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Documentary Review Poly-Love

poly7.JPGBy C.J. Asher

These days, finding and maintaining a solid relationship is arguably more difficult than ever, between the “swipe right” mentality of modern dating and career demands taking up much more time than in generations past. But what about the complexity of being in a relationship with two, three or even more partners simultaneously? Enter polyamory, defined as “the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time.” Director Michelle Flores and producer Kseniya Yorsh explore this new – but growing – alternative romantic lifestyle in their new short film, Poly-Love.

poly5Poly-Love introduces us to bisexual Evita and her husband, Kevin, an African-American couple who met while serving at their ultra-conservative and extremely repressive church, one where homosexuality was frowned upon. After their son – one of the couple’s three children – is diagnosed with brain cancer, Evita and Kevin leave the church and seek out a bisexual swingers group as a form of escape. Enter the younger Brianna, who they are instantly attracted to while attending their first swingers party. What starts out as a swinging relationship eventually turns into a polyamorous one as their feelings for each other grow and the two decide to become three. Initially a thrilling ride for the three, the relationships quickly become more challenging than any of them could’ve imagined, having to juggle their feelings for each other with real-world family responsibilities and their own individual needs and desires.

poly2 (002)Poly-Love shows us – in raw and unfiltered form – that, despite the misconceptions that people have about alternative lifestyle choices, relationships are complicated and love takes work. While many people have the misconception that polyamory is simply another form of swinging or just a relationship based solely in sexual pleasure, Poly-Love peeks into the fun, exciting and sexy side of the polyamorous lifestyle but primarily focuses on the difficulties and complexities that Evita, Kevin and Brianna face in their relationships: introducing Brianna to Evita and Kevin’s children, including Brianna into their parenting dynamic, personal issues with sexuality and jealousy issues as well as balancing the emotional needs of more than one romantic partner simultaneously. Whether considering the polyamorous lifestyle for yourself or researching the topic personally or professionally, Poly-Love is an eye-opening, inspiring and cautionary insight into the lifestyle – one where one plus one plus one doesn’t always easily equate to three.

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