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Gentlemen’s Club Review: Bourbon Street (Sayreville, NJ)

945637_360531597380292_1428092874_nBourbon Street
972 Route 9 South, Sayreville, NJ 08879
(732) 525-0533
Hours:  12:00pm to 2:00am Mon to Sat, 3:00pm to 2:00am Sun

The Low Down

When reviewing gentlemen’s club, I find that there are generally two types of clubs out there: the large, brand-name clubs (such as Penthouse, Hustler and Scores) as well as the smaller, dive-bar style of clubs that look and feel like a corner bar with a stage and pole added. There is a third option that I don’t give enough credit to, and it’s the modernized small club… take a small, corner-bar style club with one stage and a couple of poles and perhaps a small couch dance area, gut it down to the studs and put in modern furniture, lighting and amenities. Bourbon Street Gentlemen’s Club is a perfect example of this, having been founded in 1985 but with a décor that would make you think that its grand opening was last week. Arriving at around 9:30pm on a Saturday night (during my visit to North Jersey for the 2015 EXXXOTICA Expo), I found a club that offered an amazing experience that I’m happy to share with you. I rated each club’s amenities on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best possible score.

Location & Facilities – 4 Stars
“In-between McDonalds and HESS gas station” as their website unpretentiously states, Bourbon Street is located on Route 9 in Sayreville, NJ, near the Garden State Parkway and about 50 minutes from New York City. This one-floor non-topless bar (yes, sadly, they keep their tops on) features an ultra-modern design bathed in blue light with one main stage with two poles, about a dozen flat screen TV’s, plenty of seating around the spacious bar area and an amazing DJ with a bit of a Latin flair to the music being played during my trip. The customers seem to be an eclectic mix of locals, so you won’t feel uncomfortable if you aren’t one of the high-rollers of the upscale Manhattan gentlemen’s club scene. While couches line the perimeter of the club, couch dances are provided in a large room with little privacy, although the Champagne Courts offer plenty of exclusion from the rest of the club and its patrons.

Staff – 4.5 Stars
While I didn’t interact much with the staff, I can tell you that the bartenders are as attractive as the actual dancers. The one confusing part of getting drink service was that, since Bourbon Street isn’t a topless club, you can’t really tell the bartenders and the dancers apart!

IMG_2259Food & Drink – 4 Stars
Bourbon Street offers an excellent liquor selection, including bottle service that tops off with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue going for $500 and a bottle of Cristal champagne for $750. The club also offers a small menu of appetizers and entrees, such as NY style thin crust pizza, meatball sliders and grilled chicken wraps, for your dining pleasure.

Dancers – 5 Stars
I have to say, for a smaller club, the younger, mostly Caucasian dancers were not only extremely attractive but weren’t super aggressive, meaning you can enjoy their company without the pressure of the hustle the whole time. I spend a majority of the time at the club with Anya, a stunningly sexy Russian dancer who had only been at the club for a couple months since returning from a four-year hiatus from dancing. The one highlight of this club is the occasional feature dancer appearances, with some of the hottest feature dancers out there, such as the Starr Sisters, Phoenix Phires, Abigail Mac and Christina Aguchi, having appeared at the club.

Value – 5 Stars
Between no cover when I arrived, $20 couch dances and Champagne Courts that go for $125 for 15 minutes and $225 for 30 minutes, it’s hard to find another club that offers an equal level of upscale amenities with low-prices. The club offers happy hour specials of $3.50 domestic beers, $4.50 imported beers and $5.00 highballs from 12:00pm to 4:00pm Monday to Saturday, as well as a variety of other specials during the week.

Website & Social Media – 4.5 Stars
While may downplay the gorgeous interior of its club with its mostly black and white design, the website offers plenty of information to plan your visit, including directions, happy hour specials, a list of VIP services and a gallery of their previous feature dancers.

In Brief…
Whether you’re a local looking for an upscale gentlemen’s club experience in North Jersey or a gentlemen’s club aficionado looking to escape the high-priced hustle of larger clubs, Bourbon Street is the perfect location for you.


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