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Gentlemen’s Club Review: Déjà Vu Showgirls (Hollywood, CA)

IMG_3097Déjà Vu Showgirls (Hollywood, CA)
6315 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 462-4200
Hours: 6:00pm to 6:00am Daily

The Low Down
Usually when you visit a chain of gentlemen’s clubs, such as Penthouse, Hustler and Scores, just to name a few, you’ll encounter the highest in quality and excellence in gentlemen’s club entertainment. After having visited three clubs in the Déjà Vu chain to date, I can honestly say that, for a more “blue collar” feel amongst all of the locations… I really like this chain! Sure, the Déjà Vu locations may not appeal to the high rollers of the gentlemen’s club world, but there’s something to be said for a large chain that offers a relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices and dancers that are still both attractive and alluring.

Unfortunately, my few experiences in the L.A. gentlemen’s club scene have forced me to create two rules that you must follow…

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #1: More Nude, Less Booze… Less Nude, More Booze!

As per the law in Los Angeles, gentlemen’s clubs can’t go topless or nude if they serve alcohol. Déjà Vu Los Angeles is a fully-nude club and doesn’t serve drinks but you can easily enjoy a drink on nearby Hollywood Boulevard.

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #2: The L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Scene Sucks

Despite the lack of alcohol, Déjà Vu is a vast improvement over many of the clubs on the nearby Sunset Strip. If you have the money and are looking for a gentlemen’s club experience with alcohol and full nudity, take the drive or fly to Las Vegas.

I arrived at the club at 9:00pm on a Tuesday evening, as I was in town for the week attending the XBIZ Show. As with all of my gentlemen’s club reviews, I’ve rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best possible score.

DEJAVU_hollywood_04Location & Facilities – 4 Stars
Déjà Vu Showgirls is a fully-nude, one-story club located on historic Hollywood Boulevard, a few blocks from all of the major Hollywood attractions. The main club area features one main stage with two poles with plenty of seating at the stage and at surrounding tables, about a half dozen flat screen televisions and semi-private couch dance areas around the interior walls. Despite the giant “Hollywood” sign behind the bar, the other interesting feature of this club is the split bathroom, with a common sink area for both men and women. The club, with a more modern look, seems to attract more of a younger “locals” club, while the music is an assortment of hip-hop, pop and rock music (although the auto-DJ with British accent did bother me a bit).

Staff – 4 Stars
While lacking the more formal floor managers of many high-end clubs, the ones that will greet you, seat you and call over the waitress, I did have a nice introduction to the Déjà Vu club experience by Kimberly, the lovely door girl working during my visit. Ashley, the tattooed bartender, was as attractive as the dancers on stage and provided excellent service.

Food & Drink – 3.5 Stars
Déjà Vu Showgirls doesn’t serve food, which isn’t that big of a problem as there are plenty of touristy places to dine in the area. While not serving alcohol, the club does serve a rather eclectic mix of beverages for $5.00, including Vitamin Water, Monster energy drinks, O’Doul’s and St. Pauli Girl non-alcoholic beers and “Déjà Vu water, which is their own branded bottled water. Blow electronic Hookah is also available for hourly rental.

Dancers – 4.5 Stars
Despite some of the negative points I’ve made so far, the dancers at Déjà Vu Showgirls are the main reason that you should patronize this location. All of the dancers were extremely attractive, especially Maleena, a sexy dancer from Miami and Lily, an adorably cute dancer from Texas.

DEJAVU_HOLLYWOOD-70011Value – 4.5 Stars
Cover at Déjà Vu is $20, but be sure to print out a free admission ticket in advance as they won’t accept a picture on your phone (as I learned the hard way). Dance prices are fairly reasonable, with $20 topless dances in their semi-private booth-style couches, $60 for 6-minute fully nude dances and $200 for a 30-minute nude champagne court. Be sure to check out their social media for upcoming events and weekly specials.

Website & Social Media – 1 Star
I have to say, the one thing that really disappointed me about this club is their terrible website and social media presence. I first thought I was at the correct site when I went to, but I’m not certain since half of that site isn’t working properly. I was then redirected to the main site (listed above in the club information) for all of the clubs and, since there are FOUR Déjà Vu clubs within the Los Angeles area, correctly guessed that I was at the correct site from the features. While the one-page site does provide all of the necessary information in a very appealing format, it lacks the glitz and glamour of a club located in such a prominent location. As for social media, while the Twitter link works the Facebook link doesn’t, so calling the club with questions may be your best route before planning your trip.

In Brief…
Déjà Vu Showgirls in Hollywood follows in its brand’s distinction of offering quality and value for the money, while proving itself to be a higher quality club relative to its competition.


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