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C.J. Asher Interview Mike Cohen, Founder and Owner of SubSpaceLeathers

sexpo_15_0426_grandeNowadays, leather products have become synonymous with the fetish, kink and BDSM lifestyles. For many, having quality products is as important as the company you’re enjoying them with. I reached out to Mike Cohen, founder and owner of SubSpaceLeathers, to learn a little more about his company and the world of leather fashion products.

C.J. Asher – First of all, thank you for this interview, Mike. First of all, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

Mike Cohen – Your welcome, this is a nice opportunity for me to tell your readers a little bit more about SubSpaceLeathers and what we do a a small UK based business.

I’m sixty three years old, originally from the East End of London, but from my teens I have spent many many years travelling for work, Education and adventure. It’s been over thirty years since i discovered the wonderful art of leather crafting and the BDSM Lifestyle. The first thing i ever made was a simple leather belt. little did i know that later on in my life journey, that the belt made with the purpose of keeping my trousers up, would be later adapted for use of keeping other persons trousers down, and turning bums red. Good fortune led me to meet one of the greatest artisans of the Spanish leather working craftsmen Felipe Prieto with whome i spent five years making a great friend and being his apprentice to.

My apprenticeship lasted five years spent in the glorious surroundings of Northern Spain, in Asturias where I quickly picked up a second language ‘Spanish’ I soon learned many new and specialised leather crafting skills, including how to identify and choose hides for different uses, dye skins, make patterns, cut by hand, and the most significant, stitch by hand. Which became a great outlet for my creativity. Gradually over the years with having various worldly experiences through my working and private life, i have been lucky enough to be able to combine two of my greatest passions in life with creating beautifully crafted leather BDSM accessories and implements for the BDSM community locally and internationally.

img_2530C.J. Asher – Tell us about SubSpace Leathers, what types of products you sell, its history, etc.

Mike Cohen – As the name Subspace implies, i wanted to demonstrate the art of a heightened state of consciousness through pain, by creating first class toys and accessories for the BDSM community, to aid Masters, Mistresses and players of all levels in bringing their play partners to an elevated state of SubSpace.

We are providers of leather artisan products to the BDSM, Fetish and Age Play, Adult Baby, AB/DL Community, assisting a wide spectrum of Masters, Mistress’, Kinksters, Players, Carers, Nannies, Daddies, Mummys/Mommys, Sissys, Adult Toddlers, Teen Babies, and Littles to enjoy their fetish or BDSM play with our developing range of personalised leather goods and accessories in a diverse choice of colours and other options. We consult and work closely with many people within the local, National and International BDSM and Age Play communities to help develop, design and create new products monthly.

Our team is constantly researching and selecting only the very best available hardware, embellishments and silicon attachments from many reliable sources to adorn our products, in order to add quality and safety to each individual item we create. Our fixtures and other resources are currently sourced from within the UK, so we are also happy to be helping to support other UK based business’.

C.J. Asher – What is your title and role with the company?

Mike Cohen – I’m the founder/owner and designer, overseeing all of our product range and new creations.

C.J. Asher – What first made you decide to work in the leather industry?

Mike Cohen – It all started with a foot massage, i met someone who had just had three major operations on his digestive system, so i offered him some reflexology therapy. He was supposed to stay in hospital six to eight weeks, however, he was discharged in only three weeks, he was so delighted with his foot massage sessions and as i was between jobs at the time he offered to show me the art of leather craft as a hobby in gratitude for easing his pain and recovery.  That hobby then developed into a five year apprenticeship which i enjoyed immensely every minute of.

circle-logo-red-scorchC.J. Asher – Tell us a little about how to use leather garments, including how to properly take care of them?

Mike Cohen – There are basically three divisions in the usage of leather for the human being, garment, footwear and accessories. i work exclusively in the accessory sector, generally in bags, belts and cases, but specifically these days in mainly BDSM/Fetish articles. Funnily enough you ask about care of leather, SubspaceLeathers has just recently created a handy specific leather cleaning kit aimed at care of BDSM items that can easily be stored within a toy bag in its drawstring bag, and covers the care and maintenance of leather, suede and nubuck.

C.J. Asher – Do family and friends know what you do and are they supportive of it?

Mike Cohen – Curiously my family are rather conservative, however they do know my profession and are surprisingly very supportive, i feel this is so because i have always been open with them regarding my lifestyle.

C.J. Asher – What’s your best-selling product, and what makes it so popular?

Mike Cohen – Probably our most successful product is the Adult Baby Retro chest harness, which originally began as a bespoke order from a customer, and we further developed it’s design adding personalised touches to the one we sell many of these days. From there, we saw a demand and developed the whole Age play range that we have in the last eighteen months and specialise in, and it is still being added to and further designed.

C.J. Asher – Who is your typical client base?

Mike Cohen – There is no typical client in the BDSM lifestyle; what I can say is that customers that buy BDSM implements and accessories are very demanding and always expect very good quality and excellent finishes from us, and we have no problem fulfilling their desire.

