News Ticker Visits The Kinkiest Place on Earth


Reposted with permission by BSG PR

(Woodland Hills, CA) September 9th, 2015 – There is a place that has been described as the Disneyland of perversion. It is a pleasure palace full of dungeons, cages, tongue machines, bondage gear, padded walls, penetration robots, stockades, human-sized hamster wheels, spanking benches, leather, rope, whips, and thousands of places to tie someone up. And was there and survived, to present their new special, The Kinkiest Place on Earth.

Hosted by comedian, Matt Lieb, The Kinkiest Place On Earth is a documentary that explores San Francisco’s Armory-turned-Adult movie studio, the home of Kink, a popular fetish website network that often features extreme consensual sex acts like bondage, public humiliation, foot worship, gang bangs, and so much more.’s The Kinkiest Place On Earth captures the intensity and hilarity of this bustling BDSM studio on the day that it hosts a movie premiere for the hogtied-fetish-porn-horror flick, Deception.

The Kinkiest Place On Earth is available to watch for free on

An embeddable Safe-For-Work version of The Kinkiest Place On Earth is available upon request.

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