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C.J. Asher Interviews Jeff Abraham of Promescent, A Premature Ejaculation Treatment

jeffC.J. Asher Interviews Jeff Abraham of Promescent, A Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED), and drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, have been appearing in the news and media for years now and is the most widely known and discussed male sexual issue. However, premature ejaculation (PE), a male ejaculating earlier than he or his partner would desire, affects even more men than ED. Jeff Abraham, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, has introduced Promescent to help men affected with this condition. I first learned about Promescent at the 2015 EXXXOTICA Expo in Edison, NJ, as am happy to share this interview for any men who wish to learn more about PE and how Promescent can help.

C.J. Asher – Jeff, thank you for taking the time to educate me about Promescent. First of all, tell me a little about yourself and your career.

Jeff Abraham – As CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, I am responsible for the company’s strategic direction and operations. I am a graduate of Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Upon graduating, I began a successful career in sales in the semiconductor technology industry. My entrepreneurial spirit allowed me to see a void and, in 1988, I founded Technical Resources, a semiconductor technology search firm, to better suit the staffing needs of the industry. My initial one-man company grew to nine full time recruiters and researchers and 200 engineers working at various fabrication plants around the world within ten years. More recently, I have become involved with angel investing and managing a number of innovative companies, including companies specializing in diabetes care, contract manufacturing, and crop yield utilization. I am a long standing, active contributor to the Big Brothers organization in Orange County as well as a member of and regular contributor to the local center for social resources, helping secure residency for the underprivileged in Orange County.

C.J. Asher – How did you first get started in the pharmaceutical industry?

Jeff Abraham – Dr. Ronald Gilbert was a practicing urologist in Orange County, California. He was continually disappointed that he did not have a good solution for his premature ejaculation (PE) patients. Until Gilbert developed Promescent, the most effective solution at the time – and still used by physicians today not yet familiar with Promescent is a daily low-dose SSRI (anti-depressant). The side effects of SSRI’s for most men were often not worth the benefit. The topical anesthetic, EMLA – used for dermatology procedures – was messy and took 30-40 minutes to absorb and only moderately effective. Dr. Gilbert developed Promescent as an effective, easy-to-use, OTC solution with an extremely low side effect profile. Since 2010, I have had a stake in Promescent. I invested in the company and wrote business plans that made it, Absorption Pharmaceuticals. But after the January 2013 murder of the product’s inventor, Ronald Gilbert, one of my dearest friends, I ended up taking over the company.

C.J. Asher – Tell me a little about the issue of premature ejaculation (PE).

Jeff Abraham – While ED, or erectile dysfunction, gets more press, estimates show that PE, or premature ejaculation, affects more men. PE ranges from a dire sexual issue to a common complaint in the bedroom. A definition is tough to pin down. The A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, hosted by the National Institutes of Health, says that any man who orgasms before he or his partner would like suffers from PE. The International Society for Sexual Medicine imposes time limits: A male has to ejaculate within one minute of penetration for “lifelong PE” and within three minutes for “acquired PE.” Regardless, most experts agree that nearly one in three men suffer from some form of PE.

graphSimilar to ED, prior to the introduction of Viagra in 1998 (called “impotence”), most people – doctors included – believe today that PE has its primary root cause as psychological. This has done a huge disservice to men and couples everywhere. Most men with PE feel shame in addition to the frustration of not being able to satisfy his partner. Men often seek psycho-therapy via a psychologist or from one of the numerous books and CDs available on the market.

C.J. Asher – How long does sex typically last, both for the average adult male and with patients suffering from PE?

Jeff Abraham – Men average just over 5 minutes to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Men with “clinical” PE last one minute or less. But many men who last less than 5 minutes considered themselves as having PE. Women who are able to achieve orgasm during intercourse take an average of about 18 minutes. This difference in time is commonly called the orgasm gap (also the “arousal gap”) and is the source of sexual dissatisfaction among many couples, particularly women. Data from ABC News’ American Sex Survey, shows the alignment of orgasms and sexual desire. Men lose their sex drive immediately after ejaculation which shows the importance of orgasm as the key to the male’s stronger sex drive. Interestingly, the percentage of women who “always have orgasms” (30%) is roughly equal to the percentage who “think about sex every day”. The relationship between orgasm and sex drive for men is similar although at a much higher rate (about 70%).

