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6 Sugar Babies Walk Into A Bar…

Taylor JonesBy Guest Contributor Taylor B. Jones of

“I want a Sugar Daddy who can splurge on me.”

“I want to be taken care of.”

“I need a Sugar Daddy who can pamper me and treat me to exotic locations.”

“I want an allowance.”

“I want my tuition paid.”

“I want to take your money and put it towards my savings and investments.”

Hey my SugarSister, it’s Taylor here.

Are you thinking, “If only I can find the right site to attract my Sugar Daddy to get what I want.”

Well it doesn’t happen with just being on a Sugar Daddy dating site.

A few weeks ago, one of my clients was in a very confused state.  I remember on our first call, I asked her what she was doing to attract Sugar Daddy’s.

She told me that she was searching for Sugar Daddies by creating a dating profile and doing this for a few sites, in the hopes that she’ll find a benefiting arrangement.

In other words, she was out there chasing after Sugar Daddy dating sites.

I know this is the first thing that you’ll do when you want to attract a Sugar Daddy for yourself.

But this doesn’t work.

There are several reasons why.

But one of the most important reasons is:

==>Seeking Arrangement has 4 Sugar Babies Per Sugar Daddy. There are over 5 million members on this website.

==>On Sugar Daddy Meet: 731,478 Active Members 145,266 Sugar Daddies, 586,212 Sugar Babies.

What this means to you: The odds are NOT in your favor and you’re killing your chances of becoming a successful Sugar Baby by ignoring the game that is being played around you.

When I started, even I got distracted and dazzled by the glamour of this world and wanted to set myself apart from the countless Sugar Babies that exist on the websites but none of that worked for me.

I had my biases and assumptions about this lifestyle. But you have to look beyond those, otherwise you’ll find yourself going in circles, end up frustrated, and with a lower self-esteem feeling as though you are not worthy enough.

It is NOT about being the best or perfect or even sitting and hoping that you’ll get lucky picking the perfect Sugar Daddy dating site.

Because perverts, fakes, scammers, and pretenders are equipped to set you back by years or even just toss you out of the game. They are mixed in with the men you may think are Sugar Daddy’s.

And those numbers of 4 Sugar Baby’s to 1 Sugar Daddy starts increasing to over 20 to 1, if not more.  Also do not forget you may only get a 10 second view by a potential Sugar Daddy (even less or none at all).

It may not be fair but don’t you want to be the few in the know who play the game and WIN!

Asking other Sugar Babies what they did to get success will only take you so far or actually, it may even shove you down the wrong path because you’d only know the half-truth.

Someone may even tell you that you can never be a Sugar Baby because you’re too old, not the right shade, and that you need to be a college student.

Despite those odds and all the biases, I helped my client set up her own “Sugar Daddy On Demand” attraction system that puts her in control.

My system teaches her to target, screen and prequalify her ideal Sugar Daddy’s who:

#1 – Can afford her and splurge on her

#2 – Are eager to provide in the way she wants

The worst game to play, is not realizing the game you are playing and its hidden rules. 
Reread that.

You can only get an unfair edge when you sit back and understand what’s the rules of the game are and how it can be mastered.

If you want a proven system that can allow you to attract a consistent and predictable flow of Sugar Daddy’s on Demand, then stay tuned where I unleash my monster next week.

I will share with you the game that you are really playing, and jumpstart your lifestyle (or reignite it) on the right note without making mistakes that can cost you years, and even being scammed by fake Sugar Daddy’s asking for your bank account information and login/password.

And how you can position yourself for attracting the right Sugar Daddy even though Sugar Babies on dating websites significantly outnumber men.

Till then, here’s what I want you to do next:

==>Leave me a message for the “Sugar Zone” segment<==

It’s my “Ask Taylor” segment where I answer your questions.

Give me your biggest roadblock, dilemma, issue you have.

==>What you’ll get<==

If your question is featured LIVE on the Podcast happening next week. You’ll gain access to the monster that I created that once unleashed…will step your game up, finally have you stop winging it, and putting an end with chasing after Sugar Daddy dating sites.

You’ll hone your persuasion skills, build your confidence with positioning yourself to getting what you want, upgrade your relationships, and start building wealth from them.

How to leave me a message:

“Hi, Taylor my name is Sarah. I have [insert what you have been doing & where it’s gotten you]. My question is [ask the question you need help with] . . .”

Disrespectful, or deeply private questions will not be considered. Please keep it polite, non-spammy, and Sugar-Issue-Dilemma-focused.

And to make it even sweeter, I’ll follow up with a game plan to solve your issue.

Click the link below to leave me a message:


P.S: You know how Sugar Babies struggle to attract generous Sugar Daddy’s? I solve this. READ THIS.

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