thanks to all of the amazing men and women that I’ve met along the way that did not place me in a box. They gave me the opportunity to show and prove, hence making me one of the most sought-after Nuru Connoisseurs of the 21st Century. I am not ashamed of the services that I provide; however, I do have family at large that may not be as open-minded. Hence the reason I need to keep my anonymity.

C.J. Asher – What areas do you service?

Kennedy Worldwide – I’m based in New York City, but I travel to most cites and I’m willing to travel to those I have not yet serviced.

C.J. Asher – What can a first-time client expect from a Nuru massage?

Kennedy Worldwide – My clientele will experience erotic pleasures from one to one hundred. The feeling is amazing and surreal when coupled with the right person, the right bodyweight and skill set. I use premium grade gel, which means the wetter the better.

C.J. Asher – What do you charge and how do you price your services?

Kennedy Worldwide – Please check my website for rates. I use the Authentic Nuru gel. I toot my horn about using Authentic Nuru gel, because there are hundreds of ladies in the bodywork industry that advertise Nuru, but really what there’re offering is a “body2body”service with the use of only oil or lotion, NOT the seaweed based gel which makes a huge difference with how it impacts the skin and flow of movement. Others say that they offer a Japanese Style Body2Body that’s comparable to Nuru which is also performed with the use of oil or lotion. The Nuru Formula is not cheap, hence the reason that most providers do not make the investment. To not make the investment means to water down the experience. Nuru is a luxury brand and I intend to keep its standards high.

C.J. Asher – Tell me a little about Nuru body massage.

Kennedy Worldwide – I always like to begin my Nuru services with a sensual massage with the use of my hands and oil / lotion. I think it’s awkward to get on top of someone and start sliding the first 5 minutes you meet. Giving a relaxing massage with nominal conversation helps to ease into the process. What I offer is a 3 course meal. Sensual Tantric massage, an erotic shower with scrubs to wash away the oil and prep the body for sliding. Nuru is a curiosity: once it’s peaked it doesn’t mean you want to experience it once a week, but you will be back!

C.J. Asher – How does Nuru body massage differ from regular massage?

Kennedy Worldwide – The Nuru Body massage is performed with the use of body parts: thighs, bum, breasts, back, feet, shoulders and privates. Regular massages are usually performed with the use of hands, elbows and feet.

C.J. Asher – How does the Nuru gel differ from regular lube and massage oil?

Kennedy Worldwide – The Nuru gel formula is natural and can be ingested. Its main ingredients are seaweed and aloe. Lube is usually made of water, oil, petroleum or silicone; not the greatest for consumption. Massage oils are sold in many different consistencies and scents. Hot oils are my favorite; once it hits the skin you feel a cool sensation, then it cools down in temperature, softens up and spreads nicely.

C.J. Asher – What first got you interested in massage?

Kennedy Worldwide – I had a massage table before I became a bodyworker. I use to give my boyfriends massages as I’m a sensual and creative individual. I love to add elements of eroticism into my relationships. My interest in giving massages outside of my relationship came to a head when I had hit rock bottom! If anyone knows what that’s like or is experiencing it right now, it’s horrible. You can go into a state of depression and anxiety. I wanted no parts of neither, so I tip toed into the adult industry. Looking for where I could best be of service, body massages made total sense. I am good with people and excellent at what I offer.

C.J. Asher – How do you incorporate your own personal sexuality into your massages?

Kennedy Worldwide – Well, I like fluidity, touching, gazing, moaning, and embrace. In my every day walks of life I am by far submissive, but behind closed doors I am a pleaser. When I’m sliding, it’s an out-of-body experience. I know the power that I have over men and I use it. “The Tease Is In The Details.”

kennedy2C.J. Asher – What are some of the common misconceptions that people have about the work that you do?

Kennedy Worldwide – Hmmm, The main misconception is that sex is the common denominator. What I provide goes far beyond sex. I do not offer sex. I offer fragments of a different type of experience which attract men that do not want to go all the way. Ninety percent of my male clientele are married. They tell me that my massages tap into their erotic side which can sometimes get over shadowed due to their workload and family obligations. I also offer a space for my clients to be open. I not only give an ear, I lend my shoulders.

