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Kheper Games, Inc. Receives the Adultex Best Novelty / Game Product for Sex Toy Seductions

SexToySeductions_AWARDReposted from Kheper Games

Kheper Games, Inc. was very honored to receive the Best Noveltly / Game Product award at Calvista’s Adultex Show during their awards presentation on April 28th. The award is for Kheper Games, Inc.’s fifth product in their popular seductions line, Sex Toy Seductions.

Sex Toy Seductions is a kit that includes a TPE comfortably-stretchable pleasure ring, a silver bullet vibrator (with 3 AG13 batteries), a blindfold, 24 Seduction cards, and tips on how to use the toys safely. The unique value of the item is found within the Seduction cards; where creative uses are succinctly described. Some seductions cards offer suggestions as to how best to use the toys during certain sexual positions, such as “Backwards Bounce,” “Shock the Doggie” and “Tip of the Cock.” While other cards utilize one or both toys in creative ways, such as “Bullet Train,” “Male Stripper,” and “Bondage Buddy.”

“We are truly honored and wish to thank Calvista for this prestigious and thoughtful award,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “It already is a pleasure to attend their Adultex show as was it a pleasure to visit many of their customers before the show as well.  Sex Toy Seductions was a very elaborate and time intensive product to design as well, so extra acknowledgement for this item means quite a bit to us. Thank you!”

Sex Toy Seductions is the fifth seduction kit launched by Kheper Games, Inc. in the fall of 2015.  In 2013 and 2014, Kheper Games, Inc. launched and has seen great success to date with Bondage Seductions, Fetish Seductions, Rose Petal Seductions, and Massage Seduction.

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