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Penthouse Expands Worldwide Licensing

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LOS ANGELES, CA –  Iconic PENTHOUSE (Penthouse Global Media, Inc.) and its subsiderary, PENTHOUSE GLOBAL LICENSING, INC.   this week announced a series of worldwide  licensing ventures aimed at solidifying  its position beyond the Adult Entertainment Industry into mainstream international business. Their ventures include entertainment venues, resturants, television and motion picture production, and sophisticated product lines that include apparel, perfumes, wines and spirits.

“It’s been an unbelievable first year for us,” said Penthouse CEO Kelly Holland. “We first focused on rebuildingour infrastructure, which ultimately resulted in a dramatic turnaround across all of our business units. Now that the company is properly supported and profitable, we can turn our attention toward worldwide licensing”.

To that point, Penthouse and Kirkendoll Management of New Orleans, LA  announced their agreement to expand the currently successful gentleman’s club brand.

“We are thrilled to enter into this agreement with John Kirkendoll and his team. His leadership and business acumen will grow the Penthouse brand in the hospitality and entertainment space domestically and internationally, said Holland”

Founder and CEO of Kirkendoll Management, John Kirkendoll said, “Our core values have always revolved around a quality customer experience, and we can now replicate this around the world. The Penthouse Club™ is about to experience a period of growth that is better aligned with the growth the brand has been experiencing in its other product categories.”

This latest brand defining alliance joins other successful collaborations with HUF Worldwide, Anti Social Social Club, and TOPCO.

Penthouse was founded in England by Bob Guccione in 1965 and brought to the States in 1969. The first issue of American PENTHOUSE sold out in a matter of days. England’s controversial magazine of beautiful women, intelligent journalism and intimate revelations had arrived.

The covers of PENTHOUSE magazine include celebrities and edgy, art-inspired photography which chronicle the libido of an ever-changing nation and the culture which helped shape it.

Globally recognized for its fearless approach to sexuality and its unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm, Penthouse stands alone as the most iconic men’s brand in history.

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