C.J. Asher – What are the primary causes of PE?

Jeff Abraham – For the majority of men, PE has its root cause at one end of the ejaculatory response (the penis) or the other (the brain) – more likely both. This is known primarily because there are only two effective was to solve PE: (1) increase serotonin in the brain and (2) desensitize the penis. All effective drugs to one of those two things or both.

C.J. Asher – How do testosterone levels affect PE?

Jeff Abraham – There is no known correlation between Low T and PE. In a 2008 study publish in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, only 12% of 714 patients 25-40 years old with premature ejaculation symptoms had low testosterone. Although 12% is somewhat higher than the normal population in that age group, this study does not show a link between Low T and PE.

C.J. Asher – What types of stigmatism and emotional issues are faced by men with this issue?

Jeff Abraham – Men with premature ejaculation can suffer from stress and anxiety at the thought of being in a sexual situation, which in turn, worsens the condition. Many will avoid sex so they will not have to face their condition in lieu of seeking medical attention.

C.J. Asher – What are the common misconceptions about men facing PE?

Jeff Abraham – Myth #1 – PE is for Young Men Only – This is biggest of the myths of premature ejaculation. Data from the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows roughly equal prevalence by age among sexually active men. Our own data (see pie chart) shows that the age of our customers (based on a random survey) shows no skew towards young men.

Myth #2 – The Cause of PE is Primarily Psychological – This misperception has been around as long as anyone can remember. However, there has never been a legitimate medical study that proves the psychological origins of premature ejaculation. What the medical studies have shown is that PE is caused by one of two common neuro-biological conditions: (1) higher than normal penis sensitivity or (2) reduce serotonin levels in the brain. That’s why selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Priligy and dapoxetine work for men with premature ejaculation.

Myth #3 – Uncircumcised Men Have Higher Rates of PE – It has long been thought that men that have been circumcised at birth have their penis exposed to constant rubbing against undergarments which slowly decreases penile sensitivity. And therefore, decreases the likelihood of having PE. However, countries where circumcision is common (e.g. United States) do not have different rates of PE than countries with low rates of circumcision (e.g. Northern Europe), even when the cultures and religions are similar.

C.J. Asher – How many men, women and couples are currently affected by this issue?

Jeff Abraham – Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction, affecting approximately 30% of men. Many men who may not have clinically diagnosed premature ejaculation just want to last longer during sex.

promescentC.J. Asher – Tell me about how Promescent works.

Jeff Abraham – Promescent is a topical lidocaine-based spray that desensitizes the nerves in a man’s penis that control ejaculation. Unlike the numerous “numbing sprays” on the market, Promescent’s unique absorption formula provides ejaculatory control while enabling the man to maintain great sexual sensitivity. Promescent is applied 5-10 minutes prior to intercourse and, due to the absorption, the penis may be washed prior to sexual activity. The effect lasts 30-60 minutes. Another key feature of Promescent, also related to the superior absorption technology, is the lack of transference to his partner, commonly found with the so-called “numbing sprays”. Not just for men with Premature Ejaculation, for men looking to last longer regardless of penis sensitivity or premature ejaculation concerns and for couples who simply want to have longer, more satisfying sex, Promescent is the solution.

C.J. Asher – What side effects, both for the male user and their partner, are associated with Promescent?

Jeff Abraham – Promescent is a topical desensitizing agent that causes temporary numbing. If too much spray is applied to the penis, side effects could include temporary loss of sensitivity and possibly a temporary loss of erection. Other side effects could include skin irritation, burning or excessive numbing. If any of these side effects occur, immediately discontinue the use of Promescent, wash the penis with soap and water and consult a physician if symptoms persist for more than 12 hours.

C.J. Asher – In addition to Promescent, what other treatments, such as exercises, other medicinal treatments and counseling, do you recommend for patients with PE?

Jeff Abraham – Aside from a desensitizer or drug that increases serotonin in the brain, the only effective methods for treating PE or the “start/stop” method (just as it sounds) and the “squeeze method” (unfortunately, just as it sounds as well). Both methods interrupt the enjoyment of the sexual experience. Men with severe PE may want to use a combination of Promescent and an SSRI (attacking both ends of the ejaculatory response).

C.J. Asher – What other common male sexual issues are being faced, and how is Absorption Pharmaceuticals, LLC addressing them?

