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The Different Types of Sugar Baby Arrangements

From, image by Kristin-and-Adam

From, image by Kristin-and-Adam

One of the most common misconceptions regarding an arrangement between a sugar daddy and sugar baby is that it is simply “sex for money.” Sure, it’s easy to draw that conclusion when the arrangement commonly occurs between an older, wealthier male sugar daddy and a younger, attractive female sugar baby. After all, what gentlemen wouldn’t want to enjoy the physical aspects of dating a much younger sugar baby?

Despite what you may think, and what may occur in reality in these types of non-traditional dating arrangements, sex may not be the primary reason to be in an arrangement. In fact, in some arrangements, sex isn’t even a part of the equation. As a former sugar daddy myself, I’ve enjoyed the physical intimacy that has been involved in my arrangements; however, I was never simply looking for someone solely to have physical intimacy with. While in-between relationships, I’ve found that having a sugar baby is an excellent way to enjoy the companionship that comes with dating while looking for someone who is serious about a committed, exclusive relationship.

Let’s take a look at some of the many different types of arrangements that can exists, and how they benefit both sugar babies as well as their sugar daddies.

A Mentor And A Coach

Picture this: you’re a young woman struggling to pay your way through school, eager to find a sugar daddy to help ease your financial burdens. Sure, it’s great knowing that you’ll have your bills paid and won’t have to work as hard while you’re studying, but what happens after you graduate? Your sugar daddy, who has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience from years in their professional career and navigating the world of business, is an invaluable resource for helping you plan out the first steps in your career path. Need to know about paying taxes? Want to start your own business but don’t know where to start? Need advice on what hiring managers are looking for in today’s recent college graduates? Looking for someone with connections in your field to find the perfect job? Having a sugar daddy who can give you practical advice from real-world experience, and who is looking out for your best interests, can provide you with a wealth of resources that money just can’t buy.

As Taylor B. Jones, founder of sugar baby consulting site who was recently featured on CNN “This is Life with Lisa Ling,” puts it, “My sugar daddy Rich is a platonic relationship that is over a decade old now. We have never had sex. We golf, golf, and more golf. We talk, read, and watch Shark Tank. But we discuss business. He introduces me to his network. We love discussing marketing concepts and strategies. I keep his mind going while he shares his experiences with me and his lifestyle. We also travel together. Recently we went to the Sanderling Resort and spent some time in the Outer Banks. We enjoy each others company like how one would spend time with their friend. Rich has helped me beyond the scope of material things. He has given me his mind. His knowledge. Business acumen, marketing principles, cultivating interpersonal relationships, and financial assistance, and just like what he has given me it allows me to give back to others to help achieve their goals. Some people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education but never get the return that they seek. Consider me getting a Harvard Education from Rich without attending Harvard, and getting a return… let’s call it a scholarship that he invested in me through his financial generosity.”

Want To See The World, But All You’re Seeing Is An Empty Bank Account?

I love to travel. I’ve been to Europe, the Caribbean and all across the United States. The most difficult aspect of traveling, for me, is doing it alone. While I enjoy making new friends wherever I go, there’s something to be said about sharing a travel experience with someone special, someone who you can share the memories with for the short or long-term… or at least someone to keep you from not feeling lonely on your trip. For sugar babies, it’s the opportunity to see the world and travel to places where you have only dreamed about. Check out websites such as and to find sugar daddies who are willing to fulfill your travel dreams. For sugar daddies, remember that you don’t need to limit yourself by taking an existing sugar baby on a trip with you. Finding a sugar baby local to your destination can provide some much-needed companionship as well as a tour guide to show you all of the fun places you can see and visit at your destination.

An Escort, In The Purest Sense of the Word

“Escorting” has become synonymous with prostitution; however, many sugar daddies are simply looking for someone to take to fancy business events and other functions without any sexual activity whatsoever. For the sugar babies, this means the chance to experience black tie affairs, swanky dinners and all sorts of upscale experiences that you may not have the chance to encounter in a traditional relationship.

A Non-Traditional Relationship

Being a business professional these days means saying goodbye to the traditional “9-to-5” lifestyle that older generations have, for the most part, enjoyed. These days, climbing the corporate ladder means sixty to seventy-hour work weeks and lots of time away from home… aspects that don’t mesh well when it comes to marriage and raising a family. For those whose long-term life goals don’t involve raising a family, this means a lot of disposable income but a lack of a constant and consistent connection. An arrangement can be the perfect solution: not having the commitments that a relationship or a family burdens you with while enjoying the companionship of someone who may not be looking for an exclusive, traditionally-defined relationship.

Friendship And Companionship

Who says relationships are all about sex, anyway? Whether single or married, sugar daddies are still people, and people need variety in their social lives beyond their spouses, established friendships and co-workers. Whether out on a dinner date, attending a public event together or simply having someone to call and text to talk about their day with, a sugar baby can provide a much-needed social outlet for a sugar daddy and vice-versa. “The sugar daddy represents a lot of different things to women,” continues Taylor B. Jones. “It varies based on what that woman is seeking and what brought her to this lifestyle. But he connotes a form of wealth and that resembles the form of what money can afford. This lifestyle is financially driven and that pays for something. We all have a story and it’s no different than the next. The sugar baby wants to be in a different situation from where she is and wants a financial subsidizer. And that sugar daddy wants to feel wanted and be treated like the man that he is and wants to be the benefactor.”

In Brief…

I was once asked by an adult film celebrity what an arrangement was, and my answer was “it can be whatever you want it to be.” Don’t let your arrangement be defined by preconceived notions about what is supposed to happen. An arrangement should be “mutually beneficial,” and when an arrangement meets both parties’ needs, physical, financial or otherwise, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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