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Woodhull and the Women of Color Sexual Health Network Collaboration

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Washington, DC
– With the 7th annual Sexual Freedom Summit approaching, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation and The Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WoCSHN) announce the first official collaboration for building greater inclusion of under-resourced communities at the Summit.

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit, happening in Alexandria, VA from August 4th through the 7th, is a conference where people can “share information, experiences, and strategies to use in the fight for human rights and sexual freedom.” The Woodhull Freedom Foundation, founded in 2003, is a national organization working at the intersection of sexual and human rights.  The Sexual Freedom Summit, now in its 7th year, is one of the projects of the Foundation

WoCSHN’s Executive Committee and Woodhull’s leadership collaborated to establish a set of concrete steps toward building greater equity and representation at the Sexual Freedom Summit. The most notable of these is that Woodhull Freedom Foundation will now annually choose a partner organization that focuses on serving and uplifting different under-resourced/under-represented communities in order to provide greater visibility, access, and resources to their constituents. WoCSHN and Woodhull are proud to collaborate on this inaugural partnership.

Woodhull President and CEO Ricci Levy states: “Woodhull takes inclusion and diversity very seriously. This partnership will make it easier for members of those communities to attend and participate in the Summit. At an event like the Summit, a free exchange of ideas around a wide range of issues is vital and we recognize that discussions are often limited to relatively privileged viewpoints. That’s not what we want for our Summit and so this year and in coming years we’re moving forward on this initiative. We’re very excited to launch this effort with WoCSHN this year because of the important work they’re doing to advance the work of women of color and dismantle racism in the provision of sexual health and education services.”

Some of this year’s collaborative highlights include scholarships awarded to WoCSHN members, discounts on registration, as well as an opening keynote facilitated by Executive Committee members, Cindy Lee Alves, M.Ed and Aida Manduley, MSW alongside one of the founders, Trina Scott. The keynote entitled, “From Slacktivism to Meaningful Action: Using Tech to Fight for Freedom,“ will discuss ways to utilize digital tools to mobilize for action, hold allies and dominant groups accountable, and safeguard online properties.

Mandy Farsace, Director of the Summit, shared, “I am so thrilled to be working with WoCSHN this year. I consider them to be esteemed colleagues doing necessary work to make the field of sexuality a more welcoming and diverse place and I think they will bring a lot to the Sexual Freedom Summit.”

The Women of Color Sexual Health Network, founded in 2009, is an international organization focusing on supporting women of color and challenging white supremacy in the field. Founding member Bianca Laureano shares: “Our collaboration with Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a direct reflection of our commitment to increasing opportunities for women of color and ending white supremacy in the field. Freedom to us means access, survival, joy, liberation, self-determination, and independence! These partnerships will begin to provide opportunities to do the work that allows us all to experience equity and freedom. As the Combahee River Collective reminds us: we are not free until Black women are free as our freedom relies on all systems of oppression being destroyed. This partnership reduces the barrier of access to such spaces and that is one action step in the right direction!”


Ricci Levy, President & CEO, Woodhull Freedom Foundation or 610-212-5555

Aida Manduley, Executive Committee of the Women of Color Sexual Heath Network or 401-227-0769

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