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COAST Training Seminar For All Gentlemen’s Club Expo 2016 Attendees

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COAST Seminar, scheduled for Sunday, August 7th, is open to all paid EXPO attendees

Does your state require you or your staff to have training in regard to human trafficking? Have you wanted to attend a COAST (Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking) seminar, but haven’t had the opportunity? At EXPO 2016 in New Orleans, a COAST training seminar, in conjunction with HSI/ICE (Homeland Security) and hosted by ACE National, will be presented on Sunday, August 7th, from 3:30-5:30 pm, and is open to all attendees. For more information on COAST and this seminar, read the article in the March issue of Club Bulletin here.

Over the past five years, COAST training seminars have been presented (by either ACE National Executive Board Member and COAST Chairman Michael Ocello or ACE Executive Director Angelina Spencer) across the country, and all seminars feature direct participation by a local HSI agent. At EXPO 2016, a COAST training seminar will be presented, and all EXPO attendees are invited. The seminar will directly follow the ACE National board meeting on Sunday, August 7th (board meeting, also open to all attendees, is from 1-3 pm, COAST seminar is 3:30-5:30 pm). Note: Each person who attends will receive an official certificate from COAST noting their attendance at the seminar.

“If you were ever skeptical, this is your perfect opportunity to see what a COAST meeting is all about,” says Ocello. “In all the time we’ve been doing these seminars, I’ve never had anyone walk out. Instead what I’ve heard is, ‘This isn’t what I thought it would be. I’ve learned so much, and I wish I would have brought more people from my club with me!’”

For more information on COAST, click here!

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1 Comment on COAST Training Seminar For All Gentlemen’s Club Expo 2016 Attendees

  1. COAST presentation is an essential part of any Club’s training program. Excellent material, well laid out, very important for any Club or its staff to know and be aware of the resources out there on this really tough topic. Spencer and Ocello have done a great and needed service to our industry for the welfare of so many victims.


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