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Legal Prostitutes Train for Sex Marathon


Reposted with permission by BSG PR

Sex Workers from legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch share their views on Prostitution and Fitness

August 4th, 2015 / Pahrump, Nevada – Las Vegas-area adult resort and legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch posted an article on the company’s blog about the crucial relationship between prostitution and fitness, detailing the lengths sex workers go in order to stay in shape for the parade of men, women, and couples booking their services.

Licensed prostitutes working at the bordello must be capable of performing extraordinary sexual feats for extended time periods, requiring a level of athleticism far beyond the average fornicator.

“Being a courtesan is in fact an extremely physically demanding job,” says Ashlynn May, a sex worker at the ranch. “There may be times where I am doing a multiple hour session with a client and I am riding him for an hour, or longer.”

To stay in shape for this intensive activity, Ashlynn adheres to a rigorous workout schedule. “I enjoy training for and running marathons and other endurance races…I usually run 5-6 days per week, varying distances and terrain. Additionally, I go to the gym for cross-training 3-4 times per week,” she says.

“Ever been tied in an unnatural position for hours without any mercy to your joints?” asks Char, a legal prostitute and BDSM specialist at Sheri’s.  “Hell, have you ever spent 16 hours in 8″ heels?”

“From a professional perspective, keeping a sharp physique makes good business sense; the better I look the more likely I am to stay busy at work. But beyond that, physical exertion sharpens my focus. Mental and physical discipline are very positive things for me,” Char says.

“My flexibility and the strength of my legs has helped the most in sex parties,” notes Olivia, another courtesan at the ranch. “There are times that a client wants my legs to wrap around them and give them a feeling of asphyxiation.”

“When a young 20-something guy or an older gentleman that just took a special blue pill wants to basically have a sex marathon, I have to be ready for the unexpected,” Olivia says.

“I can’t really ‘tap out’ or just lay there (unless it’s a necrophilia fetish).”

The full blog post can be found here on Sheri’s Ranch’s blog.

Located in Pahrump, Nevada, sixty miles west of Las Vegas, Sheri’s Ranch is Nevada’s first and only full-service legal sex resort. The Ranch was purchased by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee in 2001 and was remodeled into a fantasyland of bungalows and specialty rooms with a variety of titillating themes. With a hotel and restaurant on the property, Lee and his exemplary staff have taken great care to maintain a resort playground with the clients’ safety, privacy, and satisfaction in mind.

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