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The California Condom Controversy


By Devin Cook – Own work, Public Domain,

Reposted with permission by Free Speech Coalition

Since 2009, Free Speech Coalition has spearheaded the opposition to mandatory barrier protection for adult productions. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has been the main proponent of governmental regulation and has campaigned relentlessly to force adult producers and performers to dismantle current self-regulatory testing protocols (FSC-PASS) and force compliance with condom-only legislation.

In 2014, FSC battled several legislative and regulatory measures aimed at the adult industry, but the battles continue. Below is a quick update:

Our biggest challenge this year was AB1576, the statewide condom bill sponsored by AHF and carried by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, was finally defeated in August, in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Though our resources were dwarfed by AHF’s, we worked incredibly hard in Sacramento and built a coalition of performers, HIV outreach groups, LGBT organizations and others to defeat the bill. However, this was a very close to becoming state law, and AHF has said it will reintroduce the bill in January 2015. We need to work to make sure we are not fighting a perpetual battle.

Cal/OSHA is in the process of redrafting regulations to make them specific to the adult industry. As many of you know, Cal/OSHA has been the biggest method of condom enforcement and business harassment the adult businesses have faced, and it’s important that we shape the drafting process. We are currently drafting alternative regulations to propose to Cal/OSHA, and working with the coalition of performers and HIV/STI outreach organizations to lobby for sensible regulation.

Measure B
Measure B, the Los Angeles condom ordinance, is currently still in the courts. In 2013, after a suit by Vivid, a judge ruled that the First Amendment does not protect condoms, but that enforcement of the measure may not be constitutional. Vivid’s appeal to the First Amendment ruling was heard by a district court in a hearing for injunctive relief in March of 2014. While much of the law was struck down by the court, we are continuing to fight the narrow issue of mandatory condom regulations.

Just as Measure B was used as a template for statewide regulation, any regulation that passes in California will be seen as precedent for other states, or federal regulations, so no matter where you’re located, we need your support.

For more info on how YOU can help support opposition to condom laws, contact FSC at (818) 348-9373 or


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