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Monthly Fetish Interviews Writer/Director Kay Brandt for Foot Fetish Edition

kayv2Reposted from The Rub PR

TAMPA, FL – The May issue of Monthly Fetish is available now and delves into foot fetishes and why people have them, with articles on selling old shoes, how to start a fetish business, the history of foot binding, and much more.

Each month, Monthly Fetish features interviews with major players in Unbound Interviews, and this month, they interviewed best-selling author and award-winning adult director Kay Brandt. The interview covers how her books have saved relationships, upcoming books and films, Kay’s personal kinks, bringing Selena Kitt’s words to life onscreen, and more. It can be read in its entirety at

Clips4Sale Owner Neil and his team have made it their goal to educate people about fetishes, something that continues to make Clips4Sale the Number 1 downloadable video clips site—that’s why Clips4Sale is one of the major sponsors of Monthly Fetish.

“The more fetishes are talked about, the more their audience grows,” says Clips4Sale Founder and Owner Neil. “People are curious and if you make people feel safe about their fetishes and exploring them, they will spend money on books and movies from people like Kay Brandt and clips from stores on our site. This is how fetishes become big business.”

Check out the foot fetish edition of Monthly Fetish at

Owned by XIX Media Group, Monthly Fetish launched last month and is geared at a wide audience from professional kinksters to anyone curious about the fetish lifestyle.

All media inquiries about Monthly Fetish should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

Owned by XIX Media Group, Monthly Fetish isn’t just geared at professional kinksters, but also for the fans of 50 Shades of Grey or anyone who is curious about the fetish lifestyle. Each month, the free online magazine features a new theme and sections dedicated to fetish in the news and technology, in addition to Unbound Interviews with fetishists, writers, directors, and beyond. Readers can write in anonymously and ask anything about fetish.

Keep up with everything Monthly Fetish by visiting the site for weekly updates at, following them on Twitter at @MonthlyFetish, Tumblr and Pinterest

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