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Warm Launches with the Aim of Taking Sexual Pleasure to Another Level

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New Device Warms Sex Toys of all Types for a One-of-a-Kind Sexual Experience!

After much anticipation and industry buzz, Warm is launching today, providing consumers with an effective and discreet way to warm sex toys and take sexual pleasure to heightened levels.

Warm, styled like a fashionable clutch bag, is made of vegan leather. It measures 13 inches by 6 ½ inches, warms intimate toys and, protects and stores them between use. It is designed for easy cleaning and is the perfect size for traveling.

Created with the intention of improving intimacy between partners as well as enhancing solo play, Warm allows users to warm their sex toys of various sizes and explore the unique sensations they create. It was developed after a passionate evening between company owners Janine and LJ. Wanting to romance his love, LJ warmed up their sex toys for Janine to enjoy more pleasure. The effort had a profound effect on Janine. Not only from the remarkable sensations the warmed toys created but the deeply emotional reaction she had as a result of his caring and forethought.

“To have foreplay taken to such a whole new level, one that involved something being prepared completely for my indulgent pleasure, broke open my ability to receive pleasure and intimate connection in a way I had never experienced,” Janine said. “as our relationship continued I discovered passions I didn’t even know I had. One of those (I realized) was to find a way to make what I was enjoying into a marketable product so others could feel the difference too!”

A VIP sales manager with a background in luxury salons and spas, Janine collaborated with LJ to create Warm Inc., and its namesake flagship product to bring the heat inspired by their experiences to others. LJ brings 25 years of experience in engineering, product development, and international business to the company. Because Warm is a personal and emotionally inspired project, LJ wanted to create something really special. He worked for two years on prototype development and testing to make their vision for Warm a reality. LJ shares, “We have been blown away by the great response and the support we are receiving.”

Already, the media is talking about Warm. Dr. Emily Morse of the “Sex with Emily” podcast says, “Warm is the luxurious way to enhance your sensual playtime, and the perfect addition to anyone’s pleasure product collection. Warm will definitely heat up your intimate moments.” Elle Chase says, “Warm is a completely new genre in pleasure products. There is a market for Warm, definitely.”

Warm can be found online at and at Pleasure Chest locations across the country.

For more information about Warm, including purchasing, warming tips, and the Warm blog, visit

About Warm
Established Warm was founded in 2015 by two real life lovers, luxury industry sales veteran Janine and corporate executive LJ, with the goal of enhancing intimacy. The namesake warming system provides a discreet way to safely heat sex toys of various sizes, shapes and materials for a more satisfying sensory experience. Warm plays tribute to the idea that varying degrees of temperature are known to “warm” things up, which is exactly what the founders intended. The innovative warming elements complement existing adult products and are housed in a classic, stylish clutch with the distinct purpose of manifesting heightened sensual experiences. The Warm franchise is committed to the highest standards of safety and integrity and aims to enhance personal, intimate accessories to create a deeper level of communication, trust and vulnerability.

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