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Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Seeks to Offer Recreation Marijuana at Nevada Brothels

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Smashing $$$ Success of “America’s Amsterdam” Brothel “Red Light District” in Nevada Shatters All Records–Recreational Marijuana Next For Bordello Baron!!!

Dennis Hof, owner of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch ( legal brothel and star of HBO’s “Cathouse” reality TV hit, has announced that “America’s Only Red Light District,” a collection of four adjacent brothels and a strip club in Carson City, Nevada, has blasted past all $$$$ revenue records for 2016 by several $ million dollars. The so-called “America’s Amsterdam” has become such a top international sex tourism destination that it has even garnered the attention of the country that originated the “Red Light District” concept–the Netherlands–with Dutch TV media giant TVBV visiting Nevada for a week in January to produce a documentary about the phenomenon of “America’s Amsterdam.” And with the 2017 decriminalization of recreational marijuana in the state, Hof is now seeking to fully replicate the Amsterdam model of free pussy and pot for all.

Hof made history last May when he opened his record seventh licensed brothel, the fully-renovated Kit Kat Ranch (, and officially launched the four-brothel sex vacation haven, which also includes the legal brothels Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Love Ranch-Reno/Tahoe (, Sagebrush Ranch (, and the gentlemen’s club, Madam Suzette’s Red Light Cabaret (

“With the opening of the Kit Kat, and the launch of a legal Red Light District in America, we knew that we’d have a successful destination for debauchery on our hands,” Hof said. “But even I’m amazed at the tremendous response we’ve received, particularly from international clientele.”

“Word is getting out, and business is booming!”

News of an actual “Red Light District” in America has spread halfway across the world to the birthplace of the first legal “Red Light District,” the Netherlands, and to Dutch TVBV producer Peggy Schleeper, who is traveling to Nevada with her production crew in January to produce a documentary program about Hof’s legal brothels.

“It’s like imagining a piece of Amsterdam in America,” Shleeper said. “Imagine a place where sex work is taken as seriously, or even more seriously, as in our own ‘Red Light District,’ in Amsterdam. The bordellos of Dennis Hof form this extraordinary place. The existence of it has triggered us to come and do a documentary on Nevada’s very successful brothel business.”

Nevada’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana has also caught Schleeper’s attention.

“The similarities are starting to become very real,” She said. “Legal sex work, a non-judgmental environment for all sexual identities, and legal possession of marijuana–Amsterdam is really coming to America!”

Hof has not officially formulated his interest in potentially incorporating recreational marijuana into his business models, but the brothel baron is actively exploring the possibility.

“In 2017, I plan to take a very serious look at the opportunity that recreational marijuana offers,” Hof said. “I’ve revolutionized Nevada’s sex industry, making it safe, prosperous, and profitable for all parties involved, so I think I’m the natural choice to do the same for
recreational pot.”

Hof is currently forming an exploratory committee to advise him on this potential next step in the evolution of his legal vice empire.

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