C.J. Asher – Where can customers go to purchase your products?

Mike Cohen – Online, our Etsy Store or our Ebay Shop. We can also be found on Social Media Tumbler, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, under SubSpaceLeathers.

C.J. Asher – What’s the hottest trend in leather products right now?

Mike Cohen – Probably our popular Purple Prince 3D Drop collars.

2016-03-19-053732C.J. Asher – What sets your company apart from other companies in the leather market?

Mike Cohen – Hand-made production, design and fulfillment, and of course our collection of age play products and kinky fetibears.

C.J. Asher – What new and exciting products do you have coming out in the near future?

Mike Cohen – We shall will be working on many new designs and tweaking our existing products from January 2017 adding to our comprehensive Restraint, Bondage, Fetish and Exclusive collections, with many new plans on the drawling board already including;

Further development of our very popular and expanding ‘BabySpace’ Adult Baby Fetish range, with Several new products awaiting launch, advertising and promoting and other items on our designers drawing board awaiting creation. We’ll be adding locking mittens, locking buckle Breathable ball gags, various body bondage/restraint strap variations and two new retro chest harness front panel shape options.

Introduction of many new Exotic wood handle floggers in our unique long and medium ergonomically designed handles, using specially hand selected luxury leathers and suedes. With the exciting new acquisition of a very special machine we have on order to aid in our flogger production following demand in 2016 from customers, we shall be able to assemble numerous additional exotic and unusual leathers/suedes available in our ‘STINGER’ spectrum floggers, in falls of a choice of three, four or five millimetre in widths, and the launch of our ‘Thuddy’ range of ten to twenty millimetre width falls.

With the sourcing of some great Camouflage printed supple calf skin leather in late 2016 we will be adding to our Fetish options on the website for customers by ‘Going COMMANDO in 2017’. With a new selection of elite and desirable kinky items ready to assault customers pleasure centres. The ‘Commando’ products are scheduled to be operative by 11 hundred hours on the 4th of February @London Alternative Market (LAM), so come combat the usual friendly LAM crowd and check them out!

Customers can also look forward to seeing our latest extravagant METALLICA Collection of restraints, bondage, and impact play items and accessories in 2017 which we’re hoping to create in stages throughout the year. Expect to see lots of precious Gold, Silver and Bronze, vibrant red, baby and royal blue, and lilac too.

We’ll be Adding to our existing body bondage/restraint available items, with new products already in progress with a full set of adjustable, multi purpose body restraint cuff system for upper arms, wrist, ankle and thighs which will be made available either with or without locking buckles. And there will be additional body bondage/restraint strap configurations accompanying them in various widths, lengths and choice of colours.

For this year you can also expect more elegant, triple and double strap design collars, a heavy duty ‘Commando’ restraint cuff model, a new more comfortable and adjustable eye blinds pattern being released, development of a locking head harness gag incorporating blinds with balls or bits, a new look Adam multi ring attachment strap on harness, A Nude/Medical range, and possibly a small Kitty and Puppy play Fetish accessory range.

2017 Will see the introduction of another debuting compilation of  kinky goods in a lovely rich ‘CHIANTI’ Dark Burgundy coloured leather.

C.J. Asher – Tell us some of the compliments you’ve received from your customers.

Mike Cohen – We have a testimonials page on our website with many wonderful reviews of our products. We have a five-star shop/product rating and have received numerous lovely messages of feedback for our quality, customer service and prices.

Here is a recent one of a customer in Canada:

“My (not so kinky) friend asked to borrow my cuffs a while ago and I’m always willing to help a friend out (and encourage kinky play) so I lent them to her. I was sure I’d have them back within a week or two but after a month or two, it became clear she wasn’t gonna give them up easily. I aw one of your adds come up on my fet feed and decided to check you out 🙂 Loved everything but after seeing the PURPLE WRIST CUFFS I knew I had to order them for my friend. (purple is her favourite color) She was newly married and had a reception coming up ….The perfect wedding gift, hehe. The reception night came and I was super excited for her to receive this luxurious sexy gift I bought for them. It was a great party with lots of friends, including a kinky friend ive previously enjoyed. Her and I got to chatting and well we started making plans for after the reception. With a few texts we had a threesome lined up. A few hours passed and we were ready to say our goodbyes. But wait… we couldnt leave without having our friend open her gift, lol. We went to an empty table and she opened the wrapped box. Oh the smile on her face was priceless. I know she was excited, slightly embarrassed but definitely excited!! After hugs, kisses and some quick talking on our end we left the party with the gift. I returned the cuffs the following day and I can safely say they have become the couples favourite wedding gift. We both love these cuffs. We have been on your site and have a wish list we continue to add too. Thank you for such a beautiful product and look forward to purchasing many more pieces. Your ordering was secure and easy. Living in Canada I had a bit of a concern on how long international shipping would take. It was fast and considering we were having a postal strike I was super happy with the time and in which my decreet little purchase arrived. Thank you to everyone at SubSpace Leathers. I can’t wait to be a repeat customer 🙂 “

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