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Autoblow Oral Sex Robot Launches Upgraded Version 2+ With A Karaoke Sing Along Cartoon

autoblow 2.pngReposted with permission by BSG PR

In case men didn’t achieve release on Valentine’s Day, there’s still hope.

Chicago, IL – As the song goes, “the Autoblow 2 has been upgraded; it’s a perfect time to be fellated.” Chicago-based singer songwriter David Safran, after writing a viral song for another one of Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan’s male sex toys, 3Fap, has written and produced a piece that explains the upgrades of the Autoblow 2+.

A karaoke style sing-along video explains the new blowjob robot’s finer points: a new “triple gripping” mechanism, a 30% tighter grip, and a larger motor that strokes an extra inch of user’s penises.

Inventor Brian Sloan said, “Internet user’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. I decided the best way to communicate my message to men in need of blowjobs moving forward is in the form of one minute songs. Anything beyond that and I risk them clicking play on a cat video.”


Autoblow 2 Inventor Brian Sloan:

The Autoblow 2 Upgrade Song:

Singer David Safran:

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