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Original Dick Ruler™ Launches, Enabling Men Everywhere to Stretch the Truth About Size

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LOS ANGELES, CA – American Scientific Measurement Corporation announces its latest technological achievement for men, the Original Dick Ruler™.

Just in time for the holidays, the Original Dick Ruler™ is a 9-inch wood ruler printed to 12-inch specifications, allowing men to awesomely exaggerate their genital stature to potential conquests.  So… What does ‘The World’s First Penis Enlarging Ruler’ do?

carrot-ad-315x300The Dick Ruler makes six inches look like EIGHT.
Makes you look 30% bigger.
No need for penis enlargement pills!
The best thing any man can do for those special photos…

The Original Dick Ruler™ is the perfect conversation starter about dick size, and initial customer reviews are both promising and hilarious (“Definitely a quality product, but my dick still looks small”).

The novelty gift looks deceptively like a standard 12-inch ruler and is ideal for use as a measuring tool that delivers an incorrect outcome in the man’s favor. “We know that sometimes you want a ruler you can hold next to something six inches long… and make that thing look like it is eight inches long.”

Buy the Original Dick Ruler™ as a holiday stocking stuffer at

Wholesale and Distributor opportunities are available, with several options for packaging & retail display.  Please contact for more details.

For more information visit


The Original Dick Ruler™ is a hilarious novelty gift for men who live large… or just want to seem large. American Scientific Measurement Corporation introduces a 9-inch wood ruler printed to 12-inch specifications, ideal for sending extra-impressive dick pics to potential hookups.

The specialty gag gift was the genius of two friends who came up with the idea of inventing a comically inaccurate ruler for men with an excellent sense of humor and a penchant for showing off.

The Original Dick Ruler™ is $5.00 with free shipping in the USA, ships in a discreet unmarked envelope and makes the perfect gift for the man who has everything… or in this case, maybe not quite enough.

Press and media contact:

Brian S. Gross | BSG PR | 818.340.4422 |

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