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Australian Sex Party 2016 Campaign Crowdfunding Launch


Help us create a campaign video guaranteed to shake up Australian politics

Watch and squirm

We’ve opened the eyes, minds and hearts of Australians on big issues like institutional sexual abuse, marriage equality, and drug law reform. We’ve come a long way, but we’ve got more to do to protect your civil liberties – and we need your help.

The Federal Election is coming up and we want in. So that means creating another one of our outrageously funny campaign videos to get noticed in every corner of the country. The sort of ‘wrong’ video that gets people laughing (and talking) for all the right reasons.

Get in on the action

We need to raise $25,000 in 17 days to help get our cameras rolling to make our video. A video that’s set to gate-crash Australian politics by putting civil liberties policy on the table. It’ll get noticed – we guarantee it.

But as well as being hilarious to watch, you can be sure it will shine the spotlight on topics we know you feel as strongly about as we do: dying with dignity, creating an even playing field for government funding for religious and non-religious schools, and marriage equality to name a few.

What’s in it for you?

As well as having the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a Party that tackles big issues head on, there are plenty of great perks up for grabs.

$30 gets you one of these limited edition postcards signed by Fiona – Fiona’s clam, Miss Eros T Girl, The Vaginal Smile, Japanese Shunga, Sailor Girl, Old Time Sex. Plus, a Fiona fridge magnet.

$60 gets you one of these special edition posters signed by Fiona – Michaely Von Vichy erotica, Japanese shunga, Stick it Up a Politician, The Experts Agree. Plus, a fridge magnet.

$100 gets you an exclusive invite to a ‘members only’ event where you’ll get to meet Fiona and the team, and put forward your own thoughts on policy for consideration.

$150 gets you a Sex Party Show Bag including posters, cards, Sex Party T-shirt, condoms and novelties.

$200 gets you a Make Your Own Dirty Dozen – twelve stick-on front and rear wine labels to badge your own cleanskin dozen. It’ll be the most uniquely branded dozen in the country. A fabulous gift for the wine drinker who thinks they’ve seen it all.

$300 gets you limited edition ACT brothel posters from 1992. Illustrated and signed by Canberra Times cartoonist Geoff Prior and co-signed by Fiona. They’re the first and only set of brothel posters commissioned by government and hung in houses of ill repute. Very rare sex industry collectibles.

$500 gets you a policy chat with Fiona at Madam Brussels cocktail bar, with champagne.

$750 gets you a set of six fine art reproductions of Michaely Von Zichy’s famous Liebe series. Plus, a Sex Party Show Bag.

$1,000 gets you a portrait of Fiona painted by Pricasso, the famous Penis Painter – the star of Big Brother, Germany.

Just one more thing

Share our message! The more people know about what we’re doing and the video we want to produce, the sooner we can make it and get our message out to Australia. So get Tweeting, Facebooking, sharing and talking. Every bit helps.

To donate, please visit:–2#

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