Jeff Abraham – Male sexual dysfunction is dominated by three conditions: erectile dysfunction, low libido, and ejaculation disorders, most commonly premature ejaculation. Absorption Pharmaceuticals is focused only on PE. However, we provide information about other sexual disorders – particularly for men – on our website. Go here:

C.J. Asher – Tell me about your support for the LGBT community.

Jeff Abraham – Promescent is not only for heterosexual couples. Promescent was created for all men to experience longer lasting sex regardless of sexual orientation. We support diversity and are in many retail locations across the country.

logoC.J. Asher – What made you decide to exhibit at this year’s EXXXOTICA Expo? What was the reception to Promescent by attendees?

Jeff Abraham – We decided to exhibit at the EXXXOTICA Expo as we have naturally grown and transitioned from a medically recommended product into a product with a large recreational following. It was the first expo of this type as we normally exhibit at medical conferences. Our Eastern Regional Sales Director, Lisa, attended the show and was embraced by the attendees. We included Promescent in the show sample bags and those who received it approached Lisa with ease and asked about the origins of Promescent, how to use it and where to buy it post show. Lisa was able to introduce Promescent to a new audience. Our slogan is “Make Love Longer” and that is our goal, for couples to have longer lasting sex.

C.J. Asher – What’s your favorite success story when it comes to working with clients and their sexual partners whose lives have been improved by Promescent?

Jeff Abraham – We regularly get unsolicited thank you letters from customers so excited to have found the product, they just have to write us and tell us about their experience. Here’s one of the latest to arrive:

From: Thomas ***** <************@*****.com>
Date: Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 1:43 AM
Subject: User Testimonial

I am 55 years-old and have suffered with PE since forever. I won’t go into details, since anyone reading this is there, where I was.

I read so many other testimonials and many were along the same line: us PE sufferers have found other ways to satisfy our partners, before we climb in and feel like we’ve disappointed them – and ourselves. I too was tired of feeling and saying “Sorry.” With age, I have increased my time to the “point of no return” but my max was 4-5 minutes and that was even using the Start/Stop method, sometimes stopping for nearly a full minute and only getting 2-3 more strokes before needing, needing to stop completely again. Frustrating as hell!

I don’t watch porn. Of course I have, and chalked up the guy’s “success” to self-control and editing. I always thought it was unnatural to go as long as those guys did. They had to be freaks!

I went online to research cures and treatments. I found Promescent and was skeptical. The theory seemed sound, and being desperate, I bought 2 trial size containers.

First time I used it, I wasn’t very happy. There was improvement, but not as I had hoped. I followed the advice and directions, used only 2 sprays on the underside – the “Magic Triangle,” and was careful not to get it all around the head. Next time out, I used a little more, made certain it was all over my “best friend,” his head and half the shaft. This stuff is amazing!

Guys! At 55, for the first time in my 40 years of sexual activity, I’m quite proud to say, I was fucking like a porn star! Out of habit, and fun, I pleasured her as usual, oral and manually. She did a little oral on me. We then got busy – very busy! We changed positions many times, enjoyed each position for a decent amount of time, there was no need to start n stop to prevent ejaculation. Without making our love making seem less than what it is, but I was able to fuck her long and hard! We were both ecstatic! We reached sexual exhaustion in a way we never had. I asked her afterwards “So, do you think this stuff works?” Her response while trying to catch her breath: “Holy fuck yeah! Damn! Holy shit!”

This stuff does what it promises: it safely makes your penis less sensitive. It does not numb it to the point you’re not feeling anything, but just enough so you’re not trying to hold back with every stroke. My 4-5 minutes went, miraculously to a true 45 minute session, most of that time moving, not being still. Hundreds of strokes! There was no disappointment! Certainly not bored and enjoying every minute, I was getting tired. I knew I had “done my job” many times, and it was – for the first time in 40 years, ok to finish!

Promescent is a little pricy, but holy shit, it’s very worth it!

Thank you Internet. Thank you google. Thank you Promescent. I could never have even mentioned this to my doctor. I didn’t have to.

If you suffer, and yes, we suffer with PE, this is what you’ve been looking for.

Sincerely and thankfully,


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  1. Great interview, I have been using Promescent for the last year and a half and it has absolutely changed my life in the bedroom. I first hear about it on the huffington post and decided to give it a try. My wife and I have never been closer. happy wife happy life

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