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C.J. Asher Interviews Cindy Starfall, AVN Award-Nominated Adult Film Actress

Cindy_Starfall_Yellow-Lingerie_Set_1After having been raised in a strict Vietnamese household and immigrating to the United States at only fifteen years old, Cindy Starfall has exploded onto the adult entertainment scene, having been nominated for multiple awards, including Best Three-Way Sex Scene at the 2015 AVN Awards. Cindy is also a business-savvy entrepreneur, having launched her own designer t-shirt line and relaunching with a webstore where fans can purchase her personal items and interact directly with Cindy.

C.J. Asher – First of all, what made you and your family decide to emigrate from Vietnam?

Cindy Starfall – My family emigrated from Vietnam ten years before me. I stayed with my nanny in Vietnam and I came to the U.S. on a study abroad program.

C.J. Asher – How did you decide to work in adult film? What type of corporate work did you do before your career in adult film and what made you decide to make the move?

Cindy Starfall – Growing up in an Asian culture, I was raised to please everyone. One day, I realized that I can’t live my life trying to make people happy and I need to start thinking for myself. I enjoyed webcamming and swinging with married couples, and I realized that I’m a more sexual person than I thought. I was desperate in my corporate work… everyone was very conservative. I wanted to work in an environment in which I can be myself. Being as sexual, energetic and friendly I am, adult film is a perfect fit for me. It has, by far, been the longest job I’ve ever held.

C.J. Asher – How long have you been an adult film actress?

Cindy Starfall – I’ve been in adult film for about three years now.

C.J. Asher – How did you choose your stage name?

Cindy Starfall – Cindy is for my model crush, Cindy Crawford. Starfall is for the star falling from the sky, it’s always the shiniest, rare, and people often make a wish upon it.

C.J. Asher – I’ve heard you’ve launched two men’s designer t-shirt lines and relaunched your site, where fans can personally interact with you. Tell me about these projects and other entrepreneurial endeavors you’re working on.

Cindy Starfall – My t-shirt lines can be described as sexy, edgy, artistic, and comfortable. I wanted to make a shirt that my fans don’t just wear at porn conventions.The photo isn’t too graphic, so they can wear it to a bar or other places. Another attribute of my t-shirt line is the comfortable fabric. I used the softest blend, unshrinkable fabric and premium printing techniques to make sure I can be on top of my fans’ chests for a longgg time. Every year, I debut a new t-shirt at the AVN convention. So far, it has been a great addition to my online store at In addition to my t-shirt line, my updated official online store also offers a Club Starfall membership, which gives fans discreet access to my private life, on and off set. Think of it as an X-rated Facebook! Club members can also watch x-rated videos with full nudity! Gold and platinum members will also get my own personal voicemail to their phone, customized video clips. All members get frequent discounts to my online store and in-person discounts at convention and feature shows. Regardless which membership you choose, you will be entered into weekly drawings of phone sex with me, prizes, and a spin of Cindy’s Wheel of Naughtiness.

Cindy_Starfall_Pink_Corset_3C.J. Asher – Most people don’t know that being an adult film actress is really hard, physically demanding work and not just fun on-camera sex! What do you do outside of the industry to relax, unwind and have fun?

Cindy Starfall – A busy schedule and traveling can be overwhelming over time; yet, I enjoy my work. Outside the industry, I love to travel to exotic locations to relax. I like to try new restaurants, cook new recipes, and be home with my pussycat, Bambam

C.J. Asher – Adult films are made to look hot and sexy; how is the reality of filming an adult movie different from the perception that we see in the finished product?

Cindy Starfall – First of all, people are often shocked to find out that it takes between six and eight hours to shoot a gonzo scene and more than twelve hours for a scene in a feature movie. There are many cuts, photosets, interviews and lighting to do behind the camera. However, the product is all worth it.

C.J. Asher – What television shows are you into right now?

Cindy Starfall – Right now, my Netflix has “Lie to Me” and “Pokemon” and on my TV there’s “Graceland.”

C.J. Asher – Where will you be appearing for conventions and feature appearances in the near future?

Cindy Starfall – I will be attending the EXXXOTICA convention in Edison, NJ in November then AVN in Vegas in January 2016. I will be at The Hustler Club in Vegas in October and at AVN Halloween party in Vegas in late October as well. You can get all of my event details under the “Calendar” tab on

C.J. Asher – What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an adult film actress?

Cindy Starfall – Find a reputable agency such as OC Modeling, for example, as well as to know your limits as to what you won’t do, be professional, save your money, be humble and have fun… it’s sex after all!

C.J. Asher – Besides the money, of course, what’s your favorite part about being an adult film actress?

Cindy Starfall – The thrill of fucking a different guy or girl every day. Variety turns me on. I love people watching me get fucked hard. Also, the excitement of playing different characters from innocent school girl to bossy mistress.

cindy_starfall_panties2441C.J. Asher – What’s the most stressful part of your job?

Cindy Starfall – Busy scheduling, no time for personal life. I take my work as my priority so boys in my personal life come after my work and my “me time.”

C.J. Asher – How does competition between actresses for parts in adult film productions impact how you get along with other adult film actresses? Are you friends with other actresses in the industry?

Cindy Starfall – We all have different looks and ethnicities. It really depends on the director and what kind of movie he is shooting. I get along with all actresses. Yes there are obnoxious ones, but you learn to tolerate people and you don’t let them ruin your day. Other than that, all adult actresses are very outgoing and I enjoy tasting their pussies one by one.

C.J. Asher – What do you see yourself doing after you retire from acting?

Cindy Starfall – Still being my own boss, making my own money and being a cat lady.

C.J. Asher – Do you feel that, as a woman, working as an adult film actress is empowering or exploiting?

Cindy Starfall – It’s empowering because you have to be confident enough to fuck on camera, and to have the courage to dance for a live audience. We are not closet freaks and we’re proud of that!

C.J. Asher – What’s the nicest compliment, or rudest comment, you’ve ever received from a fan?

Cindy Starfall – Beautiful eyes, nice personality… it’s very personal with fans. Rude comments I don’t remember because I don’t dwell on the negativity. Hate me or love me, you still watch me!

C.J. Asher – What categories of porn, such as girl-on-girl, anal, BDSM and so forth, do you prefer working in?

Cindy Starfall – I love working in reality porn where we act out certain scenarios, such as daddy’s little girl.

C.J. Asher – Who would you LOVE to film a scene with that you haven’t with yet?

Cindy Starfall – My guys fuck list that I haven’t fucked yet is Johnny Sin, Johnny Castle and Jay Smooth, and my girls fuck list that I haven’t fucked yet is Kendra Lust, Adrianna Chechik and Dillion Harper.

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