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Male Erotic Service Providers Appeal to Hiring Community

RentboyReposted with permission by The Legendary Dave

“After the federal raid on, the escorting community have come together to create a crowdfunding campaign to support the seven staff members that were targeted in the raid.”

In the week after the federal raid on, male erotic service providers, those who hire them, and other members of the adult industry have expressed outrage at the law enforcement resources used to shut down what was perceived as a pillar in the community.

A group of six male escorts (known in the industry as Silas X, The Legendary Dave, Master Avery, Danny Cruz, Steven Kessler, and Simply Adam) have come together to engage those who hire, asking them to donate to a crowdfunding campaign for the people charged as a result of the raid. The campaign is specifically directed to the readers of, the country’s largest male escort review website, which provides “Reviews Of Interest To Mature Gay Men.”

The lives of those charged have been turned upside down. Each individual faces 2-5 years in federal prison, and a $250,000 fine. Many of their personal items have been seized, they have been thrown into the public limelight, and they are now unemployed.

For those who hire, Rentboy was a safe, reputable, and discreet way to get information on escorts. The website was also widely recognized for the ways in which it gave back to the community. It supported the operations of HOOK-Online, a harm reduction organization for men in the sex industry. And most recently, Rentboy introduced a scholarship program for escorts, demonstrating it to be more than just a platform on which to advertise.

Recognizing’s contributions to the industry, the six male service providers feel it is time the community support the staff who are now involved in this legal entanglement. It has been said that the shutdown of the Rentboy website affects everyone in the escort industry, and a growing number of people see this case as a pivotal step for the future of adult work: not only affecting how escorts advertise, but also how clients make their selections in hiring an escort.

Should the case become a precedent for the industry, the termination of other escort websites would likely ensue.

“We’re part of a wider community that includes the men and women who hire us, and they want to help the Rentboy staff and the industry as a whole. This campaign is a way to do that. — The Legendary Dave”

The money raised will be equally split amongst the seven staff charged, and will be used at each individual’s discretion. This includes use for primary legal funds, rent, food and other resources.

Contributions may be made online via–2


Name: The Legendary Dave
Phone: +1 703 927 2759

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