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C.J. Asher Interviews Gia Moore, Model and Founder of

Gia_For_WomenImmigrating from South American to pursue the “American Dream,” Gia Moore turned her passion for scents into a successful business selling scents for passion. With her modeling travels providing her the opportunity to visit perfumeries around the world, Gia developed a sense of what aphrodisiacs produce sexual arousal and stimulation, leading her to create her two trademark scents, G For Ladies and G For Men, which are available at

C.J. Asher – First of all, thanks for this interview! Let’s start by going back a few years… how did you first get your start in modeling?

Gia Moore – I was recruited by an agency in NYC. Before I knew it, I was modeling around the country and working in Spain, Paris, and London.

Gia_Moore_Perfume_9660C.J. Asher –  Tell me a little bit about how you developed your passion for fragrances.

Gia Moore – Growing up, watching my grandma and mom collect perfumes they bought from other countries made an impact on me. They easily had twenty bottles a piece. I grew up in a house filled with nice smells. Now I need my body, my house–everything to smell nice.

C.J. Asher –  What’s your favorite scent and what emotions and feelings does it evoke?

Gia Moore – My favorite scent is G by Gia Moore perfume and cologne. They were designed to awaken your senses, to bring out your pheromones and make you horny.

C.J. Asher – What inspired your two signature scents, G Fragrance for Ladies and G Fragrance for Men?

Gia Moore – I’m a firmer believer of love, sexuality, and honesty. I wanted my fragrances to bring out the best out in people. To give you confidence, to make you feel sexy, and to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. There’s nothing more beautiful and sexy than when you open up and feel comfortable showing the world who you truly are and how you really feel.

C.J. Asher – What is it about scents that, in your opinion, causes sexual arousal and stimulation? Or, in your words, “sexuality in a bottle?”

Gia Moore – These scents go directly to the nerves in your brain that awakes your senses, makes you transmit and makes others react to you.

Gia_Moore_Pink_Dress_04_CropC.J. Asher – Besides scents, what other products can customers purchase from your site?

Gia Moore – We sell aromatherapy candles as well as aphrodisiac chocolates.

C.J. Asher – What are your favorite industry-related events, such as the Adult Entertainment Expo, EXXXOTICA and gentlemen’s club appearances?

Gia Moore – My fav is AVN in Vegas and all the EXXXOTICA shows around the country, not only for the exposure, but also for the contact with my fans.

C.J. Asher – What television shows are you into right now?

Gia Moore – My favorite program is Charlie Rose. I like to know what’s going on around the world. If I’m in a chill mood or I just want to kill time, I watch Housewives of Beverly Hills. Some of my favorite comedies are King of Queens, and Two and a Half Men — the early seasons with Charlie.

C.J. Asher – What nominations and awards have you received?

Gia Moore – We’ve had a very successful two year run. The first year I was nominated at the 2015 “O Awards” for Outstanding Product Line for G by Gia. At the 2016 “O Awards,” I was nominated for Outstanding Body or Skin Care Line for G Fragrance For Men.


Gia Moore and C.J. Asher

C.J. Asher – Besides, what other projects are you currently involved in?

Gia Moore – I continue to model and host private events and parties.

C.J. Asher – What new products can we look for from in the future?

Gia Moore – Right now we are concentrating on making G by Gia Moore perfume and cologne well established in the United States.

C.J. Asher – Gia, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and to share your experiences with my readers. What social media sites can your fans visit you at? Please provide links!

Gia Moore – Thank you so much for this interview and for the good energy that you brought to the AVN convention and for the opportunity to share my passion with your followers. To all the fans out there, I just want to say thank you for all of the love you’ve given me since day one! You can follow me on Twitter at @giamoore69 and you can check out my website Thanks and good positive vibes to us and the whole world. Love you guys!

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