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Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers Disgraced Ex-Congressman Weiner Full-Time Job As X-Rated Social Media Director

WeinerAtBunnyReposted with permission from Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers Disgraced Ex-Congressman Weiner Full-Time $$$ Job As X-Rated Social Media Director!!!

CARSON CITY, NV – Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch ( legal brothel and star of HBO’s “Cathouse” reality-TV series, has offered former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner a full-time position as “Director Of Social Media” at his famed Nevada bordello. Ex-pol Weiner was “outed” recently by The New York Post tabloid in his third tweeting/stexting sex scandal to date. As a result Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, a senior aide to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, immediately announced that she and her husband were separating. “This guy is a great orator, and his political career demonstrated that,” said Hof, the owner of seven licensed brothels throughout Nevada. “Clearly, Weiner’s communication skills also extend into the world of digital media, and that is a huge component of the regulated hooker business in 2016. The very thing that killed Weiner in politics and prompted his wife to leave him, is a highly valued skill at the Bunny Ranch. As the Bunny Ranch’s Social Media Director, having an insatiable appetite for sexually-charged posting is not only encouraged, it’s part of the job description!”

Hof’s offer includes matching Wiener’s former congressional $$$ salary, complete with full benefits for him and his young son. Further, Hof says that he will instruct the 500-plus legal prostitutes that he employs to each follow Weiner on Twitter so that he can direct-message them explicit pictures of his anatomy whenever the mood strikes him.

“I think Weiner will find that joining ‘Team Bunny Ranch’ would be the completion of a process of embracing the freedom to be himself, that sadly is probably starting with the dissolution of his marriage,” Hof speculated. “So many Bunny Ranch clients like Weiner come to us because they feel sexually repressed and judged by society for their unusual desires. I’ve made a fortune by providing the outlet for these guys to find peace within themselves. I think having someone like Weiner as my messenger, who’s been in that dark mental place where those clients have found themselves, will be a huge asset to the Bunny Ranch brand.”

Hof points out that years ago, he himself befriended Sydney Leathers–the subject of a previous Weiner Twitter scandal–when he discovered that Leathers was a fan of the Bunny Ranch “Cathouse” show. “Who knows?” smiles Hof, “Maybe we can reunite the two of them here at the Bunny Ranch!”

Dennis Hof and the Bunny Ranch girls are available for interviews by contacting or 775-720-9090.

“THE ART OF THE PIMP: A LOVE STORY” BY DENNIS HOF: The controversial bio-tome, published by Regan Arts, is available worldwide at,, and wherever finer books are sold online and in retail outlets.

THE BUNNY RANCH: The world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch ( is featured in the long-running award-winning HBO reality-TV series “Cathouse,” and is the most successful legal brothel in the history of the planet. It is currently celebrating its’ Diamond Anniversary 60th Year in business.

DENNIS HOF: Dennis Hof is the owner of seven licensed legal brothels located throughout Nevada and is the author of the book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story.” He has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of colleges and events worldwide.


Marc Medoff
Director of Media Operations
The Moonlite Bunny Ranch
69 Moonlight Road
Carson City, Nevada 89706
(775) 246-5683 EXT: 231
(888) BunnyRanch

Voice: (775) 246-5683 EXT: 231


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