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Vivid Radio Broadcasts Exclusive Hour Long Interview With Chyna Today

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LOS ANGELES – (April  22, 2016) –  Vivid Radio will broadcast an exclusive one hour interview today, Friday, April 22  at 11 am PT with the remarkable Chyna, who passed away this week.
“We are airing this interview as a tribute to Chyna,” said the network’s general manager Farrell Hirsch.  “We believe it is the last long-form interview she ever gave and certainly the last that allowed her to be completely open and candid.”
Fans will be able to hear the star of four Vivid Entertainment movies and the only undefeated Women’s Champion in WWF history talk candidly about her life and plans for the future. She talks with host Sam Phillips on “The Single Life” show.  The interview will be available on and on the SiriusXM app channel 791.
“Chyna looked great when I interviewed her with my co-host Jayden Cole,” Ms. Phillips said. “She had recently returned to the U.S. after four years in Japan. She looked even younger than she did than when I interviewed her 14 years ago.  She seemed very at peace and talked about how dramatically her life had changed. She knew there weren’t any filters on our show as to what she could say and so she felt free to be more revealing than ever before about her life. We discussed her feelings about not yet getting into the WWE Hall of Fame, how much she loved making movies with Vivid, and so many other topics,” Ms. Phillips added.
Chyna made four best-selling movies with Vivid.  They included, Backdoor to Chyna, Chyna is Queen of the Ring, Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody and She Hulk XXX.

About Vivid:
Founded in 1984, Vivid Entertainment is known as the leading source for quality erotic film entertainment. It achieves wide brand-name awareness through its films, innovative marketing and licensing programs for products ranging from condoms to gentlemen’s clubs. Vivid’s movies are seen online, in DVD, VOD and on VividTV worldwide. Its Vivid-Celeb imprint made “celebrity sex tape” a household word and helped launch the Kardashian phenomenon in the process. Vivid is the most awarded studio in the history of the industry. Vivid’s 24/7 radio channel is available on and the SiriusXM app 791. For more on Vivid or

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 For more information or interviews with Sam Phillips, email
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