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Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Calls For Prostitution Legalization in Las Vegas

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Brothel Baron Pens Open Letter To Las Vegas Mayor On Sex Trafficking Epidemic–Calls For Legalizing Prostitution in Sin City!

CRYSTAL, NV – In response to a new study from Arizona State University about child sex trafficking in Las Vegas, Love Ranch ( brothel owner Dennis Hof is calling for Mayor Carolyn Goodman to reopen discussions about legalizing prostitution in Clark County, and is asking the Mayor to join him in the charge against sex trafficking in Sin City.

In an open letter to Goodman published on his company blog, Hof expressed concerns about the new study, which reveals that two-thirds of sex trafficking victims in Las Vegas were under the age of 18, and nearly half of these children were violently forced into sex slavery by coercive pimps who are often escape punishment.

“The study revealed that victims were as young as 12 years old,” Hof said.

“Our State’s most prized city is a cesspool of child sex trafficking, and it’s worse than any of us thought.”

Hof said in the letter that Las Vegas is America’s top sex tourism destination, and that the city’s gaming industry operates harmoniously with Vegas sex traders.

“Las Vegas, with its ‘Sin City’ reputation and ‘What happens here, stays here’ slogan, is the top sex tourism destination in the United States,” Hof said.

“The casinos, hotels, and streets of Las Vegas are overflowing with criminal prostitution, a good portion of them underage, ready to cater to the sexual desires of the city’s guests. The gaming industry passively enables pimps, as sex trafficking victims service the guests staying at the opulent adult theme parks Las Vegas is known for.”

“The criminal sex trade in Las Vegas is indeed an estimated multi-billion dollar industry,” Hof said. “It’s untaxed, unregulated, and it exploits children. The desire for pay-to-play sex in Las Vegas isn’t going to go away–ever. Prostitution is as much a part of the DNA of Las Vegas as the city’s gaming industry.”

Hof says that the solution to the sex trafficking problem is not to prohibit prostitution and pretend that it’s not there, but to legalize and regulate sex work in Clark County, thereby taking the trade away from the child sex traffickers and increasing tax revenue.

He asks Mayor Goodman to join him in advocating for this change.

“In light of this most recent study, I strongly feel that it’s high time we reopen the discussion on legalizing prostitution in Clark County,” Hof said.

“I invite you, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, to meet with me and tour my Love Ranch brothel near Las Vegas, so that I can dispel any of your misconceptions about the merits of legal prostitution. Then, perhaps together, we can lead the charge against sex trafficking, and usher in a new era of regulated, safe, and lucrative sex tourism in Las Vegas.”

“Las Vegas visitors want prostitution,” Hof said. “Let’s give it to them, the right way.”

The full letter can be found here:


Dennis Hof is available for interviews at (775) 720-9090 or

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch ( is the Las Vegas area’s top destination for erotic adventure. Located just outside Las Vegas in Crystal, Nevada, the delightfully notorious sex den offers the finest in legal pay-for-play sex in a safe, discreet, and STI-free environment.

Dennis Hof is the owner of seven licensed brothels located throughout Nevada and is the author of the book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story.” He has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of colleges and events worldwide.

Dennis Hof and the Love Ranch-Vegas girls are available for interviews by contacting or 775-720-9090.

“THE ART OF THE PIMP: A LOVE STORY” BY DENNIS HOF: The controversial bio-tome, published by Regan Arts, is available worldwide at,, and wherever finer books are sold online and in retail outlets.

THE LOVE RANCH-VEGAS: The world famous Love Ranch-Vegas

( is featured in the long-running award-winning HBO reality-TV series “Cathouse,” and is the most successful legal brothel in the history of the planet. It is currently celebrating its’ Diamond Anniversary 60th Year in business.

DENNIS HOF: Dennis Hof is the owner of seven licensed legal brothels located throughout Nevada and is the author of the book, “The Art Of The

Pimp: A Love Story.” He has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of colleges and events worldwide.

Marc Medoff
Director of Media Operations
The Love Ranch-Vegas
(775) 246-5683 EXT: 231
(888) BunnyRanch
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