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Penthouse Names Jenna Sativa as its 2017 Pet of The Year

Jenna Sativa Penthouse Pet Of The Year 2017Reposted from Penthouse

CHATSWORTH, CA — Penthouse Global Media is proud to announce Jenna Sativa as Penthouse Pet of The Year for 2017.  The iconic title comes with an exclusive contract and the opportunity to represent Penthouse around the world in the upcoming months.

Jenna will appear on the cover of the May issue of Penthouse Magazine, available on newsstands everywhere Tuesday April 18th.

An acclaimed actress and model, Jenna was first introduced to readers in the April 2016 issue where her innocent, “girl next door” look made her a favorite with readers.  Now Penthouse is bringing her back as Pet of The Year and showing a completely different side of her with a layout titled, “Pretty In Kink.”

“Jenna Sativa joins an extraordinary group of women as an iconic Penthouse Pet of The Year,” said Holland.  “Each Pet of The Month is unique, charismatic, and beautiful.  It was a difficult decision—the hardest we face each year—but, at the end of the day, we felt that Jenna had a perfect blend of qualities that make her an outstanding representative and ambassador for the brand around the world.”

“The whole experience has been awesome,” said Jenna Sativa. “My first layout with Penthouse was already a dream come true, and now, having gotten to know the team behind the scenes and being named Pet of the Year—it’s just more than I could ever wish for… and the best part is, nobody can ever take it away from you.  Just like Evelyn Treacher, the first Pet of the Year from 1970, I look forward to being a Pet of The Year when the lucky girl from 2037 gets announced too. It’s quite an honor to be part of this club and have my name permanently added to the list!”

Follow Jenna and all of the Penthouse Pets on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr at @Penthouse, and on Snapchat at @PenthouseTeam. Also, make sure to check out for Penthouse Pet news and updates.  For a complimentary copy of the May 2017 Penthouse Pet of the Year issue or to schedule an interview with Jenna Sativa contact

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As a globally recognized leader in adult entertainment and a premiere lifestyle brand, PENTHOUSE has positioned itself as a cutting-edge trendsetter in the industry.

As an international, multimedia entertainment company, Penthouse continues to redefine and expand its iconic appeal and its remarkable place in history.

Made famous worldwide for its fearless approach to sexuality and its unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm, Penthouse has the cache many brands have only dreamed of attaining. As the greatest adult brand in history, its delivery of sex; style and scandal create loyal fans. It’s not only remained as the showcase for the most beautiful women in the world, but its strong roots have allowed the brand to endure as a relevant and influential resource to guide consumers to what they truly want.

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