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My Week Of Going Without Underwear


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by C.J. Asher

I went a week without wearing underwear. This is my story.

Not wearing underwear. Going commando. True Scotsman. Or, as my favorite fictional band Dethklok refers to it as, freeballing:

I’m not entirely sure what made me decide to go without underwear for a week, aside from being able to share the experience with you, my awesome reading audience. I’m accustomed to sharing news and experiences of others, so I thought it would be fun to experiment myself for my blog readers. The thought popped into my head one day after I got out of the shower and found that my new batch of boxer briefs (my undergarment of choice, up until this point) weren’t quite as loose and I liked for my comfort (I blame the barbecue and chocolate chip cookies as of late). It happened to be a weekend, so I figured I’d toss on my jeans and, if I changed my mind or found the experience way too uncomfortable, I could always quickly crawl back to the safety and comfort of my cotton/polyester blend undergarments. Despite the weird feeling at first, I have to admit that I enjoyed not wearing underwear, so I decided to keep it up for a few more days to see what it would be like.

powersPants Of All Shapes and Sizes… But Little Difference
To put things in perspective, I normally wear sweatpants or workout shorts when I get home from work, jeans on the weekend and khaki pants to my day job in the white-collar cubicle world. My first observation during this experiment was how little difference I felt in each of the different type of pants I had on. Sure, there is a bit of a mental adjustment as it does feel noticeably different not having the sensation of a certain type of fabric on as you normally would while sitting, standing or walking. Other than that, I found that, despite whatever type of pants I had on, it was much less restrictive and more comfortable than I expected. Surprising, there was no chafing involved. Even with the jeans, I didn’t experience any type of discomfort due to the harsher fabric or the zipper/fly rubbing up against anything. Speaking of…

Shake, shake, shake… and safety!
Going to the bathroom required a little more caution and effort than I was used to. When using a urinal, you must be sure to shake every last drop of pee out before you zip back up, as any errant drops will go right into your pants. The same goes for sitting down on the toilet, as you must make sure to clean thoroughly (which, of course, we guys ALWAYS do, so this is never an issue… *cough cough*. Oh, and I found myself checking to make sure my fly was zipped up A LOT, even during random times of the day. My biggest concern about my fly either not being zipped up or somehow coming down was that, at best, I would have the most embarrassing moment of my life and, at worst, that I’d land in jail for indecent exposure.

swad1g1xmyolckwhxvevThe Pleasure Factor
Did I enjoy not wearing underwear…? OH HELL YES! Not only is it less restrictive, but also allows for a lot less “adjusting,” which can be extremely embarrassing if you’re caught doing it at the wrong time. Just having everything hang loose was much more enjoyable than I had previously experienced or expected. Even though this experiment was done in December (a mild December, so I couldn’t judge how cold things would get), I could imagine that having no underwear on in hotter climates could only be more comfortable as well. There is also the health aspect of how much heat is trapped through underwear and how it affects sperm count.

Final Score: Me 1, Underwear 0
I have to admit, it’s been a real pleasure going without underwear. Not only is it much more comfortable and offers more roominess without the chafing and discomfort that I expected, but it just feels better. Will I go back to underwear? Will I convert to boxers? For now, only my laundry basket and I will know the answer… 😉

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