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Secret Blossom Inc. to Launch Kickstarter Campaign

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NEW YORK, NY – Secret Blossom Inc., a brand new, full-service lingerie design, development, and distribution company dedicated to providing high-quality, eye-catching products at a fraction of their typical expensive pricing, this week announced they will be officially launching a Kickstarter campaign shortly to garner widespread support and the necessary financial backing to make their one-of-a-kind lingerie sets a reality for women worldwide.

Born from a passion for helping every woman to fill her wardrobe with perfectly fit, sexy lingerie without breaking the bank, Secret Blossom offers a variety of lingerie pieces that can be mixed and matched for ensuring every client feels their truest, sexiest self.

“Shopping for lingerie can be an incredibly tedious and frustrating process, especially since every woman’s body is different and unique in its own beautiful way,” said Mimi, Co-Founder and Owner of Secret Blossom Inc. “That’s why at Secret Blossom, we have our customers send in their measurements so they can rest assured their purchased products will fit them as snuggly and sensually as possible. We have spent countless hours to perfect our business model to offer made-to-measure lingerie at very affordable pricing without compromising on quality.”

Before Secret Blossom, no other lingerie shop ever offered made-to-measure lingerie at such an affordable price point.

On the platform, shoppers need to simply select their favorite styles and colors from Secret Blossom’s wide range of choices. They are free to fix and match any sets they want. Next, they need to follow their two-step guide for getting in measurements that will make for the perfect-fit bralette. Once sent in, Secret Blossom will get to work making entirely customized lingerie pieces based on the measurements and ship them out.

“We are seeking financial backing to help us get our first round of lingerie shipments off the ground,” said Mimi. “We already have dozens of designs, styles, and colors showcased by our models for viewing. Spread the word on the official launch of our Kickstarter campaign, and head on over today to back our innovative commitment to lingerie consumption.”

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