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Gentlemen’s Club Review: Spearmint Rhino (Los Angeles, CA)

IMG_3584Spearmint Rhino (Los Angeles, CA)
2020 East Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 629-9213
Hours:  Varies by day, see website

The Low Down
Spearmint Rhino is the second location of its chain (after the behemoth that is their Las Vegas club) that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and, I must say, is certainly nothing in size and grandeur as its counterpart in Sin City, but certainly has its own unique style and charm. I arrived at the club at 3:00pm on a Friday afternoon; not my usual time for gentlemen’s club reviews but my travel plans dictated it (note to self: move to LA!). I rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best possible score.

Unfortunately, my experiences in the L.A. Gentlemen’s Club scene have forced me to create two rules that you must follow…

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #1: More Nude, Less Booze… Less Nude, More Booze!

As per the law in Los Angeles, gentlemen’s clubs can’t go topless or nude if they serve alcohol.  Spearmint Rhino is a fully nude club; therefore, you must enjoy your libations before visiting the club or do so after.

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #2: The L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Scene Sucks

While you might expect Los Angeles, the capital of adult entertainment in the country, to have amazing gentlemen’s clubs, most of the clubs are smaller and offer less amenities than in other areas. If you have the money and are looking for a gentlemen’s club experience with alcohol and full nudity, take the drive or fly to Las Vegas.

Location & Facilities – 3.5 Stars
Spearmint Rhino, an all-nude and smoke free club, is located just south of Downtown Los Angeles just off of I-10 in what appears to be a highly industrial section of the city. This one floor club features one main stage with two poles and has a mansion-feel with a dark interior, chandeliers and even a fireplace for you to cozy up to with one of the beautiful ladies of your choice.

Staff – 4 Stars
While I didn’t have much interaction with the staff at Spearmint Rhino, I did have a chance to speak with floor manager Tyler about the club and its pricing. Britney, the adorably cute bartender on duty, took care of my drinks with the friendliness and professionalism that you’d expect from a larger club.

Food & Drink – 3 Stars
The club doesn’t serve food or alcohol, but does have sodas available.

Dancers – 4 Stars
There were six dancers on duty during my time at the club, very attractive and with a variety of ethnicities. I spent most of my time with Amara, a gorgeous tall brunette dancer with a seductive personality to match her looks.

Value – 4 Stars
Individual dance prices are fairly reasonable for a high-end chain casino, with couch dances available for $20 per dance topless and $40 per dance nude, and VIP dance prices ranging from $100 to $150 depending on the time of day. The club also features free early bird admission (with drink purchase) until 6:00pm as well as weekly specials.

Website & Social Media – 2 Stars
While upscale in appearance, the Spearmint Rhino Los Angeles website is heavily focused on the larger club chain as opposed to the individual club. While the site does have important information, such as their hours, address, specials and links to their social media pages, the website is very misleading, as “The Club Videos” only leads to a (rather humorous) series of videos and one interior picture of the club.

In Brief…
While not as grand or elaborate as its Las Vegas club, Spearmint Rhino makes for a great locals club for those who want an enjoyable ambiance with beautiful women.


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