C.J. Asher – How do massages vary between men, women and couples?

Kennedy Worldwide – That’s a good question. Well, men are fickle. Each like something different. Some like deep tissue massages, the more pressure the better, while others may like soft, slow, rhythmic strokes. Seasoned men tend to be a little more frisky and tri-sexual. The women that visit me are looking to get in touch with their sensuality and sexuality. A very interesting dichotomy, because we can shut those buttons off in a drop of a dime, yet we need our sensuality to trigger our sexuality (in my opinion). When massaging my female clients, I’m aware of how far I can go and where they want me to take them. My goal is not to violate the female anatomy, it’s to stimulate areas of the body that needs a tender touch. Massaging couples is always interesting and intriguing. For the most part it’s a fun time. I get to start the process and then watch the end result. There are only two rules when massaging a client “Prohibited and Uninhibited “

C.J. Asher – How do anti-prostitution laws impact the type of services that you provide?

Kennedy Worldwide – Hmmm… there’s a grey area via my services and those of escorts. I don’t want to go into it, but it’s really sad that, although your body is yours and mine is mine, we can get in trouble for giving another human being the erotic pleasures of intimacy, if compensation is involved.

C.J. Asher – What other services do you offer to your clients beyond just massage?

Kennedy Worldwide – I love niche markets, hence the reason I am now a Certified Bondassage Practioner. Bondassage taps into your kinky side. No pain, only pleasure. Bondassage is the genius of Bodyworker extraordinaire Jaeleen Bennis. She encourages every trained practitioner to maintain its integrity, so our rates are more complimentary than competitive. I also blog and have a sister site that’s my alter-ego. I offer an escape outside of everyday lifestyles; my clients at large also get a glimpse of what titillates me. Most individuals crave to live on the edge or to have someone take them there. I can do an excellent job at that.

C.J. Asher – How do you manage to have a personal life outside of your profession? Are you dating right now?

Kennedy Worldwide – Another good question. Dating while in my industry can get complicated. Sixty percent of my time is dedicated to my business the other forty percent is me time. I’m not sure if a civilian would understand the services that I provide, unless he’s experienced it. I’m not currently dating right now, but I was seeing a gentlemen that use to be my client. It wasn’t love at first site. We casually happened. Let’s just say the relationship abruptly ended and I not only lost a client that was consistent and a good tipper but I also lost a friend, which sucks. I now have a NO dating client rule in effect. (I’m going to try to stick to that one). At a later date I’ll let you know how civilian dating works out for me, after I’ve shared my Curriculum Vitae.

C.J. Asher – What types of clients, such as male, female, straight or gay, do you personally prefer performing massage services for?

Kennedy Worldwide – I prefer clients that are hygienically clean. (This can be a nasty business). I do not discriminate via sexual orientation or gender identity. Everyone should get in touch with their sensuality; my oasis is an erotic playground.

C.J. Asher – What outside resources, such as sex clubs and fetish groups, do you recommend for those clients who want to experiment or try something new to spice up their sex lives?

Kennedy Worldwide – It varies, but personally speaking, I tend to lean towards private gatherings, were vetting is part of the process. I don’t think that sexy people are in sex clubs. Fetish groups can be interesting, but one can never go wrong with getting massages with their significant other. When voyeurism is one of the main ingredients, it’s fun fun fun!

C.J. Asher – What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Kennedy Worldwide – There are several. I’ve met and continue to meet some of the most amazing and intriguing people on the planet! I have so much flexibility to do the things that I love, such as taking care of family and myself. Health and fitness are huge parts of my existence.

C.J. Asher – Any crazy or exciting stories about experiences or clients that you’ve had through your work?

Kennedy Worldwide – I once had to put on daisy duke shorts and boxing gloves and go in the ring with the champ! I knocked him out and he was down for the count. The entire scene was played out in slow motion. When he regained consciousness, I was his masseuse wearing a skimpy little lab coat. It’s not so crazy, but you would have had to been there to see the crowd go WILD!

For more information about Kennedy Worldwide and Nuru Massage, please visit

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