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Desiree Alliance Conference 2016

desiree-alliance-conference-2016-poster.PNGReposted with permission by Desiree Alliance

When law enforcement disregarded the Green River slayings of prostitutes as insignificant and expressed their deaths as “no humans involved” it created an innate connection within the communities of those most affected.

Those communities came together in determination to end such systemic violence and established an association of like-minded organizations and individuals, which collectively became known as “The Desiree Alliance”.

Since its inception in 2005, the Desiree Alliance has become a diverse network of organizations led by current and former sex workers from the various fields that construct the sex industry (strippers, cam models, porn actors, outdoor and indoor workers, escorts, masseuses/masseurs, etc), their allied communities and individuals across the U.S.

The Desiree Alliance now accommodates the largest conference in the U.S. for sex workers and their supporters, providing a safe place for them to come together for discussions on human, labor and civil rights of all workers in the sex industry.

In July, we will be hosting our 6th national conference in New Orleans, LA, a 5-day event titled “The Sex Workers Rights Movement: Addressing Justice” and will be co-hosted with two of New Orleans most progressive organizations, “Women With A Vision” and “Breakout Youth”.

The 2016 conference theme is centered on community leadership and coalition-building which will address racial, economic, criminal, and social justices that affects sex workers and their contention to combat hyper-criminalization of anti-prostitution policies that produce more harm than benefit.

This year the Desiree Alliance will proudly encompass several new caucuses, LGBT Young Adult, People of Color, Transgender, Immigration & Migration, People Who Use Drugs, Fat People, Ageism, Anti-trafficking, male sex work,  etc., that will be led by coalitions of sex workers and combined leadership. They will have full autonomy around organizing their caucuses with mentorship given by members of the Desiree Alliance.

Also new this year is the inclusion of young leadership in roles such as conference volunteer mobilizing, scholarship committee, counseling volunteers, and more.

The conference will additionally offer HIV Rapid Testing Day for all conference participants & NOLA sex workers that want to be tested, and will be sponsored by PAUSE/IWES, another one of New Orleans progressive organizations.

Organizers for the Desiree Alliance conference reside in areas spanning the U.S. and situate themselves in sex work, LGBTQI rights, HIV advocacy, harm reduction, transgender rights, immigration/migration, reproductive rights, and many other avenues of social justice advocacy.

Between the popularity of the Desiree Alliance conference and the support of many sex workers and organizations in the New Orleans area, this is destined to be the largest conference for sex workers that both the Desiree Alliance and New Orleans has ever seen.

For more information on the Desiree Alliance or to see about attending the conference, please visit their website at


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