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Women Speak Out On Donald Trump’s Treatment of Women

Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump speaking to SupportersBy C.J. Asher, Sex & Adult Entertainment Blogger

On Friday, an audio tape from 2005 – recorded during a hot mic conversation with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush – was released, in which Donald Trump made disgusting comments in which he openly discusses his attempts to seduce then-married Nancy O’Dell and using his ‘star power’ to kiss, grope and make sexual advances on women

While I try to remain politically neutral, as a sex-positive blogger and supporter of women’s rights I absolutely condemn these horrible comments as well as the numerous other comments against women that Trump has openly made. The revelation of this audio tape only further goes to prove what has become increasingly clear: that Trump is sexist, a misogynist and has no respect for women.

During my career as a sex and adult entertainment blogger, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working and collaborating with countless brilliant, creative and ambitious women. These women have greatly inspired me and certainly dispel many of society’s outdated stereotypes about women. I reached out to some of them to get their thoughts and feelings about both the recently released audio recording as well as Trump’s past comments. They passionately responded, not holding back with their thoughts and feelings:

“Donald Trump has made his sexism known from the beginning of his flirtation with fame and there is literally nothing that could be revealed that would surprise me. My question is for his supporters: what demonstration of his objectification and misogyny would be enough to make you think “this man is unfit to lead a country?” At what point does sexism become a deal breaker for you? Sexism isn’t just a marker of a crap personality, it filters into the way work and politics are conducted. It affects decisions about potential Supreme Court nominees, shapes legislative choices that narrow or expand women’s rights, and impacts how negotiations are conducted with other heads of state, among other things. Sexism has a very practical impact, aside from being indicative of an underdeveloped psychology. The idea that Trump’s comments are normal, expected male locker room talk is also unbelievably misandrist. It sets the bar so insultingly low for men.”
– Dr. Timaree Schmit, Widener University Adjunct Professor, Writer and Consultant

“We’re talking about the nasty quote. WHICH nasty quote, you may ask – and with good reason – there are practically too many to count. But this particular quote was recorded in 2005 and just released. Among other things ‘Drumpf’ talks about assaulting women and how when you’re a star sexual assault is okay, you can just “grab them by the pussy” [because] you can just get away with it. To be honest, the quote does NOT surprise me. At all. If you’ve even been half paying attention to the guy over the past forty years, or even just the last year alone, it shouldn’t surprise you either. The man OOZES rape culture. He’s practically rape culture personified. But unfortunately, just like rape culture, he doesn’t go away just because you refuse to acknowledge him.”
– Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein, Film & Stage Actress, Burlesque Host and Producer, Touch Me Philly Productions

“As a student living on a college campus in a city, as I have said before and will say again, Donald Trump is dangerous. The platform he speaks upon gives his voice value and validity it does not deserve. He doesn’t perpetuate rape culture, he is it. He thinks he can do and say whatever he wants. He is doesn’t pay taxes, he doesn’t play by the same rules as the rest of the country and therefore he thinks he is invincible. It’s terrifying that as a society we are allowing this. Frankly, I’m terrified even if he isn’t elected for all the damage he has already done because it’s too late. Win or lose. We allowed this.”
Evanne Abneri, Temple University Student

“He is showing us what he has done with “star power”. We can only imagine how he would be if given the power of the presidency.”
– April Davis, Matchmaker, Cupid’s Cronies

“I do not condone and I cringe at the words that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth but, that said, I do not believe he goes around groping women. I believe he was and still is an entertainer not a rapist, sexual predator or pervert. A lot of the ‘outrage’ feels a bit fake to me. Would we accuse every author of romance & erotica of assault? No of course not. If they acted out on those words yes, of course. Everybody who was voting for Hillary is still going to vote for Hillary. Everyone who was going to vote for Trump is still going to vote for Trump. Is anyone really, honestly shocked by this? I doubt it. People are just using it on both sides to create brand new, harsher talking points to sling back and forth at each other while in the end we are all voting based on our political affiliation.”
– Doreen McGettigan, Freelance Journalist, Award Winning Blogger & Author, Bristol boyz Stomp

“Donald Trump has shown a deep lack of respect for women and the LGBTQ community. As an interfaith, interracial, married lesbian couple, we can’t imagine why anyone with a moral compass would support such an individual for President of the United States.”
– Caroline and Jessica Ann Kaplan, J. Caress Studios

“Someone who openly degrades and belittles women should not be allowed to lead our future boys of power to condone such sad and despicable behavior. I know some of his friends personally, and how he currently openly brags like this to fellow males as if women are simply here for his amusement. As well as openly “buys” women at basketball games. I know $15k hush money and a NDA can look appealing however these actions have to stop, women need to learn to slap him and put him in his place. We as women need to stand up to men of power to take our own power back! Stop being scared of little boys with mommy issues and start leading other women not to take the abuse of power any more! Trump needs to be trumped by every women he’s ever degraded, not be a leader to our nation and our future CEOs.”
– Madam RavenRae, Foot Model and Professional Dominatrix

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