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C.J. Asher Interviews Danny, CEO of Centerfold Strips and Centerfold Features

coverC.J. Asher Interviews Danny, CEO of Centerfold Strips and Centerfold Features

From booking male and female exotic dancers to bachelor party services to booking the hottest adult feature performers, Centerfold Strips truly lives up to its motto, “We Bring The Stripclub To You.” Danny, CEO of Centerfold Strips and Centerfold Features, gave me an inside look into what goes into the day-to-day operations behind managing an adult entertainment party-planning service.

C.J. Asher – Danny, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. To get started, tell me a little about yourself and your background.

Danny – Hey C.J., first off thanks for this opportunity to interview for your blog! I am 43 years young and I hail from Long Island (Strong Island) New York. I have an Associate’s Degree in Marketing.

C.J. Asher – How did you first start working in the adult entertainment industry?

Danny – Believe it or not it was a joke. A friend suggested that I start an adult entertainment company and literally it was a joke – I printed some business cards on my computer and put them on windshields of cars in nightclub parking lots. Then my phone started ringing, and the rest as they say is history.

C.J. Asher – Tell me about your first trip to a gentlemen’s club… what was that like?

Danny – My first time at a gentlemen’s club wasn’t really planned. I was driving around with some friends and we decided last minute to go. We had a female friend in the car with us and we dragged her along. The main thing I remember is that our female friend was not very happy we made her go. She still gives me hard time about it to this day (laughs).

C.J. Asher – So tell me about Centerfold Strips, what services do you provide?

Danny – Centerfold Strips is a booking agency with two distinct business models. Centerfold Strips books talent for private events, such as bachelor parties, frat parties, corporate events, etc. We book male and female exotic dancers, celebrity impersonators and little people all over the United States. Centerfold Features books the top XXX porn stars, showgirls and novelty acts to headline on stage at gentlemen’s clubs.

6-girl 2C.J. Asher – Centerfold Strips offers quite a variety of services, including adult entertainer bookings, private party bus service and even selling a “stripper pop-out cake.” Tell me a little about these and other party services that you provide for your clients.

Danny – As you mentioned, we also book a variety of ancillary services for our clients. Those additional services include pop-out cakes, which are oversized cakes that the clients can order for the performer to pop out off. I personally designed the pop-out cakes that the clients purchase. We also provide limo buses to provide safe transportation for our clients to and from the event. The performers can also perform in the limo bus, which we call the “Strip Club In A Limo.” We also sell Cash Cannons, which is a unique proprietary invention that dispenses dollar bills quickly to “make it rain” on your favorite entertainer.

C.J. Asher – What feature entertainers and adult stars do you represent?

Danny – We book over 200 of the top XXX porn stars and showgirls that are entertainers in the industry.

C.J. Asher – I see that you have a variety of different types of entertainers available, such as dwarf strippers, novelty acts, celebrity impersonators, drag queens and others. Tell me about some of the more unique entertainer options and which ones are the most popular with your clients.

Danny – By far, the most popular novelty acts are the little people a.k.a. “midget strippers.” They are in extremely high demand. They are the hottest performers in the industry, partially due to the various reality TV shows, movies and commercials they are currently in.

C.J. Asher – Tell me a little about your “typical clientele” for party services. What do they generally look for when seeking entertainers?

Danny – Our typical clientele for party services is essentially anyone looking to have entertainment at their event. They want entertainers that are fun, classy and reliable.

C.J. Asher – For those who have never hired a private entertainer, what is the process like, from the initial telephone call or email to Centerfold Strips all the way to the event itself?

Danny – We make it extremely easy, efficient and streamlined for our clients. Once they have contacted us, whether it is via online or by phone, we find out the theme for their party and what their ideas are. We then guide them in terms of what is available logistically in their area and give recommendations for what will work within their budget. Once they have decided to move forward, we take their info and put it into our proprietary software system and create a work order for them.

C.J. Asher – What separates you from your competition, whether it be other private party services or gentlemen’s clubs?

Danny – Several things separate us from our competition. First is our infrastructure. We have a fully staffed office and use the latest technology for fast efficient booking, including our proprietary software. Second is our experience. We have a combined seventy years of experience in booking entertainment. Lastly, we are the only agency that keeps our phones on after 5:00pm to help clients on the night of their event.

strippersC.J. Asher – How is hiring an entertainer from Centerfold Strips a superior experience to visiting a gentlemen’s club?

Danny – Private entertainment is different than visiting a gentlemen’s club primarily because in some clubs you can’t come in contact with the girls and only get an “air dance”. When you book private entertainment, the girls can give you genuine lap dances, and of course, everyone loves interactive girl/girl shows which you won’t see at the gentlemen’s clubs.

C.J. Asher – How much do your adult entertainer bookings and other party services usually cost?

Danny – In terms of cost; male exotic dancers start at $250 for a half hour show, female exotic dancers start at $300 for an hour show, male little people start at $375 for an hour show and female little people start at $750 for an hour show.

C.J. Asher – Tell me about your screening process for new Centerfold Strips entertainers. What are you looking for in potential talent for your business?

Danny – The first thing an entertainer needs to do is fill out an application on our website. They also need to send a copy of their photo ID to prove they are legally of proper age. From there, we give them an interview via phone if out of state or invite them in for an interview if they live locally. Of course, they have to be attractive, that is the primary trait we look for. Close secondary traits are reliability and punctuality.

C.J. Asher – What gentlemen’s clubs and other adult entertainment businesses are you affiliated with?

Danny – Centerfold Strips and Centerfold Features are the only two entities we own. However, we do business with gentlemen’s clubs, not only in the United States but also around the globe. We do have some affiliated companies that we have vetted thoroughly that we subcontract to when we logistically do not have talent in those areas.

C.J. Asher – What, in your opinion, makes for a successful bachelor party?

Danny – A successful bachelor party has key ingredients; great friends and family (if appropriate), great venue, great food, great beverages and great entertainment. All of which can be arranged with one phone call to Centerfold Strips.

C.J. Asher – What’s the best/most successful or most elaborate party that Centerfold Strips has ever run?

Danny – We had a client in a five-star hotel in Manhattan with a two-story hotel suite who hired thirty female exotic dancers, white glove catering and cocktail waitresses.

C.J. Asher – Are there any types of party requests that you won’t fulfill? Any interesting stories of requests that you’ve had to turn down?

Danny – We will not fulfill any request that crosses the line legally. Otherwise, we will go above and beyond for our clients. For example, we had a client who wanted midgets to ride into their party on camels. We did what we needed to do to find him camels for his party! Anything the customer can dream of, we can fulfill it!

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