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“Pirate’s Booty Sports Brothel” Owner Dennis Hof to NFL Commish, Owners: “Let’s Make It Official!”

Sports-Brothel-Sex-Workers-900x600Reposted from Bunny Ranch

CARSON CITY, NV – Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch and six other legal brothels throughout the state of Nevada, including the recently announced Raiders-inspired “Pirate’s Booty Sports Brothel” slated to open before the new Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium launches in 2020, is offering NFL owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the opportunity to make Pirate’s Booty the “Official Brothel of the National Football League.”

“I strongly feel that we have a chance here to accomplish something more meaningful than merely inaugurating our sure-to-be-successful business ventures,” Hof said in a blog post on his company’s website.

“I think that we can work together to eradicate the prostitution-related issues faced by the National Football League, and build a scandal-free future for your sex-starved NFL players. Eugene Robinson, Lawrence Taylor, Quentin Groves, and Warren Sapp are just a handful of NFL players that could have benefitted from satisfying their urges with a licensed working girl at a legal brothel instead of breaking the law and taking their chances with illegal prostitutes,” Hof said.

“Roger, NFL owners, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to make my new sports brothel the ‘Official Brothel of the National Football League’ and begin a new era where prostitution no longer tarnishes the impeccable image of the NFL and its unparalleled sportsmen,” Hof said.

“By doing this, we can send a message to America about the merits of safe, healthy, and drama-free legalized prostitution, get every state in our nation to legalize sex work, and put a licensed sex den near every sports stadium in the U.S.A.,” Hof said.

Prostitution is legal in rural areas of Nevada at licensed brothels where all sex workers are tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases and no customer runs any risk of being targeted by law enforcement officials. Hof says that his new brothel offers a “sex-positive” and “sports-loving” environment for players and fans.

“Say ‘yes’ to my offer, and let’s work together to make the sports world a better place!” Hof said. “The reputation of the NFL is at stake…”

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