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Before You Have Sex

Taylor JonesBy Guest Contributor Taylor B. Jones of

Thinking about having sex within your Sugar Relationship?

Well…next time – before you have sex…

Make sure YOU know how you feel about the sex you’re having (or thinking about having).

If it’s meaningless to you, and just a trade-off, then you, perhaps, are one of many women who can have sex that way.

If sex is always meaningful to you, as it is with most women, then how you approach this lifestyle will make a difference BEFORE you put yourself in a situation that doesn’t feel right to you.

So why are you here? A lifestyle change. A bank account change. Mentorship/Networking.

Is it that…

The men you have dated were not in position to provide you the lifestyle you seek or couldn’t afford to help you.

Maybe you’re used to relationships that left you undervalued, unappreciated, uninspired, bored, and constantly second guessing why you were there.

Perhaps, you never could ask for what you wanted, and in some cases, you just took what he gave you.

You might even just want someone to HELP you get ahead and want someone to see the potential in you and make your life easier.

And here you are. You figure you can change things around.

Your approach: I’ll become a Sugar Baby.

A label is not a strategy.

How are you going to go about attracting you Sugar Daddy? Is it just going to be through selecting a Sugar Daddy dating site and by putting up a profile?

I have come across thousands of profiles on Sugar Daddy dating websites that have ‘me-focused’ Sugar Pitches.

“I want a Sugar Daddy who can splurge on me.”

“I want to be taken care of.”

“I need a Sugar Daddy who can pamper me and treat me to exotic locations.”

“I want an allowance.”

“I want my tuition paid.”

“I want to take your money and put it towards my savings and investments.”

Well… I understand your wants and needs, but your prospective Sugar Daddy does not care about you so soon, he cares about his needs.

How are you going to attract a Sugar Daddy to provide you with what you want?

If you feel as though by labeling yourself a “Sugar Baby” would assist you with getting what you want because you don’t like having to ask for what you want is going to make it easier. It’s not.

A profile alone doesn’t get you an arrangement.

You need a strategy on “How” you are going to go about this and a plan that you can implement to get you what you want.

My Attract Your Sugar Daddy System is a complete comprehensive GUIDE on leveraging a dating site using your profile.

It’s the HOW-TO plan on where to find Sugar Daddy’s, what to say, what to do, and how to handle Sugar Daddy dating (or simply interacting) with multiple types of Sugar Daddy’s.

Click here because you don’t want to spend months/years on a dating site with no payoff!

The doors close on Monday, and the price will be much higher when it opens again.

Attract Your Sugar Daddy, will give you the ability to easily perform one of the hardest things to do for most Sugar Babies: Attract their ideal Sugar Daddy and convince a prospect to take action and move it beyond a view.

I know that if you follow the steps and apply my methods, you will have a better Sugar Daddy dating experience. You’ll know what to do and how to do it.


P.S This is perfect for you…

  • If you don’t want to waste your time being on a Sugar Daddy dating site with no payoff, and looking for a proven framework for profile writing (or if you aren’t sure where to start there’s no guesswork or “trial and error” you will have to muddle through to figure out what works).
  • If you’ve never written a Sugar Baby profile before, this is an excellent introduction to Sugar Daddy dating that will shortcut your learning curve.
  • If you attempted to write your profile but find yourself “stuck”, not getting responses, or lack confidence in your ability to describe yourself and communicate what you are looking for then this will show you how.
  • And if you have been successful with getting messages, you can use this system to hone your skills even more with a systematic process to attract better prospects you might have otherwise missed if you didn’t have this resource to guide you.

You’ll Learn…

  • How to use my system to build your self-esteem and confidence
  • How to handle most dating scenario through real demonstrations from the types of men you encounter
  • What to do and say if he says, “I don’t want a transactional relationship”
  • One critical RULE about what you need to do in order to target who you are seeking
  • A simple, exercise to figure out what you want and how to convey it
  • If your ideal Sugar Daddy showed up, would he see you? I’ll show how to make sure he doesn’t slip away…
  • The “Trigger Effect” – how to inspire a man to feel that you’re the one woman he needs to win
  • How to create an online profile that will attract the man you want and weed out the ones who will waste your time
  • The key to avoid getting blindsided by chemistry and winding up with nothing (broken promises)
  • How to dress in a way that will get you noticed, and make a powerful impression
  • Where to find your “pool of Sugar Daddy’s” and how to sharpen your radar for the one who is best for you
  • Determining your “rules” for Sugaring – including your boundaries and identifying your core values so that you don’t settle for a relationship that’s less than what you want
  • Going over the Dating Dos and Don’ts when it comes to Sugaring
  • How to stop your dates from becoming awkward interviews – plus how to answer him when he asks you certain questions
  • How to know whether you’ve finally met your ideal Sugar Daddy to set the foundation to the arrangement – and avoid getting trapped by the wrong one

Ready to stop winging it? Yes, you are:

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