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Japanese Film Company Pink Eiga Launches in US

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Los Angeles, CA – Pink Eiga Inc., a Los Angeles-based film company focused on international distribution of Japanese Pink Films, has launched as the go-to online destination for all of the company’s titles. Japanese Pink Films are short-form, story-based erotica high in production values, creativity and artistry that’s a significant feature of Japanese pop culture but virtually unheard of outside the country.

Independently produced, shot on 35 MM film and edited using traditional flatbeds, Pink Eiga (Pink Films) run the genre gamut including comedies, romantic dramas, ‘midnight movies’ and horror films. The immense popularity of PINK EIGA in Japan is often due to its strange, extreme, and outrageous storylines. PINK EIGA consistently pushes the boundaries of cultural commentary, giving unique insight into Japanese subculture and its stimulating proclivities.

“The primary difference from contemporary adult movies boils down to this: Pink Eiga are short form narrative features that feature sexual situations,” said Nadav Rechov, President of Pink Eiga Inc. “However, all sex depicted in the films is entirely simulated – there is no frontal genitalia – and is typically in service to the larger narrative.”

The one-hour Pink Eiga films are shown as triple-bills in independently-run theaters throughout Japan, and have helped launch the careers of a number of critically-acclaimed filmmakers who were able to hone their skills in this independent and creative genre, including Masayuki Suo (Shall We Dance), Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure) and Academy Award winner Yojiro Takita (Departures).

“Our biggest sellers to date have been films with popular Japanese adult stars and BDSM themes… panty fetish, candle play and all sorts of niche stuff,” said Rechov. “Each of our Pink Eiga films approach the art of cinema with an appreciation for erotica, great storylines and high-quality, festival-grade filmmaking and performances that resonate with viewers far beyond the reaches of Japan.”

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