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What They Don’t Tell You…

Taylor JonesBy Guest Contributor Taylor B. Jones of The Sugar Daddy Formula

I wish I would’ve done things differently, or maintained a different mentality when I started. Or else I wouldn’t have gone through what I’ve been through, psychologically and financially.

The problem with getting into “sugaring”, is nobody really tells you what to do, how to handle things, etc. because it’s taboo, and until you find a community like this and get good support, you are left on your own to figure things out.

Therefore, you will see from time to time a newbie giving herself to an older man for the cost of dinner and may even walk away with gas money (or left with nothing)… because she didn’t step into this lifestyle with a good foundation and a direction.

Sometimes these men will say all the right things and once they have sex they are ghost (never to be heard from again).

I don’t want to say self-confidence, but maybe she was too naive, or whatever. I know her to well because I was her. Unfortunately, many times these girls are focused on what they hope to get that they lose sight of what they will have to do to get what they want, all because they didn’t know any better. Yep, that was me too.

To make it worse, men prey on girls like this.

That’s why, if we think back, when we were new, we would get approached by guys saying, “Why are you on here? You are too good for this… I want to help you…I’ll connect you to people I know…Send me your bank information” …

And that newbie wanting so much for things to change will actually listen to their crap.

Anyways Sugars, here is some wisdom from me to you…

…so that you don’t go down the wrong path, or sacrifice your mental health and well-being while sugaring.

ALWAYS look at sugaring based on the experience you are seeking to have.

If it’s only for an exchange. Look at it as that and NOTHING MORE. You clock in, you clock out, and LEAVE your sugaring persona that you created there.

If you want something meaningful, you must approach it differently. Let me show how I cultivated my relationships to become financial independent by approaching it in a way that felt good to me.

A huge mistake many girls make is thinking it’s easy money.

This change sneaks up on you, it happens little by little, until you are a completely different person from when you started.

If you weren’t attracting quality men before you started…that’s something to look at. Hint: You have an attraction issue.

If you weren’t getting what you need out of your relationships, and couldn’t ask for what you wanted…that’s something to look at.  Hint: You have a communication issue.

Labeling yourself a Sugar Baby doesn’t get you what you want because you want it.

There’s ONLY two things that will:

1) Attracting someone who is able to provide what you want

2) Being able to communicate what you want/need to have another person want to in-turn provide you with what you want.

If you want to learn my methods and get access to a support system…here’s how.

Keep true to yourself, because this lifestyle is what you make it and your own behavior will guide it.

Maintain your boundaries & comfort level.

When you have the POWER of CHOICE you take control. Don’t EVER let anyone let you think differently. YOU make your rules and set your boundaries.

You don’t have to do something you are not 100% comfortable with. Don’t ever feel like you “have” to because he’s giving you money or doing something in hopes of getting it.

If you do pretty soon, you will be letting Sugar Daddy’s take advantage in multiple ways, and you end up not saying anything in hopes of receiving something.

This will destroy your self-esteem, TRUST ME!

Money doesn’t have any feelings. You do.

When you feel like, “Oh shit, I HAVE to attract another Sugar Daddy because my rent is due and the one who I am with only gives when I am with him…”

You sacrifice your standards and mental well-being.


Proceed with any Sugar Relationship with caution.

Don’t get blindsided by the words of all the promises he says he’ll do. Let his actions reflect it.

A Sugar Daddy will tell you what you want to hear. He can get you all excited but let that excitement reflect in his actions.

Until then his words don’t equate to anything $0.00.

Words = $0.00.  Trust ONLY ACTIONS.

BUILD your WEALTH to become financially independent.

Don’t be just a visitor in his world.

Make his world your reality.

Otherwise you will still be in the same financial income bracket when he is gone.

Now if you are finding yourself stuck…

I want you to STOP doing the same things over and over again that haven’t worked, expecting that you will eventually be successful.

Ready to STOP Sugar Baby Winging it.

Not sure how?

Want a Support System to help you along the way?

Want access to scripts, templates, and training to show you how?

The Sugar Lab (Sugar Baby Support Network) is now OPEN! Join us.

If you understand how isolated this pathway can be, you will thank me for the information and perspective I will share with you.


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