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C.J. Asher Interviews Tyrone Stamps, Owner of L’Amour Secret

Black LogoLooking to spice up your love life? L’Amour Secret has the answer for you, with a unique box of exciting romance products customized and shipped discreetly to your door every month. Tyrone Stamps, founder of L’Amour Secret, shares his story and tells us about how L’Amour Secret will work for you.

C.J. Asher – First, please tell me a little about yourself, Tyrone.

Tyrone Stamps – I am 24 years old, and I live in the Newark, New Jersey area. In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Hampton University. My first experience in the adult industry came in 2012, when I became a male entertainer as means to support myself as a college student 400+ miles away from home. After dancing at venues packed with 200 – 500+ women, I realized that there is a host of people who have fantasies that are not being met.

C.J. Asher – What is your position with L’Amour Secret and what are your job duties?

Tyrone Stamps – I am the sole owner of L’Amour Secret, but I am blessed to have the support of my family and friends who believe in my vision. Being that L’Amour Secret is a start-up company, some of my biggest responsibilities are centered around marketing, which requires a great deal of leg work being that I’m not a well-known name in the industry. Also, I constantly sample products from different vendors so that I can ensure cost efficient quality to customers.

C.J. Asher – Tell me about the history of L’Amour Secret; how it came about and how you came up with the name.

Tyrone Stamps – L’Amour Secret was created from a conversation I had with a female friend who attended adult toy parties. One day, she called me raving about her experience. She also mentioned she would love to visit adult stores more often but does not have the time and finds it awkward at times. From that conversation, I realized the opportunity for an entrepreneurial venture. She and I continued to expand on the idea along with a few other friends and relatives. In the spirit of discretion, I selected the name, L’Amour Secret. I incorporated with the state shortly after, and now, we are here to help individuals and couples fulfill their fantasies.

imageedit_83_5057557702C.J. Asher – Tell me a bit about how L’Amour Secret works.

Tyrone Stamps – Individuals can receive their own customized box in three easy steps. Create a user account and tell us about your sexual preferences and dislikes. Select the frequency in which you would like to receive your subscription. Receive your box and enjoyed the contents inside. Also, customers can buy a box as a gift for someone else. In order to do this, simply click the “Gift” tab, select the number of months you would like to send the recipient a box, and within a few weeks they will receive their gift at their doorstep.

C.J. Asher – What types of products do you typically ship to your customers?

Tyrone Stamps – L’Amour Secret embodies different aspects of sexual health and wellness. We provide our customers with lotions, potions, enhancements, sex toys, sex games, etc. Our goal is to help customers take their sex life to the next level without neglecting aspects of sexual health and protection.

C.J. Asher – How do you pick the adult products that are shipped to your customers?

Tyrone Stamps – L’Amour Secret has a team that samples the products for quality and efficiency before they are placed in the box.

C.J. Asher – What criterion do you use to determine what products you send to what customers?

Tyrone Stamps – Our customers complete a detailed questionnaire. Our analysts analyze the info and select the products that our customers will receive month to month.

C.J. Asher – Tell me about what a customer can expect to find in their first L’Amour Secret package.

Tyrone Stamps – The items in a customer’s box is depends on the theme of the current month. Generally, all boxes include a few condoms, lubricant and 3 or more items in addition to the ones mentioned. The other items are based on the current the theme for the given month.

threeboxesC.J. Asher – How do you maintain the privacy of your customers?

Tyrone Stamps – L’Amour Secret does not sell or share customer’s information, neither do we deal with any third parties. Further, our boxes are discretely sent in shipper boxes so that no one will know what you are receiving unless they open your box.

C.J. Asher – Describe your “typical” customer in terms of relationship status, gender, age, etc.

Tyrone Stamps – To say L’Amour Secret has a “typical” customer would be to exclude individuals. The adult novelty industry offers various products to please every fetish and desire. L’Amour Secret is up to the challenge of providing and introducing these products to the masses. Our typical customer is anyone who engages in sexual activities and want to take to the next level regardless of their relationship status, age, sexual preference and sex.

C.J. Asher – What are currently the hot products in the adult novelty industry?

Tyrone Stamps – There are quite a few good vibrators in the industry that provides satisfaction. Women are always looking for a good vibrator that can provide max pleasure. This typically includes waterproof vibrators that offer several powerful speeds. Men are easier to please. Most men request the flesh lights. Couples often request items that promote foreplay such as the edible thong.

C.J. Asher – What industry trade shows can interested individuals find you at?

Tyrone Stamps – Customers can find us at every EXXXOTICA trade show in NJ.

C.J. Asher – What sets L’Amour Secret apart from other companies in the adult novelty industry?

Tyrone Stamps – By becoming a member of L’Amour Secret, customers receive quality items at a bargain price. Although our boxes are valued between $100 and $120, we offer our boxes at an amazing price of $54.99. Also, our experts constantly work to ensure that customers receive items that will enhance their sexual health and well-being. Our items are packed with bedroom accessories, games, items for personal care, toys, etc. We do the shopping for you. At L’Amour Secret, we believe that only thing between you and your fantasies should be your room door.

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