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Did You Drink The Kool-Aid Too?

Taylor JonesBy Guest Contributor Taylor B. Jones of The Sugar Daddy Formula

It happened to me, I drunk the cherry Kool-Aid. You too?

When I first joined a site, I would put the bare minimum in my profile so that I could get on the site.

I was in a rush to be found by my Sugar Daddy. The results were little to be desired.

So, I started looking at other Sugar Babies profiles.

What are they doing?

What I found is that everyone sounded just alike (everyone was drinking the same Kool-Aid).

If you are new to the Sugar Baby lifestyle, and not sure what to write you probably looked at another Sugar Baby profile and followed her lead, or even used my profile out of my books.

Next thing, you know your profile sounded like hers, and another Sugar Baby came across your profile and she mimicked you, and now everyone’s profile is the same, and wondering why this lifestyle isn’t working out for you.

You may think this is no big deal; but your words are everything. It’s the currency of your profile.

Do you want to write an attraction grabbing Sugar Baby Profile (or a better one)? 

You likely have questions.

Questions like:

  • “What do I put on my profile?”
  • “Do I need to talk about my kids?”
  • “How long should it be?”
  • “How do I write a headline?”
  • “How should my pictures be?”
  • “How do I convey what I’m looking for?”
  • “What do I say in a message first?”

Slow down…

For the duration of this email, humor me and call me your profile Fairy Godmother. And put yourself in the role as Cinderella.

Maybe you’re new at creating profiles for attracting Sugar Daddy’s or you have been winging it without getting the results you hoped for. Maybe you’re a veteran. And now that you are reading this…let’s talk about the truth about profiles and crafting your profile the right way.

So here’s the Truth About Profiles

When most people think about profiles, they think of what they are seeking, and what they don’t want.

And that’s why they struggle to attract someone.

I figured out a thing or two about how to do it well. After all, I had put all my eggs in that basket so I had to figure it out.

And I can tell you this…

It’s NOT about you.

Be honest with me a sec:

* Ever get views with no messages?

* Ever felt like Sugar Daddy dating should be a better experience by using a site (but it isn’t)?

* Ever felt like the people who are contacting you is only asking for your bank information?

* Ever felt like you wanted to attract a certain type of SD but unsure of what to say?

* Ever felt like you are wasting time on a SD dating site because you aren’t getting a return?

Chances are you need a better profile…

…so let me help.

Before You Change or Write One Word Of Your Profile…

You MUST answer the question: “Who will be reading this profile?”

And it’s not as simple as, “My potential Sugar Daddy’s, DUH!”

You need to go deeper.

When I write a profile, I often use the word, “You” within the profile.

Now if you’re the type of person who reads and analyzes what other people do… thinking you can reverse engineer it… you may come to the conclusion, “Taylor writes good profiles.”

She’s using the word “you” throughout. I should do that too!”

…but would that be a GOOD idea?

Well, that depends.

But do you know what it depends on?

“It depends on who you are talking to, and how to use the word “you” when describing yourself. RIGHT?”

And, yea. You’re right.

Now let me ask you a much harder question…

Let’s say you’re seeking an allowance. And you want Sugar Daddy’s who are okay with providing that.

Now it’s time to create your profile. Should you use the word “beneficial” or “financially generous” in your profile?

This is a much harder question to answer, but believe it or not, there is a clear-cut, right and wrong answer to this question.

So, remember, first…

You MUST answer the question: “who will be reading this profile?”

Most people focus on what they can get out of someone, explaining what they are not looking for, providing a resume of their life, listing their goals, and sharing pointless stuff like that…

…and they create sub-par profiles.

But the Sugar who answer this question stands out.

This leads us to…

How Do You Talk To Your Prospects From Your Profile?

In my book, I cover different types of Sugar Daddy’s and the “state of mind” they’re in, the very next step is this…

You need to get a clear picture of who these SD’s are. When most Sugars think about doing this, they start thinking men with money.


The money doesn’t matter (not yet). Why? Getting what you want you must have someone there, and right now you must “ATTRACT” him first.

So, Instead…

All you need to know about each of these Sugar Daddy’s is this:

Thing #1: Their Problems
Thing #2: Their Desires
Thing #3: Their Hopes & Fears

You might have heard the expression that people make decisions from emotions, and that’s why you need to focus on these emotions.

And these things may be different for each of your types of Sugar Daddy’s.

So, I put together a simple framework to help you figure this all out. And I want you to fill this out for each SD (the ones I describe from my book).

Here’s the Framework: “My [insert type of SD you are attracting] is missing (suffering from) [insert what they are missing/suffering here]. And he’s seeking me because [insert